Vocabulary Activities

Profesor en Alcorcón

Intermediate Crossword 8

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clue in Spanish. Then press "Check" to check your answers.
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Escucha al vocabulario, pronuncia las palabras, memoriza. Luego, escribe la traducción en inglés para la pista en español. Haz click en el botón "Check", que aparece en la parte inferior de la página, para comprobar tus aciertos.
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irreversible - (irreversible) not possible to change. Regarding (en cuanto a) global warming (calentamiento), I am especially worried that the damage (daño) is irreversible.
insomnia – (insomnia) the condition of being unable (incapaz) to sleep. I had insomnia (insomnio) last night and I’m really sleepy.
eat out – (comer fuera) to eat in a restaurant. We only eat out on holidays and whenever we forget to go shopping.
string - (cuerda) rope or long material used to tie things. I replaced my broken shoelaces (cordones) with string.
bee - (abeja) a yellow and black flying insect that makes honey and can sting (picar) you. A hive (colmena) can have up to 60,000 bees, and swarms (enjambres) can, in some cases, have several thousand.
edge - (periferia, borde, límite) the outer or furthest point of something. He wanted to build a fence (valla) around the edge of his garden.
even - (palabra para enfatizar una comparación, número par) used to emphasize a comparison. Last year was the hottest year on record (registrado) and next year will probably be even hotter.
dull – (apagado, aburrido) boring, or not interesting or exciting in any way. Robert’s classes were rather (bastante) dull and his students soon changed their schedules.
cruel – (despiadado, crueles, descarnado) extremely unkind and unpleasant (desagradable) and causing pain to people or animals intentionally. His cruel insults hurt my feelings and I cried.
switch - (interruptor) a small device, usually pushed up or down with your finger, that controls and turns on or off an electric current. The on/off switch for the television is really hard to find on the TV set (aparato de televisión) itself. Just use the remote control!
cure – (curar, cura) to make someone with an illness healthy again. It’s amazing (asombroso) that some cancers have already been cured.
sore – (dolorido, llaga, úlcera, herida) painful and uncomfortable because of injury, infection, or too much use. My muscles are a little sore because I walked for 3 hours yesterday.
successful – (exitoso) achieving the results wanted or hoped for. The TV series Game of Thrones has been incredibly successful.
tissue - (tejido, pañuelo de papel) soft paper that is used for cleaning your nose. It’s not a good idea to use tissues to clean your glasses because you can scratch (arañar, rayar) them.
untidy – (desordenado, descuidado) not clean and neatly arranged. Teenage boys often have untidy bedrooms, or so I hear (o eso oigo).
awake - (despierto, despertar) not sleeping. I sometimes need a cup of coffee to help me stay (permanecer) awake.
herb - (hierba, especia, herbácea) a type of plant whose leaves (hojas) are used in cooking to give flavor (sabor) to particular dishes or in making medicine (medicina). Basil (albahaca) and oregano are herbs.
ago – (hace, atrás) back in time from the present. The park bench (banco) was painted 30 minutes ago and is still wet.
tuna – (atún, bonito) large fish that lives in warm (cálido) seas (mares). You probably shouldn’t eat more than a couple of (un par de) cans of tuna per week because of the mercury (mercurio) content.
call - (nombrar, denominar) to give someone or something a name. A: Call me a taxi, please! B: Ok, you’re a taxi. Never mind (olvidalo, no importa), that’s a bad, old joke. I’ll call for one.
lock – (cerrar con llave, cerradura) a device in a door (etc) that needs a key to open it. The lock on the door was broken and someone was in my apartment.
inch – (pulgada, avanzar poco a poco) two and a half centimeters. Thirty-two inches is equivalent to 81 centimeters.
coin - (moneda) a small, round piece of metal that is used as money. Why do we throw coins in fountains?
regarding - (en cuanto a, referente) about; in relation to. I am writing you regarding your job offer yesterday.
pipe – (tubo, pipa) a tube inside which liquid or gas flows from one place to another. All the pipes in my apartment complex (complejo de apartamentos) are going to be replaced (reemplazado) soon.
disease – (enfermedad) an illness caused by infection (infección). Antibiotics are not as effective (efectivo) against contagious (contagiosas) diseases anymore.
sister-in-law - (cuñada) the wife of your brother or sister. My sister-in-law is my nephew’s mother and my father-in-law’s daughter.
dieted - (hizo dieta) to limit the food and drink that you have, especially in order to lose weight. He dieted in order to lose weight.
stuffy - (sofocante) a room or building which is unpleasant because it has no fresh air. His apartment is really stuffy in the summer because he has no air conditioning (aire acondicionado).
global – (mundial, globalizado) relating to the whole world. Global warming (calentamiento) will have a catastrophic impact (impacto catastrófico) on the world economy (economía mundial).
iron – (hierro, plancha, planchar) an element that is a common in metal and is used in making steel (acero). Iron is the most common element on Earth (en la tierra).
