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English Classes in Companies

English Classes in Madrid for individuals or small groups.

I have been teaching English for the past 18 years in Spain, Italy, Australia and the United Kingdom.

After completing my training at International House (Madrid) in 1991, I went on to teach at the British Council School in Prado de Somos Aguas for 5 years.

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Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly

Clases de inglés en Madrid. Ofrezco clases particulares para adultos.
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I later taught Business English on the various Masters’ programs at the EOI (Escuela Organización Industrial) for a period of 4 years.

Since 1998 I have been self employed and have been teaching English in small to medium-sized companies and multinationals.

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly Paul Kelly's E-mail
  Cell phone: 667 720 143


In the initial interview, the student’s objectives are defined, and their current level of English knowledge is assessed via an oral and written level test. From there, we design a study program together, setting concrete and realistic goals.

Priority is given to optimising communication skills by means of a greater and deeper knowledge of the language and developing speaking confidence.

With this aim in mind, a great variety of materials are used, these being selected in accordance with each student’s level, needs, interests and objectives.

During classes, teacher time will be used for optimising results. We speak on a variety of topics, listen to a range of accents in order to sharpen listening skills, read fun and interesting texts, correct exercises and resolve doubts on all kinds of questions related to the language. We work towards the objectives established at the beginning of the course.

The study programs are designed to be a thorough as possible, dealing with all the fundamental elements of language learning.

Speaking: improve fluency, accuracy, pronunciation and speaking confidence.

Understanding: develop listening comprehension in different contexts.

Vocabulary: understand the importance of an extensive vocabulary in order to improve speaking and understanding.

Phrasal Verbs and Idioms: (or real English). Learn idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, sayings, and colloquialisms all of which are omnipresent in the English language. It is an absolutely essential task for anyone who aspires to a really proficient level of English.

Grammar: eliminate serious problems which impede communication and improve accuracy in general. Special emphasis is placed on correcting mistakes characteristic of those students whose mother tongue is Spanish.

Reading: an effective way of both increasing passive vocabulary and consolidating grammatical structures while at the same time enjoying an activity which is pleasurable and valuable in itself.

Writing: not only does this reinforce new knowledge in an active way, which greatly helps retention, but it is also a very important means of communication in the world of business. In addition, creative writing is an excellent way to experiment with the language and extend knowledge.

Self study

Outside class time, students are encouraged to do extra study at home in order to consolidate new knowledge and progress more rapidly. The aim is to help students design a self study program based on their interests and time available so as to maximise learning. The program includes both multimedia (DVD, radio, music, games, software) and traditional resources such as newspapers, magazines, simplified reading texts, vocabulary exercises, grammar and pronunciation.

If you require further information about the courses, please contact:

Paul Kelly Steven Starry's E-mail
  Cell phone: 667 720 143

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