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Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary games, activities and exercises for beginners and elementary students of English. There is a little help for Spanish students of English. Some pages may load slowly because they have many recordings.

Español Actividades, ejercicios y juegos de vocabulario en Inglés para principiantes. Hay un poco de ayuda para estudiantes hispanos en algunas de las actividades. Algunas páginas pueden tardar en cargarse por tener muchas grabaciones.

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Steven Starry
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Vocabulary activities with nouns by category:

Letters Pictures List

Letters Quiz

Letters - Pictures List


Quiz: Colors Listening Cloze 1

Colors Pictures List


Quiz: 1 to 20 Cloze listening (3 activities), Ordinal Cloze listening

Cardinal numbers: List of numbers

Ordinals - Numbers list in English

0300 The Time

Quiz: Time and Time again, Paul's time pictures cloze

O'clock Pictures List

Time Pictures List 1


Countries and Nationalities

Beauty Objects Pictures list

good Adjectives

Adjectives 1 Pictures List

Adjectives 2 Pictures List

Adjectives 3 Pictures List

Adjectives Describing People


Vehicles Pictures List

Vehicles Pictures List 2

Motorcycles Pictures List

Vehicles Pictures List 3 - Cars

Ships and Boats Pictures 1



    Family members

       Family Vocabulary


Farm Animals Pictures List

Sea Animals Pictures List

Forest Animals Pictures List

Insects - Animals Pictures List

Jungle Animals Pictures List

Savannah Animals Pictures List

Other Animals - Pictures List

Animals - Vocabulary List



Food Fruit - Pictures List

Vegetables Pictures List

Meat - Poultry - Seafood - Pictures List

Prepared Foods - Pictures List

shout Verbs Medical
First Aid Kit

Mixed vocabulary activities:

Most frequent vocabulary

List: 200 most frequent words in English
With Spanish help. Now with a list of English and Spanish sentences.
Las palabras más frecuentes en inglés con ayuda en Español.

David Harper Actividad para practicar el verbo "get" realizada por el profesor de inglés David Harper. 1) Primero lee el texto (Get worksheet 1) y decide dónde insertar el verbo "get" (hay más que 20 ejemplos en distintas formas). 2) Escucha el texto para comprobar tus respuestas (Get MP3 2). (Get MP3 3) es más lento. Lee el texto (Get worksheet 2) y corrige tus respuestas. 3. Relaciona los usos de Get en el texto con las estructuras (Get worksheet 3). 4. Corrige tus respuestas (Get worksheet 4). Para oír la historia de forma más natural, escucha (Get MP3 1).

10: Vocabulary List 10 Cloze, Vocabulary List 10 Quiz. by Maggie Twiss.

Maggie Twiss 1) to enslave - to cause someone to lose their freedom or liberty and become the property of another person. (esclavizar).
2) to overthrow – to remove somebody forcibly from power; to seize power of the government. (derrocar).
3) to perish - to die or be destroyed. (perecer, fallecer)
4) to struggle – to make violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition. (forcejear)
5) to slay – to kill a person or an animal violently or with great bloodshed. (matar)
6) to loot - to steal money or goods during war or mass violence. (saquear)
7) to lurk - to move stealthily or in a hidden way, especially for evil purposes. (estar al acecho)
8) to withdraw – to retreat. (retirarse)
9) to weaken - to make less strong; to lessen the strength; to reduce in intensity or effectiveness. (debilitar)
10) to flee – to run away from danger, evil, etc. (huir, fugarse).

9: Vocabulary List 9 Cloze, Vocabulary List 9 Quiz. by Maggie Twiss.

