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  David Overton.

A native English speaker, I have extensive English-teaching experience in Madrid, where I’ve lived since 1983. I came here as an exchange student to finish my degree in Spanish and fell in love with this great city and with the Spanish people, especially with one girl who is my other half. I’ve been teaching here since 1985 and have always enjoyed it, something which I think comes across in my classes.
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General and company classes. I live in Sanchinarro. Work area includes center and north Madrid.

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Teaches English classes in companies and in his own private home.

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More about David Overton:

     David Overton E-mail of David Overton

     Contact Information:

        Telephone: 912-877-646.
        Cell: 652-93-92-89.

In-Company English teacher for Company Classes:

My main teaching focus is general classes, company classes and Cambridge exam classes (FC, CAE, Proficiency). I live in Sanchinarro so prefer working in the centre and north of Madrid.

Making the most of your time

Students keen on making the most of their time don’t settle for beginner TEFL teachers, which so many are; in fact, many hardly speak Spanish. An experienced teacher is familiar with the challenges faced by Spanish learners and is able to effectively lead the way to communicative competence.

A deep knowledge of methodology

After teaching English for so many years, why is it that I still find it interesting? The answer is simple: English language teaching is not static: linguists are constantly pushing back the frontiers of our knowledge of English and how best to teach it. I find it entertaining to find out about the latest developments and put them into practice in my classes.

Word grammar

To learn English, the first step is to have contact with the language, that’s why some students read books and magazines in English and watch original version films. But in class, students have the luxury of having the guidance and support of a teacher, whose primary role is probably to help students “notice” the most interesting and useful characteristics of a text (whether spoken or written). Often, this means noticing “collocations”; that is, the way words combine (also known as “word grammar”). This is probably one of the most significant breakthroughs in English-language teaching in recent times, and is just as important as traditional grammar. For example, knowing that you can say “have a drink” but not “take a drink” is central to communicative competence.

Conversation in English

Conversations with my students are enjoyable, and it helps them to consolidate what they already know. As well as that, students can learn from their teacher’s language and from the teacher’s corrections. However, in the case that the student’s goal is to make as much progress as possible, it’s usually more beneficial to combine speaking with noticing activities. On-going revision and writing in English are also useful.

English classes with me

Learning English means that both the teacher and pupil must make an effort. The teacher can show the way, but the students must do their part and study and participate in class. Thanks to my extensive experience, I’m flexible and can quickly adapt to my students’needs. So, if you want to make the most of your time and have an experienced teacher, I can help you meet your language needs and improve your communicative ability in English.

Inglés en Empresas

Inglés en Empresas - David Overton imparte clases a todos los niveles, a particulares y en empresas, en el centro y norte de Madrid (en Sanchinarro).
Estoy especializado en clases generales, en empresas, preparación para los exámenes de FC, CAE, y Proficiency. Vivo en Sanchinarro, así que las zonas de trabajo cubiertas son el centro y el norte de Madrid.

"TEFL Diary" blog

Upgrade your students   
I was just finishing a class with a student who once had an ultra high level, in fact very nearly bilingual, but who's been away from English for a while due to work commitments. Though she's still very fluent, she's understandably lost some vocabulary; in fact she was saying she's forgotten a lot of phrasal verbs.
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TEFL Diary - David Overton keeps a diary - a blog - about his actual experiences during his English classes.

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