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Business Vocabulary Crossword 8

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clues in Spanish. (Note that there are no spaces between the words in the crossword below.) Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

retail - (al por menor, minorista) the sale of products for consumption. Anyone with a little shop is in the retail business.
restructure - (reestructurar) to convert or organize differently. If a company restructures its workforce, is that euphemistic for firing people?
staff - (plantilla) all the people employed by a particular organization; its workforce. The entire staff got a raise and nearly fell off their chairs. (idiom)
bankruptcy - (bancarrota, quiebra) to announce that a company has no money. The company had to file (declarar) for bankruptcy because of their inability to pay their debts (deudas).
investor - (inversor) a person who puts money in businesses to make a profit; a capitalist. Many investors tend to invest in safer investments in a recession.
trigger - (causar) to cause to function; the part of a gun which you pull to shoot it. The President wanted to improve the economy, but ironically, he triggered a recession instead.
scrutiny - (escrutinio) critical examination. The CEO's deals have come under close scrutiny after last week's accusations of fraud.
fiasco - (debacle) a complete failure. The Trump Show is a fiasco and his shutting down the government for a month another nail in his administration's coffin (idiom - otro revés).
precedent - (precedente) to do something differently from the usual way of doing it. This era seems like a wild ride, so a president breaking precedent in so many ways seems normal.
iconic - (icónico) a thing regarded as a representative symbol. JFK, The Beatles, hippies, the space race, the cold war: these are all iconic of the 1960s in the USA.
lineup - (conjunto de cosas) a group of similar things or people. The Mad Cool Music Festival has a great lineup of bands this year.
shun - (evitar, rechazar) to persistently avoid certain people. She was shunned by the community after her husband was accused of murder.
covet - (codiciar) wanting to possess something, especially something someone else owns. He covets more power and is extremely jealous of anyone else's.
implode - (desmoronarse) to end or fail suddenly or dramatically. The economy is imploding as car companies start to lay off (despedir) employees in large numbers.
start with a bang - (comenzar con éxito) to begin very successfully. We started our vacation with a bang at Disneyland, went on to visit Paris and ended it on the French Riviera.
wild ride - (viaje salvaje y desenfrenado) a time with many unexpected changes. If you invested in Bitcoins a couple of years ago and never sold them off, you probably didn't enjoy the wild ride that ensued (siguió).
dizzying - (vertiginoso) confusing and amazing. The dizzying pace (ritmo) of technological change has been too much for the simple-minded (ingenuo) who now yearn (añorar) for simpler times.
meltdown - (hundimiento, colapso) a disastrous collapse or breakdown. Let's hope that the meltdown of the U.S. and U.K. political systems doesn't spread to their financial systems.
sow distrust - (sembrar falta de confianza) to spread a feeling that something cannot be depended on. Trump's erratic behavior sows distrust both abroad and at home.
tarnished - (manchado, deslustrado) seemingly less respected; dirtied. Cosby's reputation was more than just a little tarnished by his conviction (condena).
meddling - (intromisión) unwanted interference. How much of what is going wrong in the west is happening because of Russia meddling?
grilling - (interrogatorio) a tough interrogation. His wife gave him a grilling when he got home late smelling of alcohol.
tackle - (abordar) to make determined efforts to handle a problem. We'll make an effort to tackle this problem successfully.
take somebody on - (luchar contra) to fight or compete against someone. He challenged me to a videogame and I took him on.
ramp something up - (mejorar) to increase something. We're ramping up activity in an effort to attract more attention.
step down - (dimitir) to resign from an important office. Many of us are hoping and praying that Trump will step down from office.

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