Maggie Twiss 1) to aid – to help. (ayudar, auxiliar)
2) to join – to become a member of an organization or a group of people. (juntar, juntarse, unirse, apuntarse)
3) to reveal – to let people know about something that was previously kept in secret, especially something embarrassing. (revelar, desvelar)
4) to volunteer - to offer to do something, especially something difficult or unpleasant. (ofrecerse como voluntario)
5) to guess – to predict or estimate something without having sufficient information, perhaps using intuition. (adivinar)
6) to free – to cause somebody or something to be free; to release or liberate. (liberar)
7) to sail - to travel in a ship or boat using sails or engine power. (navegar)
8) to restore – to return something to a previous condition or state. (restaurar)
9) to remain – to stay; to continue. (continuar)
10) to confront – to stand or meet face to face with hostile intention. (afrontar, enfrentar, hacer frente)

8: Vocabulary List 8 Cloze, Vocabulary List 8 Quiz. by Maggie Twiss.

Maggie Twiss 1) to contain – to include as a part. (contener)
2) to send – to cause to be delivered to a particular destination. (enviar, mandar)
3) to capture – to take into one's possession or control by force; to catch an enemy, especially after defeating them in a war or battle. (capturar).
4) to bite – to use teeth to cut something. (morder, picadura).
5) to guide – to lead or direct somebody along a route or to a place; to control and direct the movement of something; to give advice or instructions. (guiar, dirigir, aconsejar)
6) to determine – to firmly decide. (decidir)
7) to rescue – to save someone from a dangerous or distressing situation. (rescatar)
8) to alert – to warn of a danger or problem. (alertar, avisar)
9) to distract – to prevent someone from concentrating on something; divert (attention) from something. (distraer)
10) to reappear - to become visible again. (reaparecer)

7: Vocabulary List 7a, 7b, 7c, 7d. by Paul Kelly (Clases de inglés).

Paul Kelly121 Friends – words which are identical in English and Spanish. Many people are surprised to discover just how many words are identical in Spanish and English. We call these words "friends" because the meaning is the same in both languages.
121 Amigas – palabras que son idénticas en español y en inglés. Mucha gente se sorprende al descubrir la cantidad de palabras que son iguales en inglés y en español. Llamamos a estas palabras "amigas" porque el significado es el mismo en los dos idiomas: actor, animal, artificial, balance, base, brutal, cabaret, cafeteria, central, cereal, chalet, chocolate, circular, compatible, conclusion, conductor, confusion, considerable, criminal, crisis, cultural, debate, decision, deficit, detective, digestible, digital, dimension, director, division, eclipse, editorial, error, euro, excursion, expansion, experimental, explosion, extension, exterior, familiar, fatal, fauna, final, flexible, fundamental, funeral, fusion, gene, general, gradual, horror, hospital, idea, ideal, incurable, inevitable, inspector, instructor, instrumental, intangible, invasion, inventor, irresistible, judicial, legible, liberal, mansion, manual, medieval, mediocre, memorable, mineral, miserable, muscular, musical, natural, opinion, oriental, particular, pension, perfume, persuasion, plural, popular, presentable, principal, probable, protector, puzzle, radical, recital, region, regional, regular, religion, rifle, ritual, saliva, salmon, sensual, sentimental, separable, similar, simple, sociable, social, superficial, terrible, terror, total, triple, tutor, union, usual, variable, violin, virtual, virus, visible y vulnerable.

6: Vocabulary List 6 Cloze, Vocabulary List 6 Quiz. by Maggie Twiss.

Maggie Twiss 1) to reoccupy - to take or maintain possession of land or building again; to fill up a portion of space or time again. (volver a ocupar).
2) to set out – to have as an intention or goal; to begin to do something with a definite goal. (proponerse, empezar)
3) to set loose – to release or set free, usually animals, etc. (soltar)
4) to regain – to obtain or secure something favourable again; to increase in value or quality again (recuperar, recobrar).
5) to seize – to take hold of something or somebody abruptly and eagerly; to take possession of something by force; to attack or afflict somebody physically (agarrar, apoderarse, tomar, incautar).
6) to inherit – to be given someone’s money or property after they die. (heredar)
7) to become certain – to begin to be completely convinced of something. (asegurarse, llegar estar seguro)
8) to take (something) away – to remove something from the place where it is, especially something that you don’t want or something that should not be there, to deprive somebody of something. (llevarse , quitar)
9) to accompany – to go somewhere with someone, especially to give them protection or support. (acompañar)
10) to shake off pursuit – to get rid of being followed (zafarse de un perseguidor).

