Vocabulary Activities

Post-Proficiency Vocabulary 7A - Listening Cloze

  Activity by Steven Starry - Profesor en Alcorcón

Fill in all the gaps with the missing words, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Click this button again for another letter. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints! Listen to the recording afterwards.

Rellena los espacios en blanco con las palabras que faltan. Haz click en "Check" para comprobar tus aciertos. Si te resulta difícil la respuesta utiliza el botón "Hint" y te revelará una letra de la casilla en la que te encuentres, puedes clickear varias veces en "Hint" y te dará cada vez una letra más de la palabra. Perderás puntos con las pistas. Escucha a la grabación despues.

Sentences and Defintions List, Sentences MP3, Definitions MP3
   attenuated      brief      burst      exerts      feat      ferry      forbid      merged      nippier      overcome      plausible      pokes      shone      sweep      take      toying      transmitter      washes   
A of radio waves with the power of 100 million suns.
His mother comes into his room sometimes and around.
The beams across the heavens and occasionally one over Earth.
I am with the idea of writing a book.
The weight of rocket fuel is one of the biggest design problems to be .
Sunlight a gentle pressure that can propel a spacecraft using a solar sail.
A different on the principle of using sunlight to propel a vehicle is to use radio portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Focused light beams are a alternative to solar sails.
The force of the beams would become too at greater distances.
It is possible to large numbers of people from one star system to another using focused radio bursts.
Is it that the bursts of radio waves from space were caused by aliens moving giant spacecraft?
The laws of physics do not the construction of a giant machine and its propulsion beam, though it would be a heroic of engineering.
A neutron star is one whose protons and electrons have with each other to create neutrons.

Vocabulary extracted from Signs of Alien Life in The Economist from March 18, 2017. The Economist is a British newspaper which offers high quality mp3 recordings of all of their articles once you've subscribed.