Vocabulary Activities

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Phrasal Verbs Crossword 5

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clues in Spanish. (Note that there are no spaces between the words in the crossword below.) Then press "Check" to check your answers.
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back up - (hacer una copia de seguridad) to make an extra copy of computer information. I backed up all the data on my computer yesterday.
blow down - (derribar...soplando) to move something so that it's no longer standing. The storm blew the tree down.
wash off - (lavar algo de algo) to remove something with water. Mom washed all the dirt off of my face.
sit out - (quedarse en el banquillo) to not participate in a physical activity because you are injured or tired. Paul sat the game out because of his injured foot.
figure out – (averiguar como hacer algo) to understand or find the answer to something by thinking. I worked for an hour trying to figure out how to solve the problem.
turn off - (apagar) to stop equipment from working, with a switch. Could you turn the TV off? Nobody's watching.
call up - (llamar) to use a phone to talk to somebody. I called William up and wished him a happy birthday.
print out - (imprimir) to produce a printed copy of a computer document. I printed my CV out and sent it to Human Resources.
bring over - (acercar, traer) to invite someone (or take something) and accompany them to where one is, especially somebody's home. My sister brought my nephew over and dropped him off (le dejó) for the day.
turn in - (entregar) to return something to an organization or a person in authority. Before you can do the course, you must turn in a completed application form.
disagree with - (sentirle mal a alguien) to cause adverse effects. Milk disagrees with me.
wear down - (desgastar) to produce loss of material through continuous use. The rough country roads wore down the tires on my car really quickly.
slow down - (ralentizar) to become slower. Excuse me, could you slow down? I don't understand you.
call off - (suspender, cancelar) to cancel an event. The referees called the game off because of the stormy weather.
cut up - (trocear) to cut something into pieces. He cut the sheet up and burned the pieces so that nobody could read the message.
gag - (mordaza, amordazar) to prevent from talking. Spain passed the law to gag protesters.
give away - (regalar) to give something to someone without expecting payment. We gave away our old furniture when we moved abroad.
put up - (alojar) to stay somewhere for the night. We put up in a Bed and Breakfast in a little village near the sea.
pass out - (distribuir) to hand out; to give something to each person in a group of people. The tour guide passed out a bottle of beer to each of the visitors.
clean out - (limpiar un espacio) to take everything out of a space to clean it thoroughly. The trunk (maletero) is a mess. Could you clean it out?
at a time – (de uno en uno) during any one period. I'm no good at multitasking (multitarea). I can only do one thing at a time.
vital - (vital) necessary for the success of something. It's vital that you study a little every day.
turn out - (producir) to produce or make something, often quickly or in large amounts. Modern factories turn lots of products out without needing many employees.
shut up - (callarse) to be quiet. Shut up! You're making too much noise and I can't hear myself think.
urge on - (urgir, instar) to encourage someone to do or achieve something. We urged the runners on in the last lap (vuelta).
point out – (señalar algo) to call attention to something. It's the teacher's job to point out mistakes in your writing and speaking.
read through - (revisar algo, leer íntegramente) to read thoroughly to find mistakes. Don't hand in your homework without first reading it through for errors.
hand out - (distribuir) to pass out; to give something to each person in a group of people. The fundamentalists handed out pamphlets to the commuters.
earn - (ganar por trabajo) to receive money for work. I doubt very many of us earn enough nowadays.
transform into – (transformarse en) to change the appearance of. The man transformed into a werewolf (hombre lobo) in the full moon.
check out (of) - (dejar la habitación) to leave a hotel after paying. We checked out of the hotel and went straight to the airport.

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