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Save Time      

A business-English activity

Are you always complaining about the lack of time? Well, I'm sorry to say that you can't change time, so you have only three options: reduce unused time, do fewer things or do things quicker.

Steven Starry
Steven Starry
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Read and listen to this article in this interactive activity: Save Time Activity. (This one may be easier: Activity 2.)
Or simply read the text below and listen to:   MP3

Now, before I continue with the tips I found, ask yourself the following questions - and not just now but frequently at work. This will help you keep on the right track:

1. Is the task you're working on a top priority?
2. Is the task going to add value to your work?
3. Does your task help achieve your goals?
4. Could someone else be doing it?

Just by having these questions in mind your change in attitude will help you make the most of your time.

So here are some tips grouped in the three previously mentioned categories.

Reduce unused time:

1. Spend time planning and organising. Too often we hear "...I don't have time to organise!" when we should be thinking " much time do I lose each day because I'm not organised?" I highly recommend that you read the story Sue McMillin tells in her article to see how important this point is. It's the third link at the bottom of the page.

2. Use a to-do list. Spending five minutes to make a to-do list will help you work through your tasks quicker. If you combine this simple tool with other tips below you can turn it into a powerful time management system.

Do fewer things:

3. Set goals. Goals will give you a sense of direction and will help you plan and prioritize, which is the next tip.

4. Prioritize. Use Pareto's rule: 20% of the effort will provide 80% of the reward, so the key is to identify and concentrate on that 20%.

5. Reduce urgent tasks. These tasks usually have short-term consequences and you should be concentrating on those with long-term and goal-related implications.

6. Learn to say "NO". Eliminate all trivial tasks and those that don't add value to your work.

Take less time:

7. Do the right thing right. If you have done all the above you should be doing the right thing (effectiveness) now you must concentrate on being efficient.

8. Prime Time. Do the most important tasks in your prime time, i.e. your most productive time of the day. This varies from person to person.

9. Break up tedious tasks. When you avoid doing something you don't like, try breaking it up into smaller tasks. This will help you get it out of the way.

And to finish, don't forget that when motivated you work faster and better - so reward yourself for completing tasks, achieving goals or sticking to your to-do list.


Practice the vocabulary: Español Vocabulary Activity, English With English Definitions.

complaining - protestando
lack - falta
unused - inutilizado
tips - consejos
following - siguientes
top priority - prioridad máxima
add value - añade valor
achieve your goals - conseguir tus metas
in mind - tener en cuenta
make the most - aprovechar
spend time - emplear tiempo
highly recommend - muy recomendado
to-do list - lista de tareas pendientes
tasks - tareas
tool - herramienta
time management - gestión de tiempo
goals - metas
reward - recompensa
effectiveness - efectividad
efficient - eficiencia
tedious - tedio
sticking to your to-do list - mantenerse al la lista de tareas

Practice the vocabulary in mixed sentences:
but, first memorize the sentences with
the words in bold above. Then, do this crossword puzzle: Crossword.
Finally, do the exercises:
complaining - lack,
following - tips,
top priority,
achieve your goals,
add value,
have in mind - make the most,
spend time,
highly recommend,
stick to - to-do list - reward,
to-do - task,
tools - time management,
effectiveness - efficient.

Understand the text? Do the: Comprehension Quiz.

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William Christison
William Christison
Oct. 22: Disponible para clases particulares en Madrid.

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