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"Hyland Language Centre" English Academy in Madrid.

Hyland was established 26 years ago, in 1985, and is one of the best balanced academies in Madrid. I do not doubt for one second that Hyland does plenty of business but, more importantly from the teachers' and students' point of view, Hyland has managed to keep "quality TEFL teaching" at the core of it all.

(By the way, Hyland offers a certified CELTA course.)


Hyland requires English Teachers.

Job Offer
CELTA Course
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Teaches English classes in companies and in his own private home.

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How? ... They have focused on the teaching and the teachers. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to link quality teaching to quality business and while most "business men" in English teaching in Madrid have missed the link, Hyland has invested rather heavily in it. One only need look at the fact that 12 of their teachers have been working at the school for over 4 years and, in fact, I spoke with one teacher who has been at Hyland for over 15 years. On the other hand, I challenge you to find 5 academies in Madrid that pay beginning teachers as well: 1,200 euros monthly for 23 hours of weekly classes. Take it for granted, the "fly-by-nights" are not at all interested in your staying at their school for longer than 2 or 3 years, much less in paying you as much.


Hyland classrom 1

General Information:

Hyland Language Centre


When did academy open?

Hyland classrom 1

Contact person and title:
Director of Studies.

Contact phone:
(00 34) 91 431 97 57


C/ Serrano, 19 - 2º, 28001, Madrid, Spain.
On the corner of Serrano and Goya around the corner from Colón Square. Hyland is centrally located on one of the most exclusive streets in Madrid. It's about 100 metres from the underground or subway at "Metro Serrano" and about 500 metres (5 minutes) from the "Renfe" train station at "Recoletos".

Hyland classrom 1

Facilities and classrooms:
Hyland has 14 classrooms on-site, all of which are equipped with data projectors and Netbooks. It also offers courses at infant, primary and secondary level (younger leaners aged 3 - 18) in 14 schools (colegios) in the centre. The on-site classrooms and chairs are large and comfortable and the school also has asmall self-access centre, a small kitchen for the staff, offices for the Directors of Studies and a mid-sized staff room for the teachers.  

Hyland classrom 1

Have good materials support, photocopier?
Hyland definitely has plenty of support materials for teachers and a photocopier solely for the teaching staff. There are also two members of staff employed to manage the materials and make sure that teachers have what they need.

Have "Director of Studies" support?
Yes, they have a lot of support with a Director of Studies, Directors of Studies for executive courses and young learners, an ADoS for YLs and coordinators in each of the off-site schools.

VIPs on staff?
Several published ESL or EFL authors have chosen Hyland as their academy including Peter Moore (co-author on the "Cutting Edge" series, which is my personal favorite), Peter Jeffery, Ceri Jones, Dave Spencer, Simon Betterton and Andrea Littlewood. Also, David Garner himself, the director of the centre, seems to be a bit of a mover-and-shaker locally and internationally in the EFL industry.

Hyland classrom 1


Hyland classrom 1

Employment Information:

Qualification requirements for employment?
Our teachers must have a recognised teaching qualification such as the TrinityTESOL or Cambridge CELTA or a PGCE. There is a  CELTA certification course offered by Hyland. 

Experience requirements for employment?
Hyland has hired teachers right off the Certification course.

Hire at a distance?
They have hired with a telephone interview but prefer to meet teachers face-to-face.

Hire Americans and do their papers?
They are not able to hire Americans and give them working papers.

Preference for British or Americans?
British, or Americans who already have working papers.

Hyland classrom 1

Estimated teachers hired yearly:
Five or so.

Teachers at Hyland for over 4 years?
A very impressive 12 out of 40. That's unheard of in most of Madrid.

Number of students:
2,000 total students per year - children and adults in the centre and in companies.

Best part about working at Hyland?
The staffroom atmosphere is great and there is plenty of support and lots of help for new teachers.

Other benefits?
If you want to develop your EFL career, Hyland will provide you with excellent classroom experience & training. We also offer summer work to our teachers and actively encourage them to renew their contracts for the next academic year. 

Hyland classrom 1

Offer teacher training or development along with job?
The staff in-service training is a required part of the contract and teachers have to do a certain number of sessions depending on their contracted hours. There are two weekly sessions on Fridays, given by both the management team and teachers, which are also given externally for the Spanish teachers of English in the Public System of Education, for example. 

By the way, Hyland offers a certified CELTA course.

Hyland classrom 1

Starters' average salary?
It's just about as good as it gets in English academies in Madrid.

