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My Spring Trip to "Arenas de San Pedro"

By Steven Starry

This is a video-activity for elementary English students practicing the "past simple" in the context of a past holiday.

Esta es una actividad con video para alumnos principiantes de inglés que practica el "pasado simple" en el contexto de unas vacaciones.

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Steven Starry
Steven Starry
Dic. 3: Disponible para clases particulares en su domicilio particular en Alcorcón.
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Activity by Steven Starry - Alcorcón, Villaviciosa, Leganés

Activity 1 - Watch the Video

First, watch the video and answer the questions (the answers are below):

1) On what day did Steven return from Arenas de San Pedro?
2) At what time did Steven get to Madrid?

Primero, mira el video y responde a las preguntas de arriba. (Las respuestas están más abajo.)

Activity 2 - Study the Past Simple

If the activity is difficult, review the past simple first: Pasado Simple.
Si te resulta difícil, repasa el pasado simple primero.

Activity 3 - Study Vocabulary

Do this vocabulary activity first: My Spring Trip - Matching or read the vocabulary list below: Vocabulary List.
Haz la actividad de vocabulario primero.

Activity 4 - Do these Interactive Activities

You can do interactive activities in this order: My Spring Trip - Easy Cloze, My Spring Trip - Difficult Cloze, Spring Trip Quiz. (You can also simply watch and/or read the correct text below.)
Puedes hacer las actividades en el orden indicado más arriba. (También puedes simplemente ver el video y/o leer el texto correcto más abajo.)

(El video funciona bien en Google Chrome. The video works alright in Google Chrome.)

Answers to questions

These are the answers to the questions in activity 1:

1) On what day did Steven return from Arenas de San Pedro? Steven returned on Sunday.
2) At what time did Steven get to Madrid? Steven arrived to Madrid at 17.30.

Estas son las respuestas a las preguntas de la actividad 1.


My Spring Trip to “Arenas de San Pedro” in Spain
By Steven Starry of

Last week, my family and I went to “Arenas de San Pedro” in the “Gredos” Mountains southwest of Madrid. It takes about 2 hours to get here. “Arenas de San Pedro” has a population of 6,500 permanent residents. This number triples in the summer.

“Arenas” is a mix of old and new elements. This is the old section of town. The “Castle of the Sad Countess” is about 600 years old. There are hourly tours of the castle. We visited the castle on Friday and toured it at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The views were really impressive. It’s very nice to drive around those mountains. There are some very pretty towns, “El Hornillo,” “Guisando,” “El Arenal”. . .

There are some towers in the castle. You can see the church in the town from the castle. The interior of the castle has an area for presentations and this very beautiful room is the museum, and it has computers. This is the lake in “Arenas de San Pedro.” It’s very beautiful. There is a little road next to and around the lake and people do exercise there. Some very lucky people have their homes on the lake.

We stayed in a rural house next to "Arenas de San Pedro." There is a 150-meter dirt road which leads to the house. This is the little house we stayed in. This little house is for 2 people. This little house is 4 four people, and this little house is also for 4 people. The house has got a sofa, a fireplace, a refrigerator and microwave, a bed and a television downstairs, and also a bathroom. There’s a toilet and a shower. And you can see out the window here, and there’s also a little sink. Now, let’s see upstairs. There’s the stairs. There’s a trunk, one bed on one side and another bed on the other side. Now, let’s look outside where you can see a little stream, and you can hear the stream at night. There’s also a barbecue. This is the main building of “Casa Crisol.” This is the entrance, and reception, and the lounge area. You can see the bar there. There are some armchairs, a table, a fireplace and there’s a sofa and a coffee table there. This is the dining area. We had yoghurt and strawberries for breakfast.

Saturday morning, we went to see “El Aguila” caves. They didn’t permit me to take any photographs, but I recommend them anyway. This is the view from the caves. Then, we returned to “Arenas de San Pedro” and visited the medieval bridge. Again, the views were spectacular. We had lunch here. And after that, we walked around “Arenas de San Pedro” and saw the church and visited the main streets and so on.

This land belongs to the Sad Countess. And this is her mansion. Can you see her horse? After that, we visited the Sanctuary of Saint Peter or “San Pedro” in Spanish. Then, we rested by a mountain stream. After that, we visited an incredible bee museum in “Poyales del Hoyo.” There are around 200,000 bees in that little room. The window is open. The man gives a very interesting 2-hour presentation on bees. Of course, the presentation is in Spanish. This is a view from the museum. And, these are some of the old hives.

The next morning, we left the rural house. We drove to a castle in Monbeltrán. This castle is in a very beautiful valley. We didn’t go into the castle because we didn’t have time. At the top of the valley, there is a mountain pass called “Puerto Pico.” And that is the old Roman road. This is the view south of “Puerto Pico.” Our return trip to Madrid started at 11 o’clock and finished at about 17:30 in the evening. We took a different route through the mountains and we drove much more slowly. The landscape was different. There were fewer trees and it was much, much colder. Later in the afternoon nearer to Madrid, we saw the “Burguillo” lake. A lot of the scenery in the area was like this, but this particular scene is near “El Tiemblo.”

