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Business Vocabulary Crossword 9

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clues in Spanish. (Note that there are no spaces between the words in the crossword below.) Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

redo - (rehacer) to do something again. If something doesn't work, you can always redo it.
asset - (activo, patrimonial) a useful and valuable thing, quality, skill or person. Is a dead horse an asset for a glue (pegamento) factory or for dog food?
tribal - (tribal) relating to a tribe (or a large group of people that someone belongs to). Some native Americans had a tribal culture based on horses.
whole range - (gama completa o entera) an entire list of options. Mediamarkt offers a whole range of mobile phones.
classify - (clasificar) to divide things into groups. "Beating a dead horse" (azotar un caballo muerto) is classified as an idiom (expresión).
overhead - (gastos generales) regular and necessary costs in business. The overhead costs of running a business can get out of control (desbordarse).
arrange - (concertar, organizar) to plan, prepare for, or organize something. We've arranged to meet at the movie theater half an hour before the movie starts.
bottom line - (balance final, resultado, conclusión) the final line in the accounts of a company. How will rising temperatures affect your company's bottom line in 30 years' time?
therefore - (por lo tanto) for that reason. The funding was rejected (rechazado) and we therefore had to look elsewhere (en otros lugares).
far more - (mucho más) a much bigger amount (cantidad). If you can raise a "dead horse" company with the government's help, for example, it might become a far more problematic "zombie company."
costly - (costoso) expensive. "Zombie companies" are very costly to operate, but difficult to shut down, usually for political reasons.
funding - (financiación, fondos) money given by a government or organization for an activity. It's difficult to undertake (emprender) much of anything without funding.
promote - (promover) to encourage people to like, buy, use, do, or support something. Greenpeace works to promote awareness (conciencia) of the dangers that threaten our planet today.
performance - (rendimiento, desempeño) how well a person or machine does work. Companies must improve their performance to out-compete (llevar la delantera) their competitors and improve their productivity (productividad).
threaten - (amenazar) to tell someone that you will do something to them if they do not do what you want. The boss threatened to fire the employees whose productivity didn't improve.
harness - (aprovechar, arnés) to attach equipment to a horse which is used to control it (same word for the noun). How would it feel to be harnessed to a "zombie company?"
rider - (jinete) the person who travels on a horse or bicyle. I presume (supongo) Custer's riders didn't realize they shouldn't have (no deberían haber) dismounted (desmontado) until it was too late.
carry - (llevar, tener, transportar) to transport something in your hands and arms. She carried her baby upstairs.
whip - (látigo, azotar) a piece of material connected to a stick (palo) and used for hitting animals. The lion tamer (domador de leones) whipped the lions.
dismount - (desmontar, bajarse) to get off a horse, bicycle or motorcycle. He dismounted, tied up (ató) his horse and went into the saloon (cantina).
termination - (recisión, finalización) to cause something to end, for example a contract. He was threatened with termination due to (debido a) his poor performance.
arguing - (discutiendo, debatiendo) to angrily tell somebody that you disagree with them. Without healthy arguing there's less chance (posibilidad) of improving.
improve - (mejorar, aumentar, progresar) to cause something to get better. Most people try to improve their health or fitness.
appoint - (asignar, destinar, designar) to officially choose somebody for a job. The committee (comité) appointed somebody to study whether the company's bottom line could be improved.
wisdom - (sabiduría, juicio, sensatez) "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom," according to Jefferson.
standard - (norma, estándar, nivel) a level of quality. Spain is number one among European countries in academic failure (fracaso escolar) rates at around 20% and number two in unemployment rates at around 14% (after Greece), demonstrating a level of standards that makes one suspect that there's a dead horse or two hereabouts (aquí en los alrededores).
contractor - (contratista, proveedor) a person or company that arranges to do work for another person or company. He employed a contractor to install his new swimming pool.
outside - (externo, del exterior) coming from another place or organization. The company has called in an outside expert to find a solution to the problem.
pass on - (transmitir, hacer llegar) to tell somebody something that somebody else has told you. Most parents try to pass their knowledge on to their children.
productivity - (productividad) the rate at which a person or company makes products. Employees must improve their productivity or risk termination.
training - (formación, entrenamiento) the process of teaching the skills that somebody will need to do a particular job. The boss appointed me as the coordinator for the new employees' on-the-job (en el lugar de trabajo) training.
impaired - (deteriorado, deficiente) damaged or weakened. He lost his driver's license for two years because he was caught driving while impaired with alcohol.
supervisory - (de supervisión) involving the job of watching an activity to make certain that everything is done correctly. She was appointed to a supervisory job by the committee.
substantially - (sustancialmente, considerablemente) to a large degree. Productivity has improved substantially over the last year.

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