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Cambridge CELTA and DELTA courses offered in Madrid, Spain: TEFL, EFL or ESL certifications Cambridge University certifies schools and academies both inside and outside of the U.K. to provide teacher training courses that, in turn, certify that a teacher has the ability to teach English as a foreign language. In Madrid, Cambridge University "authorizes" the schools below (and for all practical purposes, if they say they are OK, then they are OK.)

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    Profesores Madrid

The fact is that these three academies are the best local options if you want a certification which will be accepted locally and recognized around the world. There are slightly cheaper uncertified alternatives in Madrid, but you might have a much harder time getting them accepted by your prospective employers. Personally, I'd have a harder time taking your TEFL "certificate" seriously (and you, frankly) if it wasn't from either Cambridge or Trinity.

International House:

International House (Updated Jan. 28, 2017)

I studied my own CELTA (English Teaching Certificate) at International House 24 years ago and I was quite satisfied with it. I did the 4-month extensive course and was always up to my neck in work so I don’t know how anybody could hope to survive the 1-month intensive. (The course-load has now been reduced somewhat to give more time for lesson planning.) I have also studied one or two other courses with their trainers over the years and apparently things haven’t changed there regarding the quality.

International House Madrid Reception Lobby 2 2016
More on International House Madrid.
Calle Zurbano, 8
Metro Alonso Martinez
34 91 319 72 24

  Recognition of the Centre (and Certificate)
With over 120 schools internationally, International House is well-known all over the world and in Madrid, which will make it easier, I think, to get your Certificate accepted by your prospective employers anywhere you go. (It probably won't hurt to have an IH certificate if you want to work at IH in Madrid or elsewhere.)

  Training Staff and Course
I thought the CELTA course that I did was great and the staff was professional. I recently spoke at length with their Head of Teacher Training, Steven McGuire, and I can give my own personal "certification" as to his professionalism, intelligence and general knowledge of English teaching. He is definitely a competent teacher who regularly teaches at conferences.

International House Madrid building 2016   Installations
Generally speaking, the recently renovated Zurbano Centre is just about as good as it gets around Madrid. The classrooms are large, there are lots of facilities for the students and teachers, it’s centrally located with an English language bookshop and Subway station nearby and there’s a Café with 5 internet-connected computers on the ground-floor next to the reception area. Every classroom has an internet connected computer and projector.

I'm told that teachers on the course now have access to the extensive teachers' resources library in the staff-room.

  Current courses
Intensive courses run February, May, June, July, August, September and November.

Part-time courses run October- December, January – March and April – June. Current availability of all courses here:

IH Madrid is also running an Online CELTA in Spain. For more information see:

  DELTA course (Diploma in English teaching)
International House Madrid has been running the New Modular DELTA course since it began in 2008. The advantages of the Modular Diploma is that candidates can take the three modules – written exam, practical assignments, and specialism – in any order and at any stage of their teaching career. It also allows teachers to spread the load over a longer period. The course is open to all teachers regardless of where they work and applications are accepted at any time in the year for the course which runs October to May. Experienced teachers may consider the option of working for International House while doing the course which automatically qualifies them for a 20% discount on the course fee.

Cost of the CELTA is 1610.00 Euros. Cost of the DELTA course is 2,790 Euros.

More information on dates and prices at the training web site:

  The IH Madrid Young Learner Certificate course

This course is designed for qualified teachers who have completed a CELTA course or equivalent, but who have either limited experience of teaching young learners or need to develop their current skills to teaching different ages or levels of children in different situations. The course consists of 30 hours of practical-based seminars and workshops to equip teachers with all aspects of young learner teaching.

The cost of this course is €490 Euros.

See: for more information on the contents and dates of the course.

  The IH Very Young Learner course

The IH Very Young Learner course is designed for teachers who have limited experience of teaching very young learners or need to develop their current skills to teaching infants and early primary children. The course consists of 12 hours of practical-based seminars and workshops to equip teachers with the essential aspects of very young learner teaching. Participants who complete the course will receive an attendance certificate with detailed contents of the course. Cost of the course is 290 Euros. More details here

The IH Teens course – similar to the VYL course but focused on teaching teenage students. More details here:

Hyland Language Centre CELTA course:

Hyland Language Centre, appears to have an excellent line-up of experienced teachers (some of whom are published authors) and is an excellent option for a CELTA course here in Madrid, Spain. They certainly have the qualifications and experience. Years ago I worked with a top teacher who had worked for them for 4 years, who had been terribly reluctant to leave and who had nothing but really positive things to say about them.
Calle Serrano, 19
Metro Serrano
34 91 431 97 57

  Recognition of the Centre (and Certificate)
The name of the academy is fairly new (2003) but the school has just celebrated its 33rd anniversary of quality language teaching in Madrid (previously it was known as International House Serrano). Internationally, this school may not be very well-known. However, start to mention a few of the big 'names' that have worked on the Hyland Language Centre staff and there should be instant recognition from any reputable Director of Studies (DoS).  EFL author Peter Moore was a past DoS of Hyland Language Centre and is also co-author of "Cutting Edge", the most popular series of English teaching text-books in the world. Add to that Ceri Jones, Alison Blair, David Spencer & current Director of Studies for the Younger Learner department, Andrea Littlewood, and you have a number of important EFL names. Getting your CELTA certification recognized anywhere around the world goes without saying.