5: Vocabulary List 5 Cloze, Vocabulary List 5 Quiz, by Maggie Twiss.

Maggie Twiss 1) to forge – to shape (metal or metal object) by heating and hammering or with a press, to bring something into being by effort. (forjar)
2) to defeat – to win a victory over somebody or something. (derrotar, vencer)
3) to claim – to ask for something, especially money, from a government, company, etc. because you believe you have a legal right to have it. (reivindicar, reclamar)
4) to ambush – to lie in wait or to lurk in order to attack somebody from a hidden position. (tenderle una emboscada a alguien; estar en acecho)
5) to dwell – to live as a resident, reside; to live or exist in a specific condition. (vivir, habitar, morar)
6) to strangle – to choke a person or an animal to death, by compressing their throat. (estrangular, ahogar)
7) to acquire – to gain or come into possession of something, often by unspecified means; to gain something as a new characteristic or ability (adquirir).
8) to banish – to require somebody by authority to leave a place, especially a country; to exile. (desterrar).
9) to recount – to tell something in detail. (narrar, contar)
10) to remanifest - to make something evident or certain again by showing or displaying it. (volver a manifestarse or expresar)

4: Vocabulary List 4 Cloze, Vocabulary List 4 Quiz.

Steven Starry1) to scowl - to wrinkle the brows, as in frowning or displeasure; to put on a frowning look; to look sour, sullen, severe, gloomy, threatening, or angry (fruncir el ceño).
2) to repose – to rest (reposar, descanso).
3) to dash – to quickly run a short distance; to move with haste; to rush (salir corriendo, precipitarse en carrera)
4) to relish – to enjoy greatly; to take great pleasure in; to taste or eat with pleasure (hacer algo de buena gana o con apetito)
5) to spare – to give up; to part with; to do without; to make available (prescindir, hacer disponible, escatimatizar, reparar)
6) to probe – to explore; to investigate; to question (investigar, explorar).
7) to quarantine - to retain in obligatory isolation or separation, as a sanitary measure to prevent the spread of contagious disease (poner en cuarentena).
8) to mangle - to change, mutilate or disfigure by cutting, tearing, rearranging etc. (destrozar, despedezar, aplastar).
9) to lecture – to speak about a specific subject before an audience or a class, as for the purpose of instruction (dar una conferencia o charla).
10) to feign – to give a false appearance of; to pretend (fingir).

3: Vocabulary List 3 Cloze, Vocabulary List 3 Quiz.

Steven Starry1) to backpack – to travel, hike or trek with a rucksack (verb and noun). (viajar con mochila).
2) to start off – to set out on a journey; to begin an activity (salir de viaje o empezar un viaje).
3) to stretch – to expand; to extend from one place to another; to extend oneself to full length (verb - extenderse) (noun – un tramo, trecho).
4) to wander – to move about without a definite destination or purpose. (deambular).
5) to traverse - to travel or pass across, over, or through  (atravesar).
6) to join – to put or bring together so as to make continuous or form a unit (unirse).
7) to reminisce – to recollect and tell of past experiences or events (rememorar, recordar).
8) to grin - to smile broadly, often baring the teeth, as in aggression, amusement, glee, embarrassment, or other strong emotion. This word can be used differently than the word “smile” because people more often smile when they aren’t aggressive or threatening, for example, unless they are insincere. (sonreir)
9) to seem to be – to appear to be true, to appear to exist (parecía estar o ser).
10) to overcome – to prevail, to surmount obstacles (superar).

