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We are a fast growing language school franchise with more than 26 schools in Spain (And growing!). We offer employment on a full-time or part-time basis, as well as loose hours.

Most of our classes involve teaching young learners, teens and adults, but we also use teachers´ special experience or qualifications in technical English classes such as English for Finance, English for Law, English for Human Resources etc. Perfect for the experienced teacher looking for more interesting classes!

Teachers Required

Expanding language school is looking for full-time and part-time teachers.

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General Information:

The Green Monkey

In 2010 we opened our first school, The Green Monkey in Parque de Conde Orgaz which has been providing language training for children, teenagers and adults successfully since then. We now have 21 The Green Monkey schools (and more to come!) in Madrid and Barcelona and teach 9 different languages, although English is of course, the language most in demand.

Other languages we teach include Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Arabic and Portuguese, so native and bilingual teachers in those languages are very welcome.

We have an impressive client list of large blue chip corporations.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV to

How do we hire teachers?

Send in your CV and we include it on our database. When we have classes to offer, we go to our database and start calling and sending emails and then set up an interview.

When did BBS open?


How many teachers do you hire per year?

30-40 part time and 100 full time.

Qualification requirements for employment:

Preferably experience teaching English as a second language and a TEFL or CELTA certificate, but we assess every CV individually. A teacher with a few years experience but no TEFL or CELTA is still considered to be employable.

An outgoing friendly personality is very important in a teacher.

Is experience required for employment?

Preferably, but we never say never when it comes to teaching adults. However, teachers of children must have experience and show that they like teaching young learners.

Hire at a distance?

Yes, via Skype but we obviously prefer a face to face interview if possible.

Hire Americans and do their papers?

Sorry, but no. There are fines for hiring employees with no working papers. We don’t hire Americans which are in Europe with student visa either as it has proven to be a cumbersome process in the past.


The Green Monkey and Baxter Business Human Resources Department


Telephone: (0034) 91 759 8152.


Preference for British or Americans?

No. If you have a native speaker level, then we don’t care where you’re from or which accent you might have.

Facilities, classrooms and materials support:

Or corporate training is in-company. In our Green Monkey centres there is a wealth of material available. We provide strong support to our teachers. Teachers are always provided with a course book and a program to follow. In our centres, teachers have access to books, games, a photocopier, a computer with access to the internet. All our school is a free wi-fi zone.

Employment Information:

Have director of studies support?

Yes. There is a Head Teacher or Assistant Head Teacher as well as an Academic Coordinator/Supervisor

Best part about working for BBS:

Corporate Classes with Baxter Business: Firstly, teachers with experience or qualifications can get more interesting, higher paid work teaching technical English classes. As well as the usual Business English classes, we give classes in English for Finance, English for Human Resources, and Legal English.

The Green Monkey: there is a wide variety of classes available. Some teachers only teach young learners, others are happier with exam preparation and others like teaching general English to adults.

The second big advantage of working for BBS is the flexibility of hours offered. Only want to work in the mornings? OK, no problem. Want to work with other academies at the same time? Fine. Looking for 20 or more hours per week? We’ll do our best to oblige.

The biggest advantage for teachers in BBS is that we always try to offer block hours to teachers. We always tell our clients that a happy teacher giving good service and not even thinking of moving on is a teacher with a competitive salary and BLOCK HOURS. In April 2017, the hours on offer to teachers were as follows:

· Blocks of 2 hours or more: 54% of classes
· Blocks of 3 hours or more: 32% of classes
· Some teachers have blocks of 5 or 6 hours!

Finally, we offer translation work to teachers to supplement their earnings and fill in those mid-morning and mid-afternoon hours that are difficult to fill.

Salary on offer:

We have competitive salaries which depend on the classes on offer and the type of contract being negotiated (loose hour, part-time, full-time or “autónomo”). This will be addressed in any interview we arrange with potential candidates.

Job Offer:

Job / Employment title: English teachers (also French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic teachers needed).

The Green Monkey is a growing chain of language schools in Madrid, Spain.
  · We offer full-time contracts for 25 hours of teaching a week.
  · Regular on-going training + Spanish lessons
  · Paid holidays
  · Competitive salary
  · Full health coverage
  · Fun, dynamic working environment
  · Small class sizes, maximum 7 students per class
  · Groups streamed for level and age
  · Books, stationary and games provided

Teacher profile needed:
  · Native level of English
  · TEFL or CELTA qualified
  · Experience in language teaching
  · Willing to teach all ages (kids, teens and adults)
  · Must have European Union passport or Spanish working visa
If you are interested or available for any of the above positions, please send your CV to David at

new May 17 update:
BBS is currently recruiting for 2017-2018 season.

Academy: The Green Monkey Schools / BBS (Baxter Business Services).
Location: Corporate classes are in-company, usually in Madrid but also in the suburbs.
Classes to children, adults and teenagers are in our schools located in and around Madrid as well as Barcelona. Centers:
Need the teacher by: August 2017.
Minimum experience required: We evaluate each CV individually but experience plus TEFL preferred.
Description of the academy: Fast growing language school with impressive client list and more than 50 teachers. Teachers usually work with us for more than two academic years because of the excellent conditions. While Business English classes are important, we also specialise in Technical English such as English for Finance, English for Human Resources, English for Law etc. If you are a teacher with experience or a qualification in any specialised field, please send in your CV. If you have experience teaching children, then we have lots of hours to offer, usually in blocks of 3 or more hours.
Conditions of employment: We understand that happy teachers give excellent service to our clients. So we pay very competitive rates and always try to organise block hours.

Blocks of 2 hours or more: 54% of classes.
Blocks of 3 hours or more: 32% of classes.
Some teachers have blocks of 5 or 6 hours!

Salary: We are offering 25, 20 and 15 hour contracts, all of these on a fixed salary. We also work on a loose hour basis offering the following:
Teachers on a social security contract get paid between 15.00 and 17.00 per hour, net. (Net means what you receive after all tax and social security deductions). The difference depends on whether the classes are technical English or general business English classes or if the class is in blocked hours or not. We try to negotiate a travel allowance for classes outside Madrid.
Self-employed teachers invoice between 22 and 26 Euro gross per hour. The difference depends on whether the classes are technical English or general business English classes or if the class is in blocked hours or not. We try to negotiate a travel allowance for classes outside Madrid.
Contact information:

  • Person: David Ponce de Leon.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 91 759 8152.

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