Vocabulary Activities

Upper-intermediate Vocabulary 4 - Crossword

  Activity by Steven Starry - Profesor en Alcorcón

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, complete the crossword. (Note that there are no spaces between the words in the crossword below.) Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

break - (un descanso) a period of time when one can rest. I need a break because I've been working all day.
cross - (enojado, contrariar) angry. He was cross with me because I stepped on his toe.
cool - (guay, genial) great, wonderful. My new mobile is really cool.
sauce - (salsa) a tasty liquid mix typically added to food. The restaurant has a new barbecue (barbacoa) sauce.
set up - (configurar, establecer) configure. I bought a new mobile phone and it was so easy to set it up.
skirt - (falda) clothes for women that hang from the waist and don't have trousers. A dress is different from a skirt because the former hangs from the shoulders and the latter from the waist.
enormously - (enormemente) extremely. LinkedIn has become enormously popular.
out of doors - (en el exterior) outside. With so many gadgets, who has time to visit the out of doors.
weigh - (pesar, sopesar) to have a heaviness. The baby weighs 3 kilos.
refuse - (negar) to say that you will not accept something. He refused to transfer to Barcelona and was fired.
honestly - (sinceramente, honestamente) in a way that is truthful. I can honestly say that I think that most students would rather chat than study.
look after - (cuidar de algo o alguien) to take care of. Children have to be looked after very carefully; It's a dangerous world out there.
bad manners - (mala educación) a rude way of behaving. He had the bad manners of farting (tirar pedos) and burping (eruptar) at the table.
wrong - (incorrecto) incorrect. Two plus two is four, not three; That's wrong.
realize - (darse cuenta de) to suddenly understand a situation. She suddenly realized that the world was not fair when her boss fired her for not going out with him.
equipment - (equipamiento) tools necessary for a particular purpose. Would Batman have succeeded as a hero without his cool equipment?
rude - (grosero) impolite and offensive. Did I mention earlier that it was rude to fart and burp at the table?
crucial - (fundamental, crucial, vital) extremely important or necessary. It's crucial to Spain's future success that it improve its system of education.
come across - (toparse con, encontrar) to find something by accident. I came across my wife's old family photos in the bottom of the drawer.
hang around - (merodear, matar el tiempo, esperar) to wait or spend time somewhere for no particular reason. I used to hang around the community center and play games when I was a kid.
afford - (permitirse) to have enough. I was afraid we couldn't afford the house, but my husband insisted we'd be able to.
portion - (porción, ración) a share of something. The box said there were 6 portions; How could I have known that they'd be mouse-sized?
guest - (invitado) a person who has been invited to be with you. We had a party and the guests started to arrive at ten o'clock.
sort out - (resolver, solucionar, clasificar) to deal successfully with a problem. Did you sort that problem out with LinkedIn? No, I think I need to take a course.
host - (anfitrión, presentador, presentar) a person who has guests. The host of the television show interviewed the guests one by one.
gig - (concierto, trabajillo) a short unimportant job or a single concert by musicians. After 25 years of saying "I got a job teaching English classes", I learned I could now also say, "I got a gig as an English teacher" (and I sound like a rock star).
trip - (viaje, excursión) a short journey somewhere and back. We went on a trip to the mountains over the weekend.
despise - (despreciar, menospreciar) to dislike strongly. Is it a surprise that some people despise Trump?

   afford      bad manners      break      come across      cool      cross      crucial      despise      enormously      equipment      gig      guest      hang around      honestly      host      look after      out of doors      portion      realize      refuse      rude      sauce      set up      skirt      sort out      trip      weigh      wrong   
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5          6            
  7               8     
10      11    12              
         13     14        
 15                16     
   19        20    21      22     
25         26             

Answers to crossword in PDF linked below.