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Phrasal Verb Vocabulary 3 - Crossword

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clues in Spanish. (Note that there are no spaces between the words in the crossword below.) Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

put on - (engordar) to gain weight. He's put on at least 10 kilos in the past couple of months.
point out - (señalar) to direct somebody's attention at some thing or place, sometimes with a finger. He pointed out the treehouse (casa del árbol) in the tallest tree.
put effort into - (dedicar un esfuerzo a) to spend time doing something. I put a lot of effort into my website.
bring out - (sacar, producir) to launch new products. The movie studios and Netflix have been bringing out more new content than ever.
look after - (cuidar de algo o alguien) to take care of. Well, it's a male chauvinist (machista) thing to say that it's a woman's job to look after the children.
hang on - (aferrarse a, agarrar, sujetar) to hold tightly. The basketball player hung on to the ball for dear life (con fuerza, desesperadamente).
set down - (dejar en) to put, lay, or stand something on a surface. She set her cup of coffee down on the table and picked up the phone.
throw away - (tirar, deshacerse de algo) to put something in the garbage can because it's not wanted. He threw away the empty boxes and plastic wrappings (embalaje).
break down - (sobre maquinas - romperse) of a machine - to stop working. You don't want your car to break down on the highway, do you?
come round - (visitar) to visit someone. My friends come round every morning and we walk to school together.
get in - (llegar) a train, airplane, or other transport arrives at its destination. I hear that the trains from Extremadura tend to get in late if they arrive at all.
give away - (delatar) to reveal the true identity of someone. His tatoos gave him away and he was arrested.
look at - (pensar de) to consider a subject in order to make a decision. New technologies don't make life any easier as there are so many more things to look at before you can make a decision.
pour down - (diluviar, de liquido que cae) of a liquid that is made to flow downward. He was crying and tears were pouring down his face. Outside the rain was pouring down too.
put out - (publicar, anunciar) to produce information for people to read, watch or listen to. I don't actually like many of the TV shows they're putting out nowadays.
let off - (dejar salir) to permit a passenger to get out of a car or get off a bus. You can let her off at the corner; You know, you can drop her off.
find out - (averiguar) to discover or work out. One must spend a little time every day trying to find out how new gadgets work.
work out - (calcular) to be calculated at. Twenty-five divided by 15 works out to almost 1.67.
take away - (retirar) to remove something. The waiter took away the dirty dishes.

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