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Adjectives Describing People List

Here is an activity to listen to and to practice adjectives for describing people.You can listen to them several times to help you learn them better.

Aquí tienes una actividad para escuchar adjetivos que sirven para describir a las personas. Puedes oírlos varias veces para ayudarte a aprenderlos mejor.

Steven Starry
Steven Starry
Apr. 26: Disponible para clases particulares en su domicilio particular en Alcorcón.
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Click on link to see more information on person saying the vocabulary.
Para más información sobre la persona que pone su voz a la actividad consultar el enlace.

Activity by Steven Starry - Alcorcón, Villaviciosa, Leganés

Note: there may be mistakes on this page as it is a work-in-progress, and so it needs checking.

Order of adjectives:

Order of Adjectives in English by AlexESLvid also at:

Adjectives for describing people:

Adjective Spanish Antonym Noun Adverb
absent-minded despistado attentive absent-mindedness absentmindedly
affable afable unfriendly affability affably
agreeable agradable disagreeable agreeability agreeably
ambitious ambicioso lazy, unambitious ambition ambitiously
approachable accesible unapproachable approachability  
annoying irritante pleasant annoying annoyingly
articulate elocuente inarticulate articulate articulately
artistic artístico unartistic, untalented art artistically
attractive atractivo unattractive attractiveness attractively
biased parcial unbiased    
bonhomous cordial   bonhomie  
boring aburrido exciting, engaging boredom boringly
brave valiente cowardly bravery bravely
cautious, careful cuidadoso careless, reckless, incautious caution, care cautiously, carefully
careless descuidado cautious, careful carelessness carelessly
cheerful alegre sad cheerfulness cheerfully
clever listo dumb, stupid, foolish, unclever cleverness cleverly
competent competente incompetent competence competently
conceited engreído humble, modest conceit conceitedly
considerate considerado inconsiderate consideration considerately
contented satisfecho discontented contentment  
crazy loco sane craziness crazily
corrupt, corruptive corrupto incorrupt corruption corruptly
cowardly cobarde brave cowardliness cowardly
cultured culto uncultured    
cunning astuto maladroit cunningness cunningly
crafty hábil naive craftiness craftily
cruel cruel kind cruelty cruelly
cynical cínico trusting, optimistic cynicism, cynic cynically
decisive decisivo indecisive decisiveness decisively
detestable detestable lovable detestability detestably
demanding exigente undemanding demander demandingly
dependable formal undependable dependability dependably
direct directo reserved   directly
disagreeable desgradable agreeable disagreeableness disagreeably
discreet discreto indiscreet discretion discretely
discontented descontento contented discontentedness discontentedly
dishonest deshonesto honest dishonesty dishonestly
disloyal desleal  loyal disloyalty disloyally
disobedient desobediente  obedient disobedience disobediently
disorganized desorganizado  organized disorganization  
disrespectful irrespetuoso respectful disrespect disrespectfully
dumb tonto smart dumbness dumbly
earnest concienzudo half-hearted earnestness earnestly
easy-going tranquilo tense, excitable    
efficient eficiente inefficient efficiency efficiently
enthusiastic entusiasta unenthusiastic, spiritless, passionless enthusiasm enthusiastically
even-handed imparcial unfair even-handedness even-handedly
eccentric excéntrico  normal eccentric eccentrically
excitable excitable relaxed, easy-going excitability excitably
extroverted extrovertido introverted extrovert, extroversion extroversive
faithful fiel unfaithful faithfulness faithfully
fair justo unjust, unfair fairness fairly
fearful miedoso  fearless fearfulness fearfully
fearless audaz fearful fearlessness fearlessly
flexible flexible  inflexible flexibility flexibly
forgetful  olvidadizo  attentive forgetfullness forgetfully
frank  franco reserved frankness frankly
friendly amistoso unfriendly freindliness  
frivolous frívolo serious, important frivolity frivolously
funny gracioso boring  funniness funnily
generous generoso  stingy, miserly, ungenerous generosity generously
glum apesadumbrado happy glumness glumly
good-natured bondadoso unkind good-naturedness good-naturedly
gregarious sociable  unsociable gregariousness gregariously
grumpy gruñon  easy-going   grumpily
happy feliz unhappy happiness happily
hard-working  trabajador negligent hard-worker  
highly-strung  muy excitable relaxed    
helpful servicial unhelpful helpfulness helpfully
honest honesto  dishonest honesty honestly
hospitable  hospitalario inhospitable hospitality  
humble  humilde snobbish, conceited humilty humbly
hypocritical  hipócrita sincere hypocrite hypocritically
literate  culto illiterate literateness literately
idiotic  idiota smart idiot idiotically
illiterate  analfabeto literate illiterateness illiterately
imaginative  imaginativo unimaginative imagination imaginatively
immoral inmoral moral immorality inmorally
immature inmaduro mature immaturity immaturely
impatient  impaciente patient impatience impatiently
impolite maleducado polite impoliteness impolitely
inflexible  inflexible flexible inflexibility inflexibly
inhospitable  poco hospitalario hospitable inhospitableness inhospitably
insane  loco sane insanity insanely
insecure  inseguro self-confident insecurity insecurely
insincere  poco sincero sincere insincerity insincerely
