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This page is made up of articles and links about teaching English in Madrid - Spain. The main objective is to help English teachers to find better teaching jobs or employment. If you are interested in teaching English in Madrid, you should base any decisions you make on information from many different sources and not just on the information that you might find here.

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Some real-life experiences of teachers who have taught in Madrid:

Ready for a Change - by Ahmed J. Nicklaw
"I was living in LA at the time and was ready for a change. I was tired of all the plastic people and fed up with having to spend 2 hours a day in the car. I was ready for a change. I really wanted to learn Spanish so moving to Spain was definitely on my mind."
Read more: Ready for a Change.

Kelley PiggotYin and Yang - by Kelley Piggot.
"I now find myself in Madrid for the sixth time; my first, second, and fifth times in the Spanish capital were mere stopovers on larger trips; my third and fourth times I had decided to relocate from Seattle, my hometown."
Read more: Yin and Yang.

Marcus SearsonMy Experience with Spain - by Marcus Searson
"My first contact was with the people. My girlfriend is an absolute sweetie. A nicer person you could never find. She has a large and lovely family. When I met her mother for the first time at a new year's eve party, she said to me, . . ."
Read more: My Experience With Spain.

Trent Brock The Experience is Waiting for You - by Trent Brock
"Everyone has a story at to why they came to Madrid. It is very intriguing to hear about everyone’s story. Normally underlying reasons are that people needed a change in their present lives because of boredom or just chasing an adventure of some type. For me, it was a combination of the two. . . ."
Read more: The Experience is Waiting for You.

Trent BrockPart 2: The Wrap Up! by Trent Brock
Trent Brock writes about what he did over the year, some experiences that he had, and gives some advice to newcomers - from a one year veteran of Madrid!
Read more: Part 2: The Wrap Up!

How I Became an English Teacher - by Sara Rodgers.
"Growing up in California, my sister and I wanted to be sheepherders in the Shetland Islands, open a bookshop in London, run a bakery in Paris. So running a little freelance editing business (Innoword) from Madrid, Spain and teaching the occasional English class isn’t such a stretch for me."
Read more: How I Became an English Teacher in Madrid.

Astrid SchmidhoferGerman Teacher in Madrid - by Astrid Schmidhofer
"When you first arrive in Madrid and look for work as a German teacher, at the beginning it can be very tough to find a good job with a satisfactory wage."
Read more: German Teacher in Madrid.

AdrianAdrian in Spain - by Adrian Manzano
Here is the story of why I am here. Truth is I have no idea why I am here. I’m just here. It was calling me. Like a wave calls a surfer. I just got on a plane and landed in Madrid. Well it's a little more complicated than that.
Read more: Adrian in Spain

A Bit of Guff about Teaching English - A bit of guff about teaching English on the hoof in Madrid or the ramblings of a traumatized English teacher.
My Experience in Madrid - An anonymous autobiography.

TEFL Diary Entry

First Class Private Class
I've just recently started a private class, so I met someone new! That's certainly one of the upsides of teaching, and of course with the communicative approach, it's all about communicating! So I get to find out all sorts of things; and vice versa. In fact, the truth is I learn lots from my students, for example, about the latest technology, films, the economy; you name it!
Read more: First Class Private Class.

TEFL courses and training for teachers in Madrid:

I studied my own CELTA (English Teaching Certificate) at International House 18 years ago and I was quite satisfied with it. I did the 4-month extensive course and was always up to my neck in work so I don’t know how anybody could hope to survive the 1-month intensive. (The course-load has now been reduced somewhat to give more time for lesson planning.) I have also studied one or two other courses with their trainers over the years and apparently things haven’t changed there regarding the quality.
Read more: International House Madrid CELTA and DELTA courses.

OxbridgeThe Oxbridge International TEFL Course prepares you to teach English all over the world. Oxbridge trains you to be the best teacher possible using an innovative and modern language teaching methodology. Read more: Oxbridge.

TEFL Courses - Why it's important to do a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Course and the sorts of things you learn on one. This page deals with the sorts of things you might have to learn on TEFL courses as applied to the reality of the sector in Madrid, Spain.

Profile pages of Language and English Academies and Agencies in Madrid:

ASTEX Language Agency - If not yet the largest agency, it's in the neighbourhood.

Vaughan Systems - Here's a top paying job for dynamic, sociable non-TEFLers (teachers without a TEFL certificate)

Cambridge House - Three schools in the centre of Madrid and 20 years in the business. by T. Brock.

American Language Academy - Here's an English academy where most of the teachers are from North America. - by T. Brock.

First Language ConsultingFirst Language Consulting - First Language Consulting is a relatively new academy which was founded in 2005

Kennedy Empowering Successful Communication - This school has a presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Salamanca providing innovative solutions for their clients’ language needs and being teacher centred, emphasises a positive and supportive working environment.

International Institute in Spain - This school is a prominent historic entity offering a range of language courses both on-site and in-house for adults as well as a program for young learners.

Berlitz - With 128 years of experience, more than 450 centers in over 60 countries, Berlitz is one of the oldest and largest language service providers in the world.


élogos - A company offering a 50/50 mix of telephone and in-company classes.


International House Madrid - An affiliate of the International House World Organisation’s network of over 120 schools worldwide. See their CELTA and DELTA courses also.

DiverboDiverbo - A school seeking experienced teachers to start immediately with in-company classes, Masters courses and intensive residential courses.

EuroLanguage Consultants - Offers first class language solutions to companies, groups and individuals in Madrid, Spain and abroad.

British Council Madrid - The British Council operates 91 teaching centres in 57 countries. There are around 2000 teachers employed who deliver classes to about 495,000 learners each year.

Interlang Executive Centre - Interlang has been around for over 24 years and so is one of the best established in-company language schools in Madrid offering business, general and ESP language courses.

OxbridgeOxbridge Offers Sponsored TEFL Training Course.
with Work Opportunities

Idiomas SeifIdiomas Seif is a language academy on Gran Vía in central Madrid which offers only on-site classes specialised in intensive general English courses. Idiomas Seif employs teachers from across the English-speaking world. Their only requirements are that teachers be fully native and legal residents.

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Bray's English

Bray's English has a list of lessons they're looking to fill Tuesdays 20:00 to 21:00, Thursday 20: to 21:30 or Saturday 11:30 to 13:00 near Goya, Madrid. Mondays-Wednesdays 17:05 to 18:00 and Tuesdays-Thursdays 17:05 to 18:00 in Getafe.

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