Hyland classrom 1

Hyland Language Centre CELTA course

Hyland Language Centre, appears to have an excellent line-up of experienced teachers (some of whom are published authors) and is an excellent option for a CELTA course here in Madrid, Spain. They certainly have the qualifications and experience. Years ago I worked with a top teacher who had worked for them for 4 years, who had been terribly reluctant to leave and who had nothing but really positive things to say about them.
Calle Serrano, 19
Metro Serrano
34 91 431 97 57

  Recognition of the Centre (and Certificate)
The name of the academy is fairly new (2003) but the school has just celebrated its 25th anniversary of quality language teaching in Madrid (previously it was known as International House Serrano). Internationally, this school may not be very well-known. However, start to mention a few of the big 'names' that have worked on the Hyland Language Centre staff and there should be instant recognition from any reputable Director of Studies (DoS).  EFL author Peter Moore was a past DoS of Hyland Language Centre and is also co-author of "Cutting Edge", the most popular series of English teaching text-books in the world. Add to that Ceri Jones, Alison Blair, David Spencer & current Director of Studies for the Younger Learner department, Andrea Littlewood, and you have a number of important EFL names. Getting your CELTA certification recognized anywhere around the world goes without saying. 

  Training Staff and Course
Hyland has a highly-qualified teaching and training team and they place a great emphasis on training and development. As well as a weekly in-house seminar programme, they regularly participate in both regional and national TESOL conferences and also offer training to school teachers within the public and private sectors. If you're looking for quality teaching, Hyland is the place to look.

Very well located and adequate in every respect, Hyland also has an extensive CELTA library, complete with all the latest EFL materials for trainees to use. Trainees also have full access to the staffroom, including internet, WIFI, computer and photocopying facilities. There are 14 classrooms, all with air-conditioning as well as data projectors and NetBooks. There is also a seperate area to relax and meet students and teachers as well as a kitchen with microwave, fridge and kettle.

  Current courses - straight from the horse's mouth:

new Nov. 21, 2017 update:

Our courses for 2018 are:

This blended learning format provides all of the input online but it maintains the very important face-to-face component of CELTA, which requires that candidates come to the centre for teaching practice, feedback and assisted lesson planning.
5 February to 5 May (TP will be on Friday and Saturday mornings in March and April - except for the 30 and 31 of March, which is during Easter week).

These courses last 4 weeks and are very intensive. Classes meet every weekday from 9.00 to 18.00.
July (2nd to 27th)

The price, regardless of format, is €1,575.

More information:

  DELTA course (Diploma in English teaching)
Hyland does not offer a DELTA course at the moment

  Other Information
Everything is extremely well organized and professional. A friendly, personal atmosphere is also central to the way the school operates.  It really is about as good as it gets - top-notch!

CELTA - 1,575 euros.

Hyland Language Centre Job Offer

Job / Employment title: Teachers of English
Academy: Hyland Language Centre.
Location: Calle Serrano 19, in central Madrid.
Need the teacher by: We recruit on a continuous basis and have openings for part-time and full-time teachers.
Minimum experience required: Our teachers must have a recognised teaching qualification such as the Trinity or Cambridge CELTA (or equivalent). We recruit teachers who are interested in their personal development through classroom support and additional training.
Description of the academy: Hyland Language Centre is at the cutting edge of language teaching methodology and employs qualified, experienced teachers who undergo continual in-service training. Although we teach some 3,000 students a year and some 40 teachers work for us, we have managed to remain true to our philosophy of "big but little" and a friendly, personal atmosphere reigns at all levels.
We work in three main fields:

· Off-site young learner classes - We offer English classes to infants, primary and secondary students in 11 off-site schools, all accessible via the Madrid metro system. We also provide Teacher Training services to Spanish school teachers.

· On-site English courses - We teach mainly General English and Cambridge Exam classes to groups of adults in Serrano. We also offer a range of short courses, including IELTS and TOEFL, and provide Teacher Training services, including CELTA courses. We also offer study abroad programmes courses through our specialised department.

· Company contracts - We provide language services to company clients, both on-site in Serrano and off-site on company premises.

Further information can be found on our website
Conditions of employment: We offer contracts, with paid holidays as well as 2 weeks paid holiday at Xmas, and 1 week at Easter, a wide range of teacher resources, continual teacher support, training and development.
Salary: Competitive - to be discussed at interview. We also have very competitive rates for freelance teachers, between €18 and €25.50 / hour, depending on experience and qualifications.
Contact information:

  • Person: Director of Studies.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 91 431 9757.

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