Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary from an article about Whitey Bulger on The Economist - Crossword

Whitey Bulger

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clue in Spanish (without looking if possible). Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

agent - (agente) somebody who works for a government agency.
buckle - (hebilla) the piece of metal at the end of a belt.
complicity - (complicidad) indirectly involved in a crime.
cosy - (cómodo, íntimo) used to describe a convenient situation that might not be legal. (Also, with a "z" instead of an "s".)
extortionist - (extorsionador) a person who threatens people for money.
free rein - (rienda suelta) the freedom to do, say, or feel what you want.
guilty - (culpable) responsible for breaking a law.
hangout - (garito, lugares de reunión) a place outside the home where somebody spends a lot of their free time.
ice pick - (picahielo) a tool for cutting blocks of ice.
informant - (soplón) someone who tells the police about a colleague's crimes.
lightning fists - (puños relámpago) very fast when fighting when one's hands.
manhunt - (persecución) an organized search for a criminal.
mobster - (mafioso) a gangster; a person who belongs to an organization of criminals.
to be on the lam - (darse a la fuga) escaping from the police.
patronage - (patrocinio) the support given to an organization by someone.
plague - (atormentar) to cause worry, pain, or difficulty to somebody.
point-blank - (a bocajarro) typically shooting from extremely close.
protection racket - (sistema criminal de extorsión y chantaje) a criminal system based on extortion, or threats against people and property.
racketeer - (mafioso) someone who makes money from a criminal activity.
rat - (soplón) someone who tells the police about a colleague's crimes.
robbery - (robo, atraco) the crime of stealing from somewhere or someone.
rocky - (inseguro, variable) uncertain and difficult and not likely to last long.

rogue - (canalla, deshonesto) an erratic dishonest or unprincipled person.
shabby - (mezquino, desaliñado, miserable) looking old and in bad condition.
slippery - (resbaladizo, evasivo) cannot be trusted.
snitch - (soplón) someone who tells the police about a colleague's crimes.
solitary - (incomunicado, aislado) a place in a prison where prisoners are isolated from others.
spree - (juerga) a short period of doing something in particular.
to bug - (molestar) to annoy or worry somebody.
to burst - (reventar) to break (into) suddenly and violently.
to convict - (condenar) to decide somebody is guilty of a crime.
to crack - (romperse) to weaken and become less able to resist because of fear.
to cross - (contrariar, traicionar) to irritate somebody by not doing what they want.
to despise - (despreciar, menospreciar) to dislike someone strongly.
to fall foul of - (tener problemas con) have a disagreement with
to flee - (huir) to run away or escape because of fear or danger.
to frisk - (cachear) to use your hands to search somebody's body and clothes for anything illegal.
to infuriate - (enfurecer) to make somebody very angry.
to shake someone down - (extorsionar a alguien) to threaten somebody for money.
to sort somebody out - (reprender a alguien) to deal with a problem with someone successfully.
to stab - (apuñalar) to cut someone with a knife or other sharp object.
to stash - (esconder algo) to hide something in a large amount.
to wrest - (arrebatar) to take something from someone violently.
trafficker - (traficante) a person who buys and sells illegal products.
turf - (territorio propio) an area that a group considers its property.
well-mannered - (educado, cortés) behaving in a polite and socially acceptable way.

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