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This list of linking and connecting words is part of a work in progress and can and will change at some time. Mainly, I'll be adding in example sentences later on.

Nadia Geijo
Maggie Twiss.
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cause and effect
 neutral & frequent
so / so that
because of this
make something happen
bring on
 more formal
as a result (of this)
as a consequence
for this reason
due to

por lo tanto (therefore)
Adapting to particular situations can be difficult and time-consuming and therefore the root cause of much suffering.

add reasons & info
then too
once again
add to this
what's more
as well
on top (of this/that)
in my opinion
in addition
bear in mind
take into account
As we mentioned before
according to
Suffice it to say . . .
In light of the fact that . . .
While speaking:
I’d like to comment on that .
Sorry, but . . .
Can / May I add something?
Can / May I ask a question?
Excuse me for interrupting, but . .
Can I add here that . . .
I’d like to say something if I may.

también (also)
Also, consumable classroom materials, such as scissors and paper, generally tend to be paid for by their parents.
Luego también (then too)
Then too, (people) can impose further restrictions and impediments . . .
una vez más (once again)
And after boxing, I'm just about exhausted, and once again it's time to eat, and I go home and make dinner.
En mi opinión (in my opinion)
In my opinion, the most important traits of an English teacher are firmness and adaptability . . .
además (furthermore)
Furthermore, these characteristics of a good teacher also apply to being a good student.
tener presente (bear in mind)
Bear in mind that there is no such thing as a satisfactory superficial education.
. . .“talk low, talk slow and don't talk too much”. Bear this in mind when you are planning your presentation . . .
como mencionamos antes (as we mentioned before)
as we mentioned before - "As we mentioned before, talk precisely and clearly"
según (according to)
According to William Glasser, the psychiatrist who founded Reality Therapy, “We learn 10% of what we read, . . .

Returning to topic
anyway, . . .
as I was saying, . . .
in any case, . . .
to get back to what I was saying, . . .
Where was I?

tanto . . . como / ambos (both)
Both "make" and "do" mean "hacer" in Spanish.

 neutral & frequent

pero (but)
. . . are the skeleton key to being a good teacher, but I feel that none of these . . .
so (asi que)
The most important thing to do is to eat breakfast. So, I make myself some coffee and some toast . . . Usually, I start class around 8:30 in the morning. So, I go to my first class, which is in Madrid, in the center of Madrid.

 neutral & frequent
all in all
that is
in other words
to sum it up
 less frequent
in short
by and large

en general (all in all)
All in all, however, my feeling is that you’re far safer spending your money in supermarkets.
All in all, Spanish cuisine is clearly superior to similar anglo-saxon fare.
para explicarlo más claramente (that is)
That is, the waiters amongst them have told me of filthy kitchens. I don't like violence.
That is, I attack it with everything I've got.
That is, the more we are committed to being transformed by a matter the better we learn it.
en otras palabras (in other words)
In other words, . . . both students and teachers must commit to a transformation.
para resumir (to sum it up)
To sum it up, the Weeping Willow is the analogy that best characterizes for me what being a good teacher is all about.
en pocas palabras (in short)
In short, if parents and students obstinately insist on making teachers and schools completely responsible for their children’s education, they can actually hinder it.

 neutral & frequent
in the same way
by comparison
by far
so too
the same thing
even more
 more formal
in a similar manner

con mucho (by far)
by far
aún más (even more)
However, what’s really surprising is that many of their parents were even more uncooperative with this teacher’s approach than their own children.
To complicate things even more, . . .
lo mismo (the same thing, similarly)
The same thing can be said about groups of students.
Similarly, a pre-rehearsed ending to the presentation will ensure you don't forget . . .

 neutral & frequent
in order to
in order for
in order that
so that

para (in order to, in order for)
. . . the willingness to undergo a transformation in order to bring one about in . . .
- in order for education to take place and for students to actually learn English, . . .
para que (so that)
I'm going to tell you about a typical day in my life so that you can practice listening to the present tense.

showing certainty
 neutral & frequent
at least
even so
no doubt
 more formal
at the same time
after all
the truth be told

al menos (at least)
there is no such thing . . ., at least in my experience.
por cierto que, por supuesto que - And certainly the community knows it.
para decir la verdad (the truth be told)
The truth be told, I’ve often been handed a previously used dish in a restaurant. The truth be told, I've never seen Star Wars or the Wizard of Oz.

