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Vocabulary from an article about The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 1 - Crossword

In Empire magazine article

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clue in Spanish (without looking if possible). Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

genre - (género) a particular type of literature or film. Examples of genres include westerns, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, mystery, drama, romance and horror.
soap opera - (telenovela) a popular type of television series, characterized by lots of sentimental and romantic relationships. Examples of soap operas include General Hospital, Dallas and Dynasty.
gallop - (galope) how horses run. A horse can gallop or you can gallop a horse.
ins and outs - (pormenores) all the details and facts of a situation. Modern voters have no idea whatsover of the ins and outs of global finance.
flick - (película) movie or film. We watched a horror flick over the weekend.
misanthrope - (misántrope) a person who does not like other people. Dickens' Scrooge is obviously a misanthrope because he treats all his relatives and employees like varmints.
saloon - (cantina) a pub or bar. Typically in films, western saloons had swinging doors.
go down - (ocurrir, pasar) occur. (He) had no idea what kind of shit was about to go down. (Bob Dylan)
honky-tonk - (bar sureño tipo cowboy) a cowboy bar typically with country music. Everyone wears cowboy hats and boots in honky-tonk clubs.
prone - (propenso) to have a tendency to be affected by something bad. Cowboys were prone to dying of lead poisoning. (from the ... bullets)
giggle - (risilla) a childish laugh. Can you imagine anything scarrier than this: Trump or Putin with a bad case of the giggles?
concur - (estar de acuerdo) agree. Experts agree that concur is basically a formal version of agree.
tinted - (teñido, coloreado, tintado) having a color added. Sales of tinted glasses are probably higher in equatorial countries.
shades - (gafas) sunglasses. The word shades seems so much cooler than the word sunglasses, but they're essentially the same thing.
lack of eye contact - (ausencia de contacto visual) not looking directly at one's eyes. I'm curious as to how the Coen Brothers interpret their lack of eye contact with the author during their interview.
enduring - (duradero) lasting a long time. The Coen Brothers will leave an enduring legacy of original stories.
slice - (rebanada, trozo, porción) a part of a situation. When I think of a slice of Americana, I can't help but think about apple pie.
Americana - (americano) things that come from a particular period of The United States. Western Americana includes things such as cattle rustlers, campfires and gunslingers.
folksy - (campechanas) a friendly and direct way of common people. Folksy people are generally friendly, informal and familiar.
scrap - (pedazo, trozo) a bit or piece of something, usually left over. The TV series character Macgyver is famous for being able to make amazingly useful things out of scraps of junk just left lying around.
span - (abarcar) to extend to different parts of something. The Coen Brothers' latest film of short stories spans a variety of themes of the western genre, but notably neglects native Americans.
embrace - (adherirse a) to accept and support something. I fully embrace the Coen Brothers' conviction that the western genre is a fertile landscape for pioneering original stories.
subvert - (subvertir) to attack something's power and influence. Modern story tellers must either subvert old genres or risk boring their readers, who will probably feel like they've already heard their stories before.

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