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Vaughan Systems Agency in Madrid and Spain.

Vaughan Systems is "the" local master in marketing. You often see this agency in magazines, newspapers and on TV programmes, and their recent acquisition of "Vaughan radio station" has many in Madrid marvelling at what a wonderful company Vaughan Systems is and has helped to grow their client numbers and warm the hearts of Spaniards.


Company-class English teachers required.

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In 2008, Vaughan created the first digital English language-learning TV channel in the country, with 24-hour broadcast of their teaching method.

Vaughan Systems is one of the best starting teachers' agencies to work at in Madrid. You don't need a TEFL or CELTA course, which cuts way down on your start-up expenses, and you don't need any prior teaching experience. However, if you've got some experience in the business world, so much the better, and if you've got a dynamic, outgoing personality, you're a shoo-in. In any case, for inexperienced teachers, the best part about working at Vaughan is the method or "approach" which they employ which seems to be a variety of the "Audio-Lingual Method".


General Information:

Agency: Vaughan Systems


Article updated: February 2016.

When did the agency open?

Contact person:
Aindrias Fitzgerald, Marta Martinez, Micky Lennard

Contact phone:
(00 34) 91 748 59 60.

Employment Information:

How many teachers do they hire per year?
Vaughan Systems has around 330 teachers working on their staff and they took on over 130 in 2015. Vaughan has high demand throughout the year.

Qualification requirements for employment?
Teachers don’t need a TEFL Certification but ideally will have a university degree and/or professional experience.

Experience requirements for employment?
They prefer at least a year of full-time professional experience.


Hire at a distance?
All interviews are conducted via Skype.

Hire non-EU citizens and do their papers?
This agency does not do anybody's papers, but it does hire non-EU citizens if they already have them, through dual nationality with a European Union country or a previous work permit.

Preference for British or Americans?
None apparently - Vaughan Systems’ teachers are drawn from over 40 different nationalities.

Best part about working at Vaughan Systems?
According to Aindrias Fitzgerald the Production Director: "Vaughan Systems is a fun, international environment where the career opportunities are endless." However, given how expensive it is for new teachers to move to another country and the fact that Madrid itself is getting so much more expensive these days, I would say that the best thing about going to work for Vaughan Systems is that you can eliminate the initial TEFL course expense and go straight into teaching and making what is probably the best pay you'll be able to make without the kinds of contacts that you can only make when you've lived and worked in one place for years.

Offer teacher training or development along with job?
A two-week initial training course, including one-to-one coaching, quarterly workshops, specialist training in Business, Masters and Junior programmes.

Job Offers:

Vaughan Systems Teach English with Spain’s leading language training company - freelance and contract positions:

Vaughan Systems, the leading English language training firm in Spain and founder of the first bilingual radio and digital English-language learning TV channel, seeks quality English teachers.

- No experience required, full training provided.

- Locations available:

  • Madrid.

- limited number of positions in:

  • Barcelona.
  • Bilbao.
  • Santander.
  • Valencia.
  • Valladolid.
  • Vigo.

For further information, check out the Vaughan Systems Job Centre:

To apply simply fill out the form online and upload your C.V. Our recruitment team will get back to you as soon as they have reviewed your application.

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