explaining reasons
 neutral & frequent
for example
in fact
as a matter of fact
for that matter
that is
of course
basically speaking
 more formal
for instance

en realidad (actually)
In short, if parents and students obstinately insist on making teachers and schools completely responsible for their children’s education, they can actually hinder it.
en realidad, de hecho (in fact)
In fact, it’s a wonder I go to restaurants at all after that.
In fact, I think that the best teachers should love learning.
It’s gone on long enough, far too many years, in fact.
en realidad, de hecho (for that matter)
In fact, it’s a wonder I go to restaurants at all
Sadly, I think it would take a mighty big-hearted teacher to risk approaching this particular group of parents, or any other for that matter, with another project of similar proportions.
claro, naturalmente (of course)
Of course 2 and 2 is 4, it's perfectly clear.
hay que reconocer (admittedly)
Admittedly, I usually won’t spend over 10 euros for a meal. Admittedly, living in sunny Spain has its advantages.

logical argument
 neutral & frequent
Not only ... but also
the more ... the more
whether ... or
either ... or
for instance
this ... that
neither ... nor
for example
here ... there
in particular
since ... then
if ... then
these ... those
 more formal
to illustrate

cuanto más (the more . . . the better, etc)
the more we are committed to being transformed by a matter the better we learn it.
ya sea por obra o por omisón
whether by commission or omission the eager teacher’s first two projects were shot down in their infancy.
para demostrar (to illustrate)
To illustrate the obstacles that parents unconsciously place in their children’s educational path, I’ll tell you a little story.

 neutral & frequent
even if
in spite of
even though
depending on
at the same time
in this case
 more formal
under such circumstances
provided that
as long as
this (that) being so
in this event
in these circumstances

depending on . . . (dependiendo de)
Well, I wake up at around 7 o'clock depending on the day.
si . . . (if)
If I have a break around one o'clock, I make lunch.
My favorite place is the Chinese restaurant in Plaza de España, if you can get a table.
if parents and students obstinately insist on making teachers and schools completely responsible for their children’s education, they can actually hinder it.
en este caso (in this case)
(this) really helps one to better learn the subject at hand, in this case English.

introducing a topic
as for
with regard to
with respect to
as regards
by the way

cambiando de tema (say ... )
Say, you know the other day I needed a satellite dish installed right up on the roof there.

chronological order
 neutral & frequent
in the meantime
when / while / was
after something
after that
before that
at last
first, second, ...
by that / the time
until / till
 more formal
at length
first and foremost
last, but not least

luego (then)
And, then I continue having class.

Note - This is a common error: In Spanish you say: "y luego continuo dando clase," which you frequently translate directly to English as: "and after I continue having class". In English this means something similar to "despues de algo" (the next vocabulary point below).
despues de algo (after something)
And after the painting class, I go to the gym.
And after boxing, I go home and make dinner.
After dinner and after I make sure my cats have eaten as well, I usually watch TV for a little while and then go to bed.
despues de eso (after that)
After that, I have my own classes.
after that. . . . the teacher stated that after having evaluated the students’ development during the first week of class, her evaluation was that her primary objectives would include . . .
despues (afterwards)
Stress important words or phrases for emphasis and pause afterwards to ensure the audience . . .
hasta (until, till)
Sometimes I don't have time for lunch and I teach all the way till about 4 o'clock.
antes, de antemano (beforehand)
you should write a script for the first part of the introduction and the last part of the conclusion beforehand.

rather than
on the other hand
in spite of that
 more formal
on the contrary

sin embargo (however)
However , what’s really surprising is that many of their parents were even more uncooperative with this teacher’s approach than their own children.
However, the upshot of this is that this commitment to a personal transformation actually really helps.
However, by carefully planning your
presentation we have reduced the amount of
pero (but)
I think that the best teachers should love learning, but that is a matter that would best be left for another article.

 neutral & frequent
all the same
of course
at any rate
in any case
it goes without saying that
 more formal
to be sure
it is true that
after all
in spite of

de todas formas (anyway)
Anyway, the first general parent-teacher meeting was held.
Well, I’m not here to talk about teaching anyway.
de todas formas, sin embargo (all the same)
I've heard the snails are really good, but all the same, I'll have a hamburger.
no te lo discuto, de acuerdo (granted)
Granted, their opinions are to be respected, but whether by commission or omission the eager teacher’s first two projects were shot down in their infancy.
Granted, many will claim that traits such as being “friendly,” “dynamic,” “native” and/or “well-prepared” are the skeleton key to being a good teacher . . .

frequency and time
from time to time
every now and then
more often than not

de vez en cuando (from time to time)
I go for a walk from time to time.
cada vez en cuando - I eat out every now and then and I know I’m taking my chances each time.
I watch a film every now and then.
La mayoría del tiempo (more often than not)
More often than not, the programmes on tv are rotten.


tanto . . . como / ambos (both)
Both "make" and "do" mean "hacer" in Spanish.


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