  Training Staff and Course
Hyland has a highly-qualified teaching and training team and they place a great emphasis on training and development. As well as a weekly in-house seminar programme, they regularly participate in both regional and national TESOL conferences and also offer training to school teachers within the public and private sectors. If you're looking for quality teaching, Hyland is the place to look.

Very well located and adequate in every respect, Hyland also has an extensive CELTA library, complete with all the latest EFL materials for trainees to use. Trainees also have full access to the staffroom, including internet, WIFI, computer and photocopying facilities. There are 8 classrooms, all with air-conditioning as well as data projectors and NetBooks. There is also a seperate area to relax and meet students and teachers as well as a kitchen with microwave, fridge and kettle.

  Current courses - straight from the horse's mouth:

new Nov. 21, 2017 update:

Our courses for 2018 are:

This blended learning format provides all of the input online but it maintains the very important face-to-face component of CELTA, which requires that candidates come to the centre for teaching practice, feedback and assisted lesson planning.
5 February to 5 May (TP will be on Friday and Saturday mornings in March and April - except for the 30 and 31 of March, which is during Easter week).

These courses last 4 weeks and are very intensive. Classes meet every weekday from 9.00 to 18.00.
July (2nd to 27th)

The price, regardless of format, is €1,575.

More information:

  DELTA course (Diploma in English teaching)
Hyland does not offer a DELTA course at the moment, but helps its teachers towards financing it with a loan and repayment scheme, plus provides support from multiple DELTA qualified members of staff.

  Other Information
Everything is extremely well organized and professional. A friendly, personal atmosphere is also central to the way the school operates.  It really is about as good as it gets - top-notch!

CELTA - 1,575 euros.

Other TEFL courses in Madrid:


Other FAQS:

  What about making payments for your CELTA or DELTA course?
Do yourself a favour and negotiate your payments to the centre yourself. Middle-men do nothing for you except take a big percentage so you'll save a lot of money. Generally, you will not have a problem with making the payment for your CELTA course to any of these centres using electronic transfers from your bank to theirs, but read their terms and conditions carefully before you do make the payment.

  Are there any other schools that offer either one of these courses?
There is at least one other school advertising TEFL courses online in Madrid. I don’t believe that they are certified by the British Council and I cannot recommend them either. I dropped by one of these places and found it to be located in a second-rate office park, which smelled of mould and insect spray, at the end of a long cheap-hotel-like passageway with very closely spaced doors on either side. Good luck to you if you decide to risk one of these courses.

  What’s your opinion about doing a CELTA or DELTA at a distance?
I don’t believe there’s much value in doing one of these courses at a distance. The real value is in the apprenticeship. How can you really improve your teaching without observing other “experts” teach with a particular methodology or technique and being observed by them "in action" in turn (with commentaries)? I’m rather surprised they offer it, but perhaps the offer includes other hidden features that I hadn’t considered.

  Are there any other potential problems with either the DELTA or CELTA?
One requirement for any of these courses is to have classes with a minimum number of students, which was 10 at BLC. This is a reasonable requirement, but it certainly favours institutional teachers over true freelancers, who have mostly company and private classes with far fewer students or classes that run from January to December while the DELTA courses usually run from Fall till Spring.

Trinity Diploma TESOL Course October 2017 - May 2018:

British Council Madrid - Trinity Diploma TESOL Course October 2017 - May 2018.

The British Council is delivering the Trinity LTCL Diploma TESOL course in the coming academic year in Madrid October 2017 - May 2018.

This is an advanced, internationally respected and recognised qualification, designed for experienced teachers of EFL/ESOL who are looking to expand their practical knowledge of teaching and learning, and take their career to the next level. Previous candidates have gone on to develop into teacher training, publishing, further advanced study, materials development and academic management.

It is a face-to-face taught course with input sessions delivered by an experienced team of British Council tutors every Thursday and Friday 09.30-12.40. Teachers will have assessed teaching practice in their own schools/teaching centres.

Over 8 months candidates learn, reflect and progress through this challenging course which incorporates assessments in classroom practice, research projects, phonology and language. Candidates have access to an extensive range of learning resources – books, journals and online materials, and are supported throughout by our expert Diploma tutor team.

The final assessments and exam take place in May 2018.

Input sessions take place at the British Council in central Madrid.

  · Course fees 2,800 € (2016/17 price – 2017/18 price tbc)
  · Exam entry fees 484€ (2017 price – 2018 price tbc)

To request an information pack with details of how to apply, or for queries about the course please contact Lesley Keast, Diploma Course Leader on: or 91 337 5016.

Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Websites:

  • http//
  • More information on British Council Madrid on

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