arrest – (arrestar, arresto) what the police do to people who have committed a crime (cometer un delito). In my opinion, Trump should be arrested for obstruction of justice (obstrucción de la justiciar).
reliable - (fiable, de fiar) someone or something that can be trusted (confianza) to behave (comportarse) in the way (en la forma) you expect (te esperas). I say he was reliable because he never missed (faltó) a class.
suitable - (adecuado, apto, apropiado) acceptable (acceptable) or right for someone or something. It’s impossible to find a suitable present for a child without asking nowadays (hoy en día).
lorry – (camión – UK) a truck or a large road vehicle that is used for transporting products. You can hear the lorries on the highway 2 kilometers away.
earlier - (más temprano, anterior) before the usual, expected, or planned time. If you both (ambos) go to bed and get up earlier, you will get more done (te volverás más productivo).
event – (evento) one of a set (serie) of races or competitions. The 2020 Olympics will have a total number of 10,616 athletes for 321 events, with 5 new sports: baseball/softball, karate, climbing (escalada), surfing (surf) and skateboarding (monopatinaje).
antihistamines - (antihistamínicos) a type of drug (droga) that is used to treat (tratar) allergies (alergias). The doctor prescribed (recetó) antihistamines (antihistamínicos) for my allergies (alergias).
ad – (anuncio, publicidad, publicitaria) informal for advert or advertisement. I don’t mind relevant (pertinente, relevante) ads in newspapers and on websites. The problem is that 99% of them are irrelevant.
step – (paso, peldaño, pisar) one of the surfaces (superficies) that you walk on when you go up or down stairs (escaleras). Disabled people (discapacitados) have problems negotiating (superar) steps, which should be replaced (reemplazado) with ramps (rampas).
losing - (perdiendo) to fail to succeed in a game, competition, etc. Our team is losing by 20 points. It's terrible!
oil - (aceite, petróleo) petroleum. The oil industry is responsible for obstructing (obstruir) action on global warming, and proof (prueba) of Jesus’ camel (camello) axiom (axioma): "Rich people are dicks (imbécil, capullo)!"
icy – (helado, gélido) covered in ice or extremely cold. There were a lot of accidents on the highways this morning because of extremely low temperatures and icy roads.
bell - (timbre, campana) an electrical device that makes a ringing sound when you press a button; a doorbell. Sometimes a doorbell sounds more like a buzzer (zumbador) than a bell.
depth - (profundidad) the distance down from the top of something to the bottom. To measure a three-dimensional (tridimensional) space, you need the width (anchura), length (longitude) and depth, or height (altura).
hut – (cabaña, chabola, refugio) a small, simple building, usually consisting of one room. Only poor people live in huts. Westerners (occidentales) have garden sheds (caseta de jardín).
play - (interpretar, representar, desempeñar) to perform (actuar) a particular character in a play (una obra), film, etc. Viggo Mortensen played “Frank Tony Lip Vallelonga” in the movie Green Book.
way - (manera) a particular choice, opinion, belief, or action, especially from among several possibilities. We must fight climate change (cambio climático) in every way possible as if (como si) our hair was on fire.
set - (programar, fijar, concertar) to arrange or configure something. I phoned and set an appointment with the doctor for this evening. I’m feeling a little sick.
advise – (aconsejar) to give someone advice (consejo). The doctor advised him to live a healthier (más saludable) life.
imitate – (imitar) to copy the speech (habla) or behavior of somebody. The parrot could imitate a chimpanzee, a lion and a wolf (lobo).
tent – (tienda) a temporary (provisional, temporal), portable (portátil) house for camping. We need a tent so that we can go camping in the mountains next weekend.
add – (agregar, adjuntar) to say another thing. He apologized (se disculpó) and added that he would never do it again (que nunca lo volvería a hacer).
say – (dar una opinión) to give an opinion or suggestion about something. A: Who are you going to vote for? B: I’d rather not say.
ink – (tinta, colorante) coloured liquid used for writing, printing, and drawing. Does your printer use ink or toner (toner)?
cider – (sidra) juice from crushed (aplastados) apples, used as a drink or to make vinegar (vinagre). Asturias, Spain, is famous for its cider, an alcoholic (alcohólica) drink.
arse – (culo) the part of your body that you sit on (UK); a stupid person. The security guard (guarda de seguridad) just sits on his arse all day.
lie – (tumbarse, estar tumbado) (lie, lay, lain) to be on a particular surface. She lies on the bed reading books all day.
cry – (grito) a shout made to attract (atraer) people's attention. The victim cried “help”.
gay – (homosexual) homosexual. Gay marriage (matrimonio) is about two people who love each other and who have decided to get married for the exact same reasons any other couple (pareja) would get married. (modified from a Luke Macfarlane quote)
how – (cuán, que) very (used for emphasis). How nice of you to do that for me! I’m so (tan) grateful (agradecido)
spa – (spa) a place where people go in order to become healthier. I got a massage (masaje) at the spa.
uber – (extremadamente) (colloquial, slang) extremely. His new sunglasses are uber cool.

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