Vocabulary Activities

Profesor en Alcorcón

Intermediate Crossword 2

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clue in Spanish. Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.

Escucha al vocabulario, pronuncia las palabras, memoriza. Luego, escribe la traducción en inglés para la pista en español. Haz click en el botón "Check", que aparece en la parte inferior de la página, para comprobar tus aciertos.
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pub – (pub) a bar in England or Ireland. People like to drink beer in pubs.
pet – (mascota) an animal companion such as a cat or a dog. I love pets, but I don’t have enough time for them.
back – (atrás, espalda) towards a previous place. If you want to do previous activities, click on the word “back” at the top of the page.
felt - (sintió) to experience something physical or emotional (past tense). He felt horribly bad and then he fell over dead.
teeth - (dientes) plural of tooth, or the hard, white things in your mouth. You should (deberías) brush your teeth twice a day.
followed up – (hizo seguimiento) to find out more about something (past tense). The teacher followed up the lesson with review exercises in the following (siguientes) classes.
tested – (probó, examinó) to examine with questions or practical activities (past tense). The teacher tested the students before he taught (enseñó) them. Then, he tested them again.
toe – (dedo de pie) one of five fingers on a foot. He broke his toe when he kicked (patear) the wall.
described – (descrito, describió) to say what somebody or something is like (past tense). She described the attacker (atacante) and the artist drew (dibujó) a picture.
coffee – (café) a hot, black drink originally from South America. Is there anyone who doesn’t drink coffee?
friend – (amigo) a person who is very close to you emotionally speaking. Despite all one’s contacts on Facebook and LinkedIn, modern life makes it really difficult to have many true friends.
house – (casa, almacenar) a small building where a family lives. She lives in a house in the suburbs (barrio residencial).
understood – (entendió) to know the meaning of what somebody says (past tense). He understood very little of the film and got depressed (se deprimió).
neighbor – (vecino) someone who lives near you. My next-door (de al lado) neighbor has a party every Saturday night.
nice – (agradable, bonito) pleasant and satisfactory. It’s nice to see everybody happy.
wore – (llevaba puesto) to have clothes (ropa) on your body (past tense). He wore jeans (vaqueros) to his wedding (boda).
circle – (círculo, rodear) the shape or form of the sun (sol). It’s impossible to draw (dibujar) a perfect circle without a compass (compás).
conference – (conferencia) a meeting (reunión) of many groups of people who attend (asistir) seminars (seminario). I used to go (solía ir) to a conference for English teachers every year.
foot – (pie) the (bottom) part of the body that has five toes. There’s a blister (ampolla) on my foot.
castle - (castillo) a very large and strong building built by warlords (caudillos) in medieval times. Rich foreigners (extranjeros) are probably buying castles in Spain.
stood – (estuvo de pie) the opposite of “sit” (sentarse) or “lie” (tumbarse) (past tense). The football fans stood and cheered (dieron gritos de entusiasmo) when their team (equipo) won (ganarón) the game.
legal – (legal) permitted by the law. Corruption is not legal, but there is still (todavía) a lot of it in existence.
sport – (deporte) a physical competition such as football. When I was a child, my sport was basketball (baloncesto).
school – (escuela, colegio) a place where children go for an education. Our school didn’t have computers when I was a child.
in common – (en común) to share interests with somebody. In conversation classes, I try to find something that my students and I have in common.
missing – (desaparecido, perdido) someone who has disappeared or been lost. 500,000 allied (aliados) soldiers (soldados) were missing after WWI.
how long – (cuánto tiempo o largo) what duration (duración). How long will you be staying at our hotel?
waist – (cintura) the part of the body near the navel (ombligo). His shirt was open to his waist like Torrente.
also – (también) in addition. I like coffee and I also like tea (té).
under – (debajo de, según) a position below or lower than something else. I stood under the tree in the storm (tormenta).
meet – (reunirse) to see and talk to somebody for the first time. She is a receptionist and meets lots (muchos) of people every day.
thin – (delgado, fino) the opposite of fat (gordo). She was very thin and her grandmother (abuela) fed (dar de comer) her more and more every day.
listened – (escuchó) to give attention to somebody in order to hear everything they say. She listened to the radio in her car on her way (de camino a) to work.
next – (siguiente, próximo) the first one after this one. After you do these activities, click on “next” to do the next activities.
hat – (sombrero, gorro) clothes that you wear (llevar puesto) on your head. I can’t wear hats because they make my head itch (picar).
too – (también, demasiado) in addition; more than is needed. A: I love beer (cerveza). B: Me too (Yo también.)
ran – (corrio, ejecutó, organizó) to “walk” extremely fast (past tense). He ran a marathon (maratón) and then went dancing after lunch.
got in touch with – (se puso en contacto con) to contact (past tense). My old friends got in touch with me on Facebook.
aunt – (tía) the sister of your mother or father. His mother died and he was raised (fue criado) by his aunt.
dirt – (tierra, suciedad) a substance from the ground. The boys washed the dirt from their hands and feet before dinner (cena).
hired – (alquiló, contrató) to pay to use somebody or something temporarily. She hired a private detective to investigate the crime.
gun – (pistola) pistol. The criminal used a gun to kill (matar) her aunt.
knew – (sabía) to have information in your brain (cerebro) (past tense). He knew the grammar in writing, but he couldn’t speak English.
drank – (bebió) to take liquid into the body with the mouth (past tense). He drank a bottle of whisky.
dog – (perro) a pet which is usually an enemy of a cat. What do you prefer, cats or dogs?
ours – (nuestro) the one that is our property. That desk is ours. Yours is over there.
tired – (cansado) in need of rest or sleep. When you work all day, it’s normal to get tired.
sad – (triste) the opposite of happy. He was sad when his pet died.
dumb – (tonto) stupid. Building a wall is not just (no solamente) dumb, it’s also narcissistic (narcisista). (Of Trump.)
gone – (ido) not here; departed. I’m sorry. Mr. Smith isn’t here at the moment. He’s gone to the post office (correos).
see – (ver) to use your eyes to look at something. Do you see those birds over there?
deer – (ciervo) an animal like “Bambi”. Deer (plural has no “s”) are magnificent creatures. Why do people want to kill them for sport?
bath – (baño, bañar) a larger container for washing the body; or the activity. I don’t remember the last time I took a bath. (I usually take showers.)
odor – (hedor) a smell, especially a bad smell. Dead animals in the forest (bosque) have a terrible odor.
far – (lejos) a great distance. Barcelona is very far from Madrid.
row – (fila) a line of something, such as the seats in a theatre. I usually like to sit in the second or third row at the movie theater.
lost – (perdió) to not have something and not know where it is. I lost my keys and couldn’t open the door.

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