2: Vocabulary List 2 Cloze, Vocabulary List 2 Quiz.

Steven Starry1) to splash out – to spend freely or extravagantly on things that you want, but don’t need. (gastar libremente, derrochar dinero)
2) to turn out - to end up; to result: The cake turned out beautifully. (resultó ser que ...)
3) to overpay – to pay too much (pagar demasiado)
4) to keep a low profile – to behave in a way that does not attract attention or public notice. (intentar pasar desapercibido)
5) to value - to evaluate or estimate the worth or merit of something. (valor)
6) to target - to aim at or for. (fijar como objetivo)
7) to spice up - to add something to make it more interesting. (añadir un poco de picante, estimular, condimentar).
8) to stick to - to remain firm, determined, or resolute; not to abandon (mantenerse firme y decidido, cumplir una promesa, seguir fiel a sus principios, aferrarse a sus principios)
9) to acquire – to buy; to purchase; to get (comprar, consequir, adquirir)
10) to draw the shutters on – to close down; to cause to cease operations (cerrar – “shutters” son persianas).

1: Vocabulary List 1 Cloze, Vocabulary List 1 Quiz, by Victoria Fontana.

Victoria Fontana1) to pander - to cater to the lower tastes and desires of others or exploit their weaknesses, especially in order to make money. (complacer, ceder, condescender)
2) to nitpick - to meticulously search for minor, even trivial errors in detail, and then criticize them. (sacarle faltas a todo)
3) to get/give/take a shellacking – to defeat decisively; to strike repeatedly and severely; to batter. (paliza)
4) visceral (adjective) - perceived/obtained through intuition (by illogical means from the gut) rather than from reasoning or observation. (visceral)
5) a riddle, to riddle - a question or statement requiring thought to answer or understand; a puzzle; a difficult problem. (acertijo, adivinanza)
6) to convey - to communicate or make known; impart; to pass on information. (comunicar, expresar)
7) compelling (adjective) – convincing, persuasive, arousing strong interest, having a powerful effect. (convincente, irresistible, apasionante)
8) to belittle - to represent or speak of as contemptibly small or unimportant; to disparage; to cause to make small. (menospreciar, quitar importancia a, minimizar)
9) utter (adjective) - complete; absolute; entire. (completo, total)
10) to dwell - to think moodily or anxiously about something; to fasten one's attention on something (dar vueltas a, pensar obsesivamente en).

Advanced Time Crossword

I've primarily used Oxford Dictionaries for these activities, and sometimes also

Upper-intermediate vocabulary activities:

Upper-intermediate Vocabulary 1 Cloze - to try something on, as cold as, to fit in with, a pizza to go, to take something back, to dress up, much more easily, to fight back, to keep up with, to go ahead, to put on, to tell someone, to stand out.

Advanced vocabulary activities:

Advanced Vocabulary 1 Cloze - conscientious, courageous, self-deprecating, down-to-earth, to grasp, insight, knowledgeable, narrow-minded, nasty, outgoing, to rely on, to rub off on, sense of humor, shock, to shriek, spiteful, to stand to gain, in the grip of, unconventional, set in one's ways.

Advanced Vocabulary 2A Cloze - to acquire, appeal, by chance, to comply with, delight, to disobey, to engage in, extent, on hold, leisure, all at once, to opt for, in no time, in turn, in no way.

Advanced Vocabulary 2B Cloze - to beware, to blame, by and large, to draw on, to forward, to live life to the full/fullest, to gain, to get over a bad illness, for good, to live up to, to reflect, to take up, to wish, to wonder.

Advanced Vocabulary 3A Cloze - to challenge, to date someone, to tell the difference, to look forward to, to be grateful, light-hearted, over the hill, to label someone, ordinary, pointless, to sack, lips are sealed, to be smitten, tabloid, to feel thrilled, troublemaker, upbringing, by the way, to go from bad to worse, to go too far.

