Vocabulary Activities

Proficiency Cloze 30

Write the the correct words in the gaps. Then press "Check" to check your answers.

   accuse of      contentious      cut a deal      kick off      look ahead      obliterate      pay raise      payback      prompt      put on hold      set the stage for      shake up      showdown      slap      so called      take shape      truce      uphold      walk off   
- to make radical changes to a system or organization. Trump has been ... the world ..., not just the U.S. government.
- a final confrontation. Trump and the Congress are headed for a ....
- to begin or cause to begin. Let's ... ... the year with resolve, or a firm determination to improve ourselves.
- to make an agreement. If you're willing to lower the price, you can ... ... ... with the buyer.
something on - to impose a penalty or a fine on. The government ... tariffs (aranceles) on imports.
- an act of revenge. The murder was ... in a gang war.
- an agreement between enemies or opponents to temporarily stop a conflict. The two countries agreed to a ....
- to leave. Workers at Sony today ... ... the job in a conflict over frozen salaries.
- an increase in salary. The workers hadn't gotten a ... ... in over 10 years.
- to cause someone to do something. Trump's need to stay relevant ... him to do crazier and crazier things.
- to prepare the conditions for something to start. Three years of absurdities have ... ... ... ... the next season of The Trump Show.
- to temporarily not being dealt with or pursued. She had to ... her career ... ... when her mother got sick.
- to charge somebody with a crime. The nurse was ... ... poisoning her fellow staff members.
- controversial; likely to cause an argument. Politics is always a ... topic.
- to support something which has been called into question. The new political party not only doesn't ... women's rights, it rejects them.
- used to show that a term is used to call something something else, especially if it might otherwise be confusing. There are ... ... cookies in websites which are used to collect information.
- to destroy utterly. The area was ... by the bomb.
- to consider the future and plan for it. We need to ... ... to when our children have grown up.
- to start to develop a clearer form. When creating something new, you often have to start to work before your ideas have ... ....