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Phrasal Verbs Crossword 8

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, write the translation in English for the clues in Spanish. (Note that there are no spaces between the words in the crossword below.) Then press "Check" to check your answers.
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give up - (rendirse, tirar la toalla) to stop trying to guess. You've had 5 chances (oportunidades) to guess (adivinar) the answer. Do you give up?
Give it a rest! - (¡Basta ya! ¡Vale ya!) said when you want someone to stop talking about or doing something that is annoying you. A: Papa, can I get a chocolate bar? Can I? Can I? B: No! Give it a rest, will you?
brush up - (repasar, refrescar la memoria) to improve your knowledge of something already learned but partly forgotten. I haven't spoken Italian in 20 years and I'm going there on vacation. I need to brush up my Italian.
knock down - (tirar abajo, derribar, demoler) to destroy a building or part of a building. After an explosion due to a gas leak that damaged the building, it had to be knocked down.
break into - (comenzar de repente, arrancarse a) to suddenly or unexpectedly burst forth (estallar) into laughter or song. The children broke into laughter at the teacher's jokes.
cheer (someone) on - (hacer la hinchada a, alentar a) to express your encouragement for someone's success. For some strange reason, the fans weren't cheering their team on.
cut off - (interrumpir, cortar) to interrupt a phone connection on purpose (a propósito). I usually cut off telemarketers (vendedores telefónicos) by saying "I'm not interested, thank you" and hanging up on them.
catch up - (alcanzar a, pillar a, ponerse al día) to do something you did not have time to do earlier. I was so busy during the week that I had to work on the weekend to catch up.
take off - (empezar a prosperar) to suddenly start to be successful or popular. Her business took off after a magazine published a supportive report.
or else - (o vas a ver, o te vas a enterar) When I get snowed under (ajetreado, abrumado) with work for very long, I have to slow down or else. Sometimes I even get insomnia.
check in - (ponerse en contacto con) to contact someone to make sure there are no problems. Whenever my children go out, I have them check in at least once every couple of hours.
drive off - (ahuyentar, espantar) to force someone to leave or to chase somebody away. We tried to drive the coyotes off, but they kept coming back and eating our chickens.
check out - (sacar, tomar prestado) to borrow something, such as a book, from a place, such as a library. I checked a book out at the library.
sit on your ass - (quédarte ahí sentado sin hacer nada) to do nothing, especially when you should be doing something. I think he was fired because all he did was sit on his ass all day at work.
settle down - (establecerse, echar raíces) to start living in a place where you intend to stay for a long time, usually with your partner. I led an adventurous life as a young man, but settled down once I got married.
turn (something) out - (producir, formar) to produce or make something, often quickly or in large amounts. They turn out thousands of these games every week.
so as to - (con el objetivo de) in order to. He studied English so as to get a better job.
take out - (matar) to kill somebody. The sniper (francotirador) took out the terrorist from 200 yards.
rip off - (arrancar ropa rápidamente) to cheat someone by charging too much money, or to steal something. The rapist (violador) had ripped off the victim's clothes.
clear up - (ordenar, limpiar) similar to "clean up" or "tidy up". Little Billy, please clear up your room. It's messy (desordenado).
tell on - (buchonear) to inform about somebody, often one child about another child. You broke the window! I'm telling on you.
see to - (encargarse, ocuparse) to do something that has to be done; to tend to or attend to. I have to stay home in the summer to see to my vegetable garden.
stand for - (significar, representar) to mean or be short for. YOLO stands for "you only live once", which means that you should do things that are enjoyable even if they're silly or dangerous.
all ears - (todo oídos) to be expecting excitedly to hear about something. The second he said he had some good news and some bad news, I was all ears.
put down - (poner, apoyar) to place on a horizontal surface. I had to put the phone down to look for a notepad and pen.
beat (somebody) up - (darle una paliza a) to hurt someone badly by hitting or kicking them repeatedly. The thugs (matón) beat the security guard up and sent him to the hospital.
cash in - (liquidar, cobrar) We have to start cashing in the invoices (facturas) sooner. We're going broke (quebrar, ir a la bancarrota).
cry out - (gritar, chillar) to shout or yell because you are frightened, hurt, etc. The security guard cried out for help, but witnesses were too afraid and ran away (huir).
black out - (desmayarse) to become unconscious suddenly but for a short period. The police found him in the ditch (cuneta) an hour after he had passed out while drinking Vodka.
cook up - (cocinar de forma improvisada) to cook in an improvised way. Some friends of his showed up (aparecer) out of the blue (sin avisar) on Sunday morning and he decided to cook up some lunch for them.
dry (something) out - (resecar algo, secar algo) to make something dry, or to become dry. He couldn't go out (salir) because his jeans hadn't dried out yet.
delve into (something) - (indagar en, escarbar) to examine something carefully in order to discover more information about someone or something. I've just started delving into the ins and outs (los pormenores) of vegetable gardening. It's not as easy as it looks!
eye up - (mirar con interés) to look closely at something that you are interested in. He eyed up the car at the dealership (concesionario) as if he were (como si fuese) a child eyeing up a new bike.
toss up - (tirar una moneda, echar a cara o cruz) to throw a coin up into the air and guess which side will land facing up, as a way of making a decision. If there are 3 of us playing, we won't exactly be able to toss up to see who goes first, will we? We'll have to roll a die (tirar un dado) instead.
back away - (retirarse, alejarse) retreat backwards. There's a bear further ahead (más adelante) on the trail. Back away slowly. Don't run!
get (something) across - (expresar, hacer entender) to convey or transmit. The problem of global warming is so all-encompassing (global, general) that it's hard to get across.
key in - (teclear) to enter information into a computer. James keyed in the password (contraseña) so as to stop the countdown (cuenta atrás).
go under the knife - (pasar por el bisturí) to have an operation. He could barely walk because of his knee and would soon have to go under the knife.
ice up - (formar o acumular hielo) to become covered in ice and often stop working. The airplane was grounded (no poder despegar) because the wings (alas) had iced up.
end up - (acabar) to finally be in a particular place or situation. Despite his difficulties with the language, he studied hard and ended up passing the exam.
man up - (apretarse los machos, amarrarse los pantalones) used to tell someone that they should deal with something more bravely. The recruits were visibly nervous at the sight of the approaching horde (horda) and the sergeant told them to man up.
make out - (besarse) to kiss and hold someone romantically. The young couple made out under the bleachers (gradas) during the football game.
listen in on sth/sb - (escuchar furtivamente) to secretly listen in on a conversation without saying anything. James listened in on the two thugs' conversation as they discussed their plans.
you never know - (nunca se sabe) said to mean there is a possibility that something good might happen, even if it is slight. You never know, Trump may have a change of heart (cambio de mentalidad).

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