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In-Company and Private ESL Classes

I am a native English speaker from the United States with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Italian and a Master’s degree in World Language Education. I have been teaching languages for over 13 years to young students, adult learners and professionals in a variety of fields. English language learning is a process that takes time and dedication on behalf of the student and the teacher.

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Victoria Fontana

Victoria Fontana

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William Christison
William Christison

Teaches English classes in companies and in his own private home.

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In order to get the most out of this learning experience, it is important to work with an experienced, professional English teacher; one able to understand this process and guide his/her students along the correct path. Many academies offer native speakers to potential clients, but being a native speaker is not enough to be a good teacher.

New "English- A Walk in the Park"
Join me for an hour long walk in the Retiro Park. Enjoy informal, natural, one-to-one guided conversation with me for a one-hour walk. I will help you express your ideas in a more realistic atmosphere, as we get some exercise and enjoy the amazing weather Madrid has to offer us. Take advantage of your lunchtime or mornings - Practice your English and get some exercise! Don't forget comfortable shoes!
Groups of two or three people are also welcome. 
Suggested Level:  Intermediate level to Advanced.
When:  Mornings and lunchtime. By appointment only. 
Price: Please consult me.
Information and/or Appointment: 651 101 336 /  (Subject: Retiro Walk)

Victoria Fontana - Professional "Native" English Teacher   Victoria Fontana's E-mail        
E-mail: (please include text in the "subject" space.)
Mobile: 651 101 336.

Attention: Small and middle-sized Companies in the Community of Madrid.

“English for Actors” in Madrid. This is a very special English course designed to meet the needs of professional actors. This is not an acting course, rather an English course taught through the use of activities that form part of the acting process: improv, scene work, pronunciation and intonation, etc. For more information on this course, please contact me by e-mail.

My Methodology:

I base my English courses on the needs of each student. We will discuss these needs as well as communicative and linguistic objectives in a free, personal interview prior to the start of the course. Although grammar plays an important role in language learning, I don´t prefer to make it the main focus of my classes. I believe that students best acquire language skills by using it in real contexts and situations. Thus, I don´t work strictly from one text book, rather prefer to use a variety of materials which include authentic materials such as magazine and newspaper articles, videos and tapes, Internet, etc., when appropriate. This is to say that my students will learn English through communicative activities that are practical and real: learning through doing. Classwork will be complemented with structure analysis and pronunciation as needed and based on the difficulty areas of each student. Throughout the course we will do periodic progress checks and review to make sure that each student is meeting their objectives. Above all, I believe that a comfortable, safe atmosphere is key to productivity and advancement. It is important for me that my students enjoy themselves in their English class, not just because they have a good time, however, because they know that they are learning and improving with each lesson and that the English they are learning is useful and practical for them. In conclusion, I am an English Teacher who offers professional and organized English classes with clear objectives and a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. I offer practical classes with periodic follow-up to ensure my students’ progress and success.

What do I offer to my students?:

  • A native English teacher with a Master in Education, certified in Washington and New York state, freelance and with over 8 years of experience.
  • An English teacher who uses a modern and practical methodology providing the learner with the opportunity to actively participate in the learning process and get the most out of his/her class hours.
  • An English teacher who provides linguistic support to all of her students inside and outside of class time.
  • An English teacher who values a comfortable, safe, friendly and professional class atmosphere.
  • An English teacher who takes her own time to evaluate all of her students in order to create appropriate objectives for their English course.
  • An English teacher who provides periodic revision to ensure that her students are on track, with written reports if so desired by a company or student.
Teaching Experience

High school (US school system) all levels.

Private classes for young students from 8-18, adults- all levels, actors, travel agents, information technology, police, lawyers, marketing, interview preparation, wines, other.

Company Classes in companies such as: Acceso, Brava Producciones, Cadena Ser, Cuadrifolio, Daewoo, Dell, Editorial Edipo, Heredia Cruces, Indra, Manga Films, Media Planning, Repsol, Schering Plough, SEMAT, etc.

Contact me: Victoria Fontana's E-mail
Mobile: 651 101 336
Website: (Victoria is an artist and this website has samples of her work.)

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