Advanced Vocabulary 3B Cloze - to address an issue, to give a chance, compelling, to be crowded, to embrace, a fellow person, to fit (the description) to get out of doing something, to hang out, to steal/hog the limelight, to narrow the gap, to pay attention, to portray, to be in the running, to set the record straight, to show off, to spiral downward, to struggle, to be over the top, touching.

Advanced Vocabulary 3C Cloze - to be about time, to get caught up in, to cope with, to face the music, a fuss, jargon, in-jokes, to lay into, to be up to the mark/standard, may/might as well, moving, to pick on, point, to pull in, a rollercoaster ride, to snap, on the spot, stem from, wake up to, to feel under the weather, best of both worlds.

Advanced Vocabulary 4A Cloze - to make an appointment, to point out, proposal, complaint, objection, gear towards, to make a point, to co-opt, at present, appreciate, altogether, on one's way.

Advanced Vocabulary 4B Quiz - Prefixes: dis, non, il, mis, im, un, in, ir.

Advanced Vocabulary 4C Cloze - Suffixes: able, ency, ly, ment, ation, ful, less, ness.

Advanced Vocabulary 5A Cloze - to apply, to get laid off, to earn a living, overtime, predecessor, under pressure, rejection, to run something, to screen, to select, to specialize, target, wages, to be worth it.

Advanced Vocabulary 5B Cloze - applicant, candidate, in charge, on the dole, downhearted, flexitime, keep your head down, inspiration, qualifications, severance pay, shifts, sketchy, skills, trades.

Advanced Vocabulary 5C Cloze - advisable, barely, career, contemporary, to exceed, go for it, funds, on the job, to major, a matter of, promotion, raise, survey, to get a thrill, to wear off.

Advanced Vocabulary 6A Cloze - to make an appointment, to make arrangements, to get back to someone, had better do something, the line is busy, to call, to catch what someone says, to cut off, to fill someone in, to fix something, to hang up, incoming calls, right away, to put through.

Advanced Vocabulary 6B Cloze - to call back, to break up, to dial, the line's engaged, hang on, on hold, to let someone know, to manage to do, to hang up on someone, to run out, to pass over, to put someone through, to rearrange something for someone, to speak up.

Advanced Vocabulary 6C Cloze - out of the blue, to discharge, to dump, not inconsiderable, to move things out, to plunge ahead, to put off, beyond recognition, reliably, it goes without saying, to set one’s mind to doing something, steadily, tedious.

Mixed Advanced Vocabulary 1A Cloze - active, analysts, apply, attraction, commercial, connecting, connections, contractors, decisive, differ, directions, distributor, economize, louder, unacceptable.

Mixed Advanced Vocabulary 1B Cloze - acceptance, act, addition, analysis, application, assistance, attractive, connection, contractually, difference, directly, distribution, economical.

Post-proficiency vocabulary activities:

