Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary from an article about the film "Outlaw King" in the Los Angeles Times - Crossword

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clue in Spanish (without looking if possible). Then press "Check" to check your answers.
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· at large - (suelto y no en prision) a criminal who has escaped and is not in prison. The killers remain at large in Madrid and the manhunt is expected to continue into the early hours of the morning.
· brisk - (rápido, enérgico) quick, energetic and active. If you're too tired to go to the gym today, why don't you take a brisk walk.
· brooding - (melancólico, inquietante, sombrío) making you feel as if something bad is going to happen. The Outlaw King, who was facing a much larger army, could be forgiven for brooding.
· canon - (canónico) works that are generally agreed to be good or important. Do you think Outlaw King deserves a place of honor in the canon next to the likes of Game of Thrones and Excalibur?
· days are numbered - (dias contados) said of someone who will die soon, or be fired or something like that. When the Feds started interrogating his collaborators, he knew his days were numbered.
· debut - (debutar) the time that something is presented for the first time to the public. Johnny Depp debuted in film in Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984.
· disembowel - (destripar) to kill or punish a person by removing their stomach and other inner parts. Our medieval ancestors enjoyed such macabre pastimes as disemboweling their enemies.
· fealty - (fidelidad) loyalty to a king or queen. Robert the Bruce pledged fealty to the King of England.
· godparents - (padrinos) people who promise to care for a child, in religious and moral matters. Godparents have no legal obligations or responsibilities, though sometimes parents include them in their testaments.
· gravitas - (seriedad) seriousness and importance of behaviour. Too much gravitas and you may be considered pedantic, too little and you're flippant.
· ill-tempered - (malhumorado) easily irritated. The growing list of ill-tempered actors includes the likes of Bruce Willis, Charlie Sheen and Russell Crowe.
· lived-in - (habitado) a look of being regularly and comfortably used. George Lucas is famous for making Star Wars films look like they're set in a lived-in universe.
· muddy - (fangoso, barroso) having a lot of wet dirt. If you're out walking in the country and it starts to rain, you're probably going to get a little muddy.
· outlaw - (forajido, delincuente) a bandit or a person who has broken the law and has escaped. The King of England declared war against the King of Scotland, and also declared him to be an outlaw.
· pace - (ritmo, paso) the speed or rhythm at which somebody moves. I can slow down my pace if you can't keep up with me.
· persevere - (perseverar) to continue to try to do something despite difficulties. One should try to persevere despite life's setbacks, which may be easier said than done.
· pledge - (compromiso, promesa) a formal promise to do something positive. UK politicians pledged to maintain climate agreements after Brexit.
· regal - (regio) luxurious and majestic. The decor in the 5-star hotel was positively regal.
· reignite - (reavivar) to revive an issue that was being forgotten. The arms race has been reignited and military companies are open for business.
· ripsnorter - (increiblemente bueno, excelente) incredibly good; excellent. You'll love Outlaw King because it's a ripsnorter of a movie.
· ruler - (gobernante) the leader of a country. Robert the Bruce declared himself to be the ruler of Scotland.
· run-in - (altercado) to have trouble with a person. I had another run-in with Mary at the office. It's become a daily thing.
· self-contained - (autosuficiente) an independent person or thing that needs little help from outside. Not even the Earth is truly self-contained as it needs solar energy.
· setback - (revés) something that delays or stops something else from happening. Life is rarely free of setbacks. There are always obstacles, delays and other problems that will slow you down.
· sick - (harto) fed up. Most people are sick of the news.
· sparks fly - (saltan chispas) to argue angrily. Sparks fly everywhere whenever Trump speaks in public.
· submissive - (sumiso) allowing yourself to be controlled by others. American women in the #metoo era are expected to be far less submissive.
· take on - (asumir) to accept a particular responsibility or job. If you find you're always busy, maybe you shouldn't take on anything else.
· tale - (cuento, historia) a story that is difficult to believe. Some people consider global warming to be little more than an unlikely fairy tale. Such people are delusional.
· tribute - (homenaje) something done, written or said that shows respect for somebody. One of the most famous tribute songs ever is Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven."
· turn up - (aparecer) to become available in an unexpected way. We haven't found a new apartment yet, but I'm hopeful that one will turn up soon.
· venerable - (venerable) (of a person) deserving of respect because of one's position. Society should wait until someone has died to call them "venerable," and even longer to give them a Nobel Peace Prize.

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