Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary from an article about Dumb TVs on The WSJ - Crossword


Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clue in Spanish (without looking if possible). Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

account for - (justificar) to satisfactorily explain or justify something, such as where the money is that you are responsible for. Don't you believe in global warming? How do you account for rising temperatures?
assortment - (surtido) a collection of things that you have. The candy store had a great assortment of chocolates.
back catalog - (títulos de catálogo de contenido más antiguo) the works previously produced by an entertainment company. Netflix doesn't seem to have a very large back catalog of 50s films.
be up to - (ser decisión de) for somebody to decide. If you subscribe to Netflix, what you watch is up to you. Not so with traditional television.
browse - (navegar) surf, look at, explore. I used to enjoy browsing through book stores.
cable - (TV por cable) short for a type of television services. I cut my cable, but it was later included with my regular Internet service anyway.
call it a day - (detener) (idiom) decide or agree to end an activity. Though we had to finish the project soon, we had been working for 10 hours straight and decided to call it a day.
clunky - (aparatoso, engorroso) solid, heavy and old-fashioned. Are traditional TV networks really so unaware of how clunky their systems seem by comparison with Netflix.
cobble together - (confeccionar) to make something quickly and roughly. I cobbled together my favourites list in Spotify from a wide variety of sources.
depreciate - (depreciar, devaluar) to go down in value. IPhones don't seem to depreciate as quickly as Android phones.
device - (aparato) electrical or mechanical equipment. My favourite new device is my Google Home Artificial Intelligence.
ditch - (abandonar) get rid of or give up. Some guys ditch their friends too easily.
dive into - (sumergirse en) to suddenly and enthusiastically decide to do an activity. When I first got Netflix, I dove into watching TV series and movies.
drive off a lot - (dejar el aparcamiento en el coche) operate a car and remove it from a parking area. It was a real pleasure to buy my first new car and drive it off the lot.
dumb - (tonto) stupid, unintelligent. I was warned by a lot of people that Smart TVs became dumb within a couple years of buying them.
end up - (acabar) where something arrives, even if by accident. So, people end up finding other ways of doing what they want to do with their TVs; They might even get a Google Chromecast.
interface - (interfaz) the program with which you communicate with your computer or TV. I will only ever buy a new smart TV if it has an Android interface.
lifespan - (duración de vida) the length of time that something works. I can't even consider buying a device whose lifespan is likely to be 2 years.
low-res - (baja resolución) (of an image or TV) showing few details; opposite of high-res. Why buy a new smart TV if traditional networks are still broadcasting in low-res?
opt for - (optar por) to choose. I'm opting for just waiting to see what happens to smart TVs in the future.
plug in - (enchufar) to connect an electrical device to an energy source. Don't plug anything in when you're all wet!
remote control - (control remoto) the device with which you control your TV. Many families watching TV have arguments over the remote control.
safe bet - (apuesta segura) a certainty; a sure thing. I think it's a safe bet that prices for new smart TVs will continue to go down.
set-top box - (descodificador) a device that connects a TV to a cable network. I hear that a local cable company is going to come out with a new set-top box by Christmas.
stick with - (seguir con) continue with. Who's going to stick with cable companies? Netflix is too good.
stream - (transmisión por internet) a continuous flow of video and audio received over the Internet. Customers now expect quality streaming services and traditional TV networks must adapt to survive.
support - (apoyo técnico) to give technical assistance to a product. The problem with most smart TVs is that there's not enough support for upgrades.
switch to - (cambiar a) change to. Millions of customers of traditional sports TV networks are also switching to Internet services.
technology-driven shift - (cambio impulsado por tecnología) change motivated by technology. There is a technology-driven shift in the way people are watching movies and TV series.
turn on - (encender) activate. You have to plug in your TV before you turn it on.
TV set - (televisión) the television device itself. TV sets have changed a lot since I was a kid.
upgrade - (actualización) improved version of a program or device. I don't want a new TV if I can't upgrade the operating system.
vast majority - (gran mayoría) almost all. The vast majority of modern smart TVs become obsolete within a couple of years.
workload - (carga de trabajo) the amount of work that you have to do.Teachers usually have a heavy workload.

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