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William Christison

Private English Classes”  for professionals. Freelance native English teacher  with 24 years  experience  for companies and private English classes for professionals  in Madrid, Espana. Madrid, Spain - “España”.

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William Christison

Teaches English classes in companies and in his own private home.

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William Christison
William Christison.

William y Steven: MadridTeacher podcast: "Anatomy of a Murder" (MP3, Text)
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Companies and professionals in downtown city centre Madrid and La Castellana area.  I am a qualified native English language teacher with an American university degree.  For 28 years I have been teaching all levels of English at a wide range of national and multinational companies  as well as to private individual professionals.

What I offer:

William Christison"English Teacher”  In Madrid:  Freelance, bilingual, with my own flexible (and therefore effective) methodology  made to order for small groups as well as individuals.

English Classes”  For businesses in Madrid:  I teach “General English”, “Business English” and “English Conversation ” at companies in central Madrid and La Castellana area as well as private English classes at my centrally located residence in the Glorieta de Bilbao.  Whether it be for exam preparation, for improving your on-the-job English, or basic maintenance and revision for English as your second language.

With wide experience as a freelance English teacher in Madrid, I have taught specialized English classes at banks, shipping companies, to architects,  sporting event promoters, pharmaceutical personnel, and publishing executives.  I have also been a teaching coordinator for several years.  Just a few of the companies I have worked at as a freelance teacher are:   BBVA; Grupo Santillana De Ediciones, S. L.; Crisol; Dorna Sports S. L.; Abarrategui Arquitectura-Urbanización; Ediciones del Prado, S.A.  I continue to  teach executives  at some of these companies.

I form part of a group of professional freelance teachers who are firm  believers in a direct student/teacher relationship with no academies or agencies serving as intermediaries.  Our sole common purpose is to offer the best service to our students.

The Way I Work:

I accommodate the timetable and needs of the student / groups and see to it that time in class is spent speaking English with a minimum of exercises and a maximum of variety.  My classes are pleasant and participatory.  Depending on the wishes of the students, their level and needs, we can follow a course and back up their progress with complementary  material from the radio, newspapers, specialized magazines, exercise books, web pages, etc. (which I am constantly updating).  Or,  we simply employ this varied material in conversation and, whenever any difficulty or grammar question comes up,  stop for a brief revision before moving on to more new things. This is  language learning: discovery of the world around us—new things. And learning  enjoyably and  in comfortable surroundings makes for ever greater progress.  From day one, student and teacher will only speak in English.  Apart from  class activities, I am always happy to assign as much homework as the student wishes and then personally correct it with him/her the following class.  I also provide individual progress reports as often as the company requires. 


A preliminary meeting is necessary-- with no obligation-- in order to determine  the student’s language level as well as to discuss the methodology, timetable, and class days.  Once an agreement has been reached, there is no need for any signatures or advance payment.  We will agree to fees which, in price and quality, no academy / purveyor of  teachers (often with little experience)  can ever hope to match.

My rates:

38€ per hour for companies and 30€ per hour for one to one private classes in my studio.

Contact: William Christison: William Chistison's E-mail

I am entirely at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

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William y Steven: MadridTeacher podcast: "Anatomy of a Murder" (MP3, Text)

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