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First Language Consulting

First Language Consulting provides a variety of in-company English classes in Madrid and surrounding areas. Most classes combine General and Business English for groups or individuals. Classes generally last the entire academic year, and sometimes the entire year.

Teachers Required

English teachers needed for company classes.

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At First Language Consulting, we are committed to our teachers. We offer competitive rates for teachers in central Madrid with supplements for teachers willing to travel to surrounding areas. Also, we provide a “no cancellation policy,” which guarantees a steady income for our teachers. Conversely, we try to work only with companies that are serious about having classes throughout the academic year, so that the teacher’s work schedule is assured in advance. We allow our teachers to work independently, but our director of studies also offers support and assistance with lesson planning. In addition, we supply material resources, such as CDs (and CD players) and textbooks. All this is in stark contrast to many other academies whose goal is simply to fit a teacher to an available class.


Information on agency:

Agency: First Language Consulting.


Date of article: February 26, 2007.

When did agency open? January 2005.

Contact person and title:

Contact phone:
629 165 163


Once you send your CV, we contact you to set up an interview. We add the profile of qualified teachers to our database and send out the new class postings by email. We hire British, American, and bilingual teachers on contract or on a freelance basis.

Central Madrid (metro Alonso Martinez)

Facilities and classrooms:
All classes take place at the students’ place of work or home. Teachers are offered all the support they may need. They are provided with textbooks, CDs, teacher’s books, grammar and vocabulary books, resource books (ready-made lessons), and CD players. Before starting a course, teachers are given a student needs analysis report and a syllabus to help them adapt to the needs of the students.

Have "Director of Studies" (DOS) support?
Yes, the DOS offers guidance and support.

VIPs on staff?
No, but let’s not forget all of us (teachers) are VIPs in class.

Employment Information:

Qualification requirements for employment?

We prefer candidates with TEFL, CELTA, or TESOL certificates. Although experience teaching other subjects is valued, we believe teaching languages is different from teaching math, music, or history.


Experience requirements for employment?
A minimum of 3 years English teaching experience teaching in schools/ academies and companies is preferred. Where experience is not a candidate’s strong point, lesson planning is essential and more guidance will be provided.

Hire at a distance?
No, we require interviews in person.

Hire Americans and do their papers? No, we only hire teachers with their papers already in order.

Preference for British or Americans?
None whatsoever. Bilingual teachers are also considered.

Estimated teachers hired yearly:
Around 30.

Teachers at First Language Consulting for over 4 years?
First Language Consulting is a relatively new academy which was founded in 2005, so no. However, we have several teachers who have been working with us from the beginning.

Best part about working at First Language Consulting:
We are proud of our competitive rates. Also, since we value teachers’ time and effort we have a NO cancellation policy, which means a teacher receives payment when a scheduled class is cancelled by a company. Teachers are informed of the company holidays in advance so they have a predictable work schedule.

Offer teacher training or development along with job?
We always offer guidance, such as advice and information on courses or seminars taking place in Madrid and other teacher training events. Our DOS also attends these courses/conferences and can give advice on what best fits a teacher’s professional goals.

Starters' average salary?
It depends on the number of daily hours, experience, and class location. Hourly rates can vary between 21€/hour and 30€/hour for freelance teachers and between 16.31€/hour and 21€/hour for teachers on contract.

Job Offer:

First Language Consulting Job / Employment title: English teachers needed for company classes.
Agency: First Language Consulting.
Location: Classes take place in companies throughout Madrid.

new Sept. 20 update:
1. Location: metro Herrera Oria.
Times/days: 08.30 - 09.30 on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Start: asap.
Rate: 24€/hour for registered freelance teachers.

2. Location: Avda. de la Industria, Cosladas.
Times/days: 90 minute class on Thursdays at any of these times: 11am OR 11.30 am OR 4pm OR 4.30pm.
Start: asap.
Rate: 30€/hour for registered freelance teachers

Need the teacher by: Always need teachers.
Minimum experience required: TEFL or equivalent qualification and 3 years teaching experience. Please send your CV and contact information to
Description of the agency: First Language Consulting organises on-site, online, and overseas English classes for Spanish companies.
Salary: We employ teachers both on contract and on a freelance basis at very competitive rates.
Contact information:

  • Person: Lilian.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 629 165 163.
  • Webpage:

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