Thank you for watching. My name’s Steven Starry from

Vocabulary (Los significados son para este contexto)

Verbs (verbos)
go, went - ir, fue.
stay, stayed- quedar (quedarse quieto, quedarse en un hotel, NO quedar con alguién en alguna parte.), quedó.
which leads to - que lleva a.
do exercise, did exercise - hacer ejercicio, hizo ejercicio.
has got, have got, have, has - tiene. Ambas estructuras significan exactamente lo mismo.
it takes about 30 minutes - cuesta unos 30 minutos.
was, were - es/estar, eran, estaban.
there are, there is, there were, there was - hay (plural), hay (singular), había (plural), había (singular).
get somewhere - llegar a alguna parte
to triple, to double- triplicar (verbo), doblar.
tour - hacer un tour (verbo)
walk (walked) around, drive (drove) around - dar una vuelta en coche, dar una vuelta andando.
return, returned - regresar, regresó.
let’s look - miremos.
permit, permitted - permitir, permitió.
I recommend them, recommended them - les recomiendo, les recomendé.
belong, belonged (this belongs to me) - pertenecer, perteneció (esto me pertenece)
rest, rested - descansar, descansó.
open (opened), close (closed) - abrir, cerrar.
see, saw - ver, vió.
leave, left - irse, fue.
take photographs - hacer fotos.
to have breakfast, to have lunch, to have dinner, to have a snack - desayunar, comer, cenar, merendar.
can you . . ? - ¿Puedes . . ?
we had lunch - comimos.
give - dar.

Time (tiempo)
spring, summer, autumn (fall), winter - primavera, verano, otoño, invierno.
Spring trip, return trip - viaje de primavera, viaje de regreso.
last week - la semana pasada (no "the last week" - esto significaría "la última semana en una serie de semanas como las de unas vacaciones.)
morning, afternoon, evening, night - mañana, tarde (desde el mediodía hasta las 18.00), por la tarde (de 18.00 a 24,00), noche.
hourly - cada hora.
then - luego.
after something - después de algo. (En Español se dice por ejemplo "después desayuné", lo cual se traduciría de la siguiente forma en inglés: "After that, I had breakfast". Por ello puede resultar confuso.)
after that - después de eso.
the next morning - la mañana siguiente.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, weekdays, weekend - lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado, domingo, días de entre semana, fin de semana.
later - más tarde.

Places (lugares)
here, there - aquí, allí.
interior, exterior - interior, exterior.
inside, outside - adentro, afuera.
views - vistas.
this particular scene - esta vista en particular.
landscape, scenery - paisaje.
southwest - suroeste. (south = sur, north = norte, east = este, west = oeste, northeast = noreste, etc.)
town, village, city - pueblo, aldea, ciudad.
tower - torre.
castle - castillo.
church - iglesia.
lake - lago.
museum - museo.
road - carretera.
main street - la calle principal.
bridge - puente.
sanctuary - santuario.
valley - valle.
area - area.
mountain pass - puerto de montaña.
take a route - tomar una ruta.
cave - cueva.
land - tierra.
upstairs, downstairs - arriba (subiendo las escaleras), abajo (bajando las escaleras).
side - lado.
stream - riachuelo.
room - habitación.
entrance - entrada.
reception - recepción.
lounge - salón.
dining area - comedor.

Prepositions (preposiciones)
from the castle, from the caves, from the museum - desde el castillo, desde las cuevas, desde el museo.
next to - al lado de.
through - a través.
about - alrededor, más o menos.
around - alrededor.
at/on the top of - en la cima de.
like this - como esto.
near, nearer - cerca, más cerca.
on bees - sobre abejas.
by - al lado.

Attibutes and Adverbs (atributos y adverbios)
sad - triste.
impressive - impresionante.
spectacular - espectacular.
really, very - realmente, muy.
dirt road- carretera de arena.
pretty, beautiful - bonito, precioso.
lucky people - gente con suerte.
the main building - el edificio principal.
cold, colder - frío, más frío.
medieval - medieval.
interesting, interested - interesante, interesado.
incredible - increíble.
slowly, fast - lento, rápido.
few, fewer - pocos, menos.
a 2-hour event - ("2-hour" es un adjetivo) un acontecimiento de 2 horas. (Se pone un guión entre medias.) Similar es "150-meter" en "a 150-meter road".

Things and People (cosas y personas)
those, these, this, that - esos, estos, esto, eso.
Countess - Condesa.
computer - ordenador.
home, house - hogar, casa.
sofa, couch - sofa
fireplace - hoguera.
refrigerator, fridge - nevera.
microwave - microondas.
bed - cama.
television - televisión.
bathroom - baño.
toilet - retrete.
shower - ducha.
sink - pila.
stairs - escaleras.
trunk - baúl.
barbecue - barbacoa.
table - mesa.
armchairs - sillón.
coffee table - mesa de centro.
yoghurt, strawberries - yogur, fresas.
photographs - fotografías.
trees - árboles.
hive - colmena.
mansion - mansión.
horse - caballo.
bee - abeja.
window - ventana.

Other (otros)
other, the other side, other people - otro, el otro lado, otra gente.
another, another bed - otro (singular), otra cama, pero NO "another people", y SI "another person."
anyway - de todas formas.
and so on - etcétera.
of course - claro está, por supuesto.
any, some - cualquier, algún - normalmente "any" se utiliza en preguntas y frases negativas, y "some" en afirmativas.
also, too - también.
again - otra vez.
much, many, a lot of - mucho (incontable, negativos y preguntas), mucho (contable, negativos y preguntas), a lot of (contable e incontable, afirmativas).

Practica el vocabulario: My Spring Trip - Matching

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Imprime la actividad en formato pdf: Print My Spring Trip Lesson. (Todos los profesores de inglés, a nivel individual, tienen permiso para utilizar esta actividad en sus propias clases de inglés, siempre y cuando se mantenga el logo de visible.)

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