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 1A Cloze - bleak, bound, cadence, to draft, to enact, in the grip of, haste, heinous, hyperbole, insurgent, to lob, malign, to mar, outrage, to overhaul, reckless, to smoulder, a stump speech, wake, wreckage.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 1B Cloze - to chuck, contempt, to count on, to evict, to foot the bill, might, misguided, onslaught, outpouring, to rail, to shun, struggle, to subvert, ties, trappings, treacherous, vitriol.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 1C Cloze - apprehensive, to bolster, desirable, to ditch, mantle, outcome, palpably, strife, to strive, to switch, to undermine.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 2 Cloze - to boost, to bear the brunt of, disenchantment, disillusioned, to emulate, to rekindle, scepticism, sozzled, threshold, to turn out, to woo.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 3A Cloze - to aggregate, to atomize, axiom, blockbuster, to crave, to devour, dreary, mischievous, quirky, remarkably, rust-belt, to skew, toddler.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 3B Cloze - to accrue, to amass, appeal, to make a beeline for, to commoditize, to constrain, marginal cost, nerd, to notch up, obscure, to overwhelm, to proliferate, rate ot return, to reinforce, worthless.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 3C Cloze - array, bet, dizzying, enduring, hefty, leap, outsized, peak, premium, to stoke, the long tail.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 4 Cloze - atrocity, to avert, blatantly, to carry on, chance, checks and balances, to conflate, to delegitimize, eager, to empower, to ennoble, fate, folly, to frame, to handle, inconceivable, misfortune, ominously, oversight, peril, to rally, to ram, to set in, to sweep aside, to telegraph, tirade.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 5 Cloze - to be about to do something, ages, albeit, range anxiety, to assemble, to bellow, bold, to choke, commitment, to dawn, to deter, emissions, to emit, forecourt, change of gear, to growl, to hit, humble, keen, the likes of, to move along, to overhaul, premium, profitable, to propel, proportion, to put up, to reckon, reliance, for the sake of something or someone, to be set to do something, slick, to spew, to stir feelings, to subsidize, to surge, to sweeten, long/short term, thin profit margin, to tighten, tough, tricky tasks, to undergo, to happen in the wake of, to whir.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 6A Cloze - chunk, collagen, to conjure up, to down, to grind, hoof, hydrolyzed, to jiggle, the lowdown, to mess with, oddball, to pick, smoothie, a thing, yuck.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 6B Cloze - achy, to aggravate, broth, to feed, grass, gut, to incur, joint, leaky, lining, nail, pasture, perk, to set, smooth, tissue.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 7A Cloze - to attenuate, brief, a burst, to exert, a feat, to ferry, to forbid, to merge, nippy, to overcome, plausible, to poke, to shine, to sweep across, a take on, to toy with, transmitter, to wash over.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 7B Cloze - capricious, to hint at, to get one's jollies, largesse, to pick out, pizzazz, to plumb, to slip, tall order, for one thing, to weigh in.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 8A Cloze - to botch, to incarcerate, maven, notorious, redemptive, to return (profits), savvy, to serve (time), to spur, to stumble, workforce.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 8B Cloze - bumper, commissary, hazard, inmate, internship, mattress, menial, prospect, to rebrand, share, to shoot (up), spectacles, (to cause a) stir.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 8C Cloze - bias, cloak, to enhance, euphemism, idleness, indentured servitude, to lampoon, lingerie, marketable, recidivism, takeover, undoubtedly, unpalatable, to wrap.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 9A Cloze - to accommodate, aisle, armrest, carrier, crew, to drag, horrified, to overbook, overcrowded, PR, air rage to refused, to give something up, to urge, viral, woodenly, to yank.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 9B Cloze - amid, antipathy, to bar, to deride, to disembark, off-duty, erroneously, frenzy, to highlight, to loop, to nuzzle, to praise, to single out, to strike a bargain, to subside, to swirl, to tackle, to tempt.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 10A Cloze - to devise, to distil, emergence, to gouge, to hand over to rack something up, to restrain, to spawn, to step in, upstart, to make waves.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 10B Cloze - antitrust, to blindside, to collude, to entail, to loosen the grip, incumbent, moat, sanguine, scope, to stifle, traction.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 11A Cloze - to bequeath, to bite the hand that feeds one, brazenly, conundrum, farcical, forthcoming, gadfly, gusto, madcap, to meddle, to safeguard, shortcomings.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 11B Cloze - affront, to allay, to bank on, in cahoots, dogged, to look a gift-horse in the mouth, pursuit, raked-over, to rumble a story, to strain, to transpire.

Post-proficiency Vocabulary 11C Cloze - allegations, to do someone's bidding, too big for one's boots, to conspire, counsel, defenestration, dismissal, irksomely, to lash out at, to portend, to prime the pump, to recuse oneself, to uphold, wiretap.

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