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Man from the South by Roald Dahl - Teaser

Activity set by Steven Starry
Profesor en Alcorcón

First, do these activities: Vocabulary and Definitions. Then, listen to the MP3s from recording if necessary: MP3. Fill in all the gaps with the missing words, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Click this button again for another letter. You can also click on "[?]" for a different hint. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!

Primero, haz las actividades de vocabulario. Luego escucha la grabación si es necesario. Rellena los espacios en blanco con las palabras que faltan. Haz click en "Check" para comprobar tus aciertos. Si te resulta difícil la respuesta utiliza el botón "Hint" y te revelará una letra de la casilla en la que te encuentres, puedes clickear varias veces en "Hint" y te dará cada vez una letra más de la palabra. Para obtener ayuda también puedes clickear en el botón "[?]" y te dará una pista. Perderás puntos con las pistas. Luego haz el Cloze y el Quiz.

   adjourn      bet      boasts      grotesque      macabre      poll      premise      ranks      reliability      resort      row   
"Man from the South" is a short story by Roald Dahl originally published in Collier's magazine in 1948. Though Dahl is known mostly because of the many books of his which have been made into films, he also had a successful parallel career as the writer of adult short stories, which usually contain a lot of darkly comic and scenarios and a surprise ending. Unsurprisingly, “Man from the South” has also been adapted several times for television and film, including a 1960 version starring Steve McQueen and another one in 1995 starring Bruce Willis, Tim Roth and Antonio Banderas, which was Quentin Tarantino’s fabulous “Four Rooms”.
The of the story goes something like this: While vacationing at a in Jamaica, the narrator encounters an elderly South American man named Carlos. They are soon joined by a young American naval cadet, who about the of his cigarette lighter. Carlos offers to his luxurious Cadillac car against the American's left pinky that the American cannot light the lighter ten times in a . The American accepts, with the narrator agreeing to act as referee and hold the car key, and they to Carlos' room.
Dahl consistently amongst the world's best-selling fiction authors with sales estimated at over 250 million pounds. His most popular books are “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Matilda”, “The Witches” and “BFG”, which was made into a film in 2016. In a UK in 2017 of the greatest authors, songwriters, artists and photographers, Dahl was named the greatest storyteller of all time, ranking ahead of Dickens, Shakespeare, Rowling and Spielberg.
Pearson publishers has an Advanced (C1) graded reader with seven of Roald Dahl’s stories which includes “Man from the South”. Except for a few odd vocabulary words, the original story is available online and, in my opinion, is not that difficult to read for students with an Advanced level. The main advantage of getting Pearson’s graded reader is being able to listen to the audio recording. So, for homework, you just might consider listening to and reading the graded reader first, and then go on to read the original story.
(Most of this text was taken from Wikipedia.)