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Present Simple Theory
Have para indicar posesión
Personal Information questions 3
Personal information: Look like, Like, Be like
Personal Information questions like / be like
Personal information questions
Present simple continuous fluency practice 3
What do You Like to Do
Guess My Job
Louise's Daily Routines
20 questions
Animal, Mineral, Vegetable

Steven Starry
Steven Starry
Abr. 18: Disponible para clases particulares en su domicilio particular en Alcorcón.
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William Christison
William Christison

Teaches English classes in companies and in his own private home.

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Video about Present Simple:

Present Simple Theory

"Have" para indicar posesión:

Alberto Alonso Verbos Esenciales: The Company - Vaughan Systems at: VaughanTV on Youtube.
See also: Have, has, had. Compare with: Haves and have nots - errores comunes con el verbo "to have", Having meals, drinks and having fun - expresiones con "to have" en inglés, to be hot, cold, hungry, thirsty - la traduccion de expresiones con tener


Personal information questions 3 - present simple:

by Hot English Magazine

Personal information questions - "look like," "like" and "(be) like":

by Hot English Magazine
Differences between:
"Do you like . . .?"
"What do you look like . . . ?
What are you like?

Personal information questions 2 - "like," "(be) like":


by Hot English Magazine

Personal information questions 1 - present simple:

by Hot English Magazine

Present Simple and Present Continuous Fluency Practice - 3:

by Hot English Magazine

What do you like to do?:

Real English Lesson 29 - Like to do - part 1
Watch part 2: Real English Lesson 30 - Like to do - part 2

Guess My Job:

by Hot English Magazine

Louise's Daily Routines:

by Hot English Magazine

"20 Questions" Game about a Famous Person:

by Hot English Magazine

Animal, Mineral or Vegetable:

by Hot English Magazine

Songs with present simple:

"Eternal Flame" de los Bangles: Eternal Flame en, Youtube.

"Wonderful World" de Sam Cooke: Letras, Youtube.

"Do you love me?" de "The Contours": Letras, Youtube.

"All Together Now" de los "Beatles": Letras, Youtube.

"Wonderful World" de Louis Armstrong: Letras, Youtube.

"Luka" de Suzanne Vega: Letras, Youtube .

"Something Stupid" de Frank Sinatra y Robbie Williams: Letras en, Frank Sinatra en Youtube, Robbie Williams y Nicole Kidman en Youtube.


AlexESLvid - "Imperatives - How to give commands in English and more!" on Youtube.
Tienen actividades en:
Otro video: Imperatives in English and Polite Alternatives.


Más Recursos:

Grammar drills - questions
Grammar drills - questions
Verb "be" vs "do" in present tense
Do as a helping verb
Verb, noun collocations for Elementary students
Back to Basics - Preguntas y Respuestas en Present Simple
Sobre gustos, si hay algo escrito, el uso correcto de "to like"
I've got = I have, Do you have? = Have you got?
Commands in English

Más Gramática:

Vuelve al Verbo "To Be"
Sigue con el: Presente Continuo, el Pasado Simple (con el verbo "to be" en el pasado), el Presente Perfecto, o los Futuros.
Hay más temas aquí: Gramática.
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William y Steven: MadridTeacher podcast: "Artificial Intelligence and Its Effect on Jobs" (MP3, Text)

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The Diary of a Young Girl Book Teaser

Murder on the Orient Express Book Teaser

Steven Starry
Steven Starry
Currently available for online Skype conversation classes.

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