intelligent  inteligente unintelligent, stupid intelligence intelligently
interesting  interesante uninteresting interest interestingly
introverted  introvertido extroverted introvert, introversion introversive
kind  amable unkind, mean, cruel kindness kindly
lascivious lascivo puritanical, proper, chaste lasciviousness lasciviously
lazy  vago ambiitious laziness lazily
lecherous lascivo puritanical, proper, chaste lecherousness lecherously
likeable  agradable unlikeable likeableness  
logical  logico illogical logic logically
loud  ruidoso quiet    
loveable adorable unloveable    
loving cariñoso unloving   lovingly
loyal  leal disloyal loyalty loyally
lustful  lujurioso puritanical, proper, chaste   lustfully
mature  maduro immature maturity maturely
merciful  misericordioso ruthless, merciless, heartless, unmerciful mercifulness, mercy mercifully
merciless  despiadado merciful mercilessness, mercy mercilessly
miserable  miserable  happy misery  
modest  modesto immodest, conceited modesty modestly
naive  inocente sophisticated, street smart naivety naively
narrow-minded  intolerante open-minded narrow-mindedness narrow-mindedly
nervous  nervioso calm, relaxed nervousness nervously
obedient  obediente disobedient obedience obediently
obnoxious  detestable  inoffensive   obnoxioulsy
open-minded  de aptitud abierta narrow-minded open-mindedness open-mindedly
optimistic  optimista pessimistic optimist, optimism optimistically
organized  organizado disorganized organization  
out-going  extrovertido introverted    
outspoken  directo reserved outspokenness outspokenly
passionate apasionado  impassionate, dull passion passionately
pathetic patetico   cheerful   pathetically
patient paciente  impatient patience patiently
pessimistic pesimista  optimistic pessimism pessimistically
petty  mezquino   pettiness pettily
pleasant  agradable unpleasant   pleasantly
polite  educado impolite   politely
practical  practico impractical practicality practically
prejudiced  lleno de prejuicios unprejudiced, tolerant prejudice prejudicedly
quiet  silencioso loud    
reckless  imprudente cautious, careful carelessness carelessly
radical  radical normal    
relaxed  relajado unrelaxed, nervous relaxation  
reserved  reservado unreserved reservation  
respectful  respetuoso disrespectful respect respectfully
reliable  fiable unreliable reliability reliably
remorseful  arrepentido  unremorseful    
repentant  arrepentido  unrepentant    
resourceful  con recursos unresourceful resourcefulness resourcefully
rude (crude)  grosero courteous rudeness rudely
ruthless  despiadado merciful ruthlessness ruthlessly
sane  cuerdo insane sanity sanely
sarcastic  sarcástico  unsarcastic sarcasm sarcastically
self-confident  seguro de sí mismo insecure self-confidence  
self-destructive  autodestructivo  safe    
sensible  sensato impractical, insensible sensibility sensibly
sensitive  sensible insensitive sensitivity sensitively
serious  serio silly, umimportant seriousness seriously
shallow  superficial deep, profound    
shameless desvergonzado shameful shamelessness shamelessly
shy  timido outgoing, extroverted shyness shyly
silly  tonto serious silliness  
sincere  sincero insincere sincerity sincerely
smart  listo dumb    
sociable  sociable unsociable sociability sociably
snobbish, snobby  snob humble, modest snobbishness snobbily
spontaneous  espontáneo rigid, wooden spontaneity spontaneously
stingy  tacaño generous stinginess stingily
strong  fuerte weak strength  strongly
stubborn  terco meek stubbornness stubbornly
stuck-up  creído humble, modest    
stupid estúpido  smart, clever, intelligent stupidity stupidly
surly  hosco courteous surliness  
temperamental  temperamental unemotional   temperamentally
timid  tímido outgoing, extroverted timidity timidly
tactful con tacto  tactless tact tactfully
thoughtful  considerado thoughtless   thoughfully
tolerant tolerante  intolerant tolarance tolerantly
trustworthy digno de confianza  untrustworthy trustworthiness  
two-faced hipócrita sincere    
unambitious  sin ambición ambitious   unambitiously
unapproachable  inaccesible approachable    
unartistic   artistic   unartistically
unattractive   attractive    
unbiased   biased    
uncultured   cultured    
undemanding   demanding    
undependable   dependable   undependably
unenthusiastic   enthusiastic   unenthusiastically
unfair   fair   unfairly
unfaithful   faithful unfaithfulness unfaithfully
unfriendly   friendly    
unhappy   happy   unhappily
unhelpful   helpful   unhelpfully
unimaginative   imaginative   unimaginatively
umimportant   serious   unimportantly
unintelligent   intelligent   unintelligently
uninteresting   interesting interest uninterestingly
unkind   kind   unkindly
unloveable   loveable    
unloving   loving   lovingly
unmerciful   merciful unmercifulness unmercifully
unpleasant   pleasant   unpleasantly
unprejudiced   prejudiced    
unprincipled   principled    
unrelaxed   relaxed    
unresourceful   resourceful   unresourcefully
unreliable   reliable   unreliably
unreserved   reserved    
unscrupulous       unscrupulously
unsociable   gregarious   unsociably
unsophisticated   street smart   unsophisticatedly
untalented   talented talent untalentedly
untrustworthy   trustworthy untrustworthiness  
virtuous  virtuoso wicked    virtuously
weak  débil strong weakness  weakly
wicked  malvado virtuous    wickedly


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Steven Starry
Steven Starry
Apr. 26: Disponible para clases particulares en su domicilio particular en Alcorcón.

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