Vocabulary Activities

Advanced Vocabulary 1 - Listening Cloze

  Activity by Steven Starry - Profesor en Alcorcón

Fill in all the gaps with the missing words, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Click this button again for another letter. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints! Listen to the recording afterwards.

Rellena los espacios en blanco con las palabras que faltan. Haz click en "Check" para comprobar tus aciertos. Si te resulta difícil la respuesta utiliza el botón "Hint" y te revelará una letra de la casilla en la que te encuentres, puedes clickear varias veces en "Hint" y te dará cada vez una letra más de la palabra. Perderás puntos con las pistas. Escucha a la grabación despues.

Vocabulary 1 List, MP3, Definitions MP3

   conscientious      courageous      deprecating      down      grasp      insight      knowledgeable      narrow      nasty      outgoing      relying      rub      sense      shock      shrieked      spiteful      stands      tip      unconventional      ways   
He was a man and he took his duties very seriously.
If selfish and -minded interests are allowed to rule a country, there will be fewer good things for the country and the citizens as a whole.
A family was pulled from their burning home by a next-door neighbor.
He shared her love of rude words and dirty jokes.
He brings with him a deep spirituality, a wide range of experience and an abundance of good-natured humor and -to-earth common sense.
She's always been very and she's got lots of friends.
I admit that I am not very about modern rock music.
The girl with laughter, slapping the boy on the chest.
We started fighting over who had to wash the dishes and we were really to each other.
My classmates were envious and made little jokes about me.
The press failed to the significance of what had happened and the story was not reported in the newspapers.
When parents are having a hard time, their tension can easily off on the kids.
Detected fraud is only the of the iceberg; Ninety percent goes undetected.
Words leave the page and become real, and you gain rare into the authors, their books, and their passions.
It was a to face such hostile attitudes from such usually nice people.
As always, his sermon began slowly with self- jokes.
The company to gain quite a lot from this government scheme.
Grandma is so set in her , she’s unlikely to change now.
In all the ups and downs of his life he never lost his of humour.
His friend did not believe in chances nor did he believe in solely on anyone else.

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