Vocabulary Activities

Upper-intermediate Vocabulary 5 - Crossword

  Activity by Steven Starry - Profesor en Alcorcón

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, complete the crossword. (Note that there are no spaces between the words in the crossword below.) Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

jeans - (vaqueros) trousers made of strong blue cotton. Jeans are obviously the most popular trousers ever made.
fashionable - (de moda) popular at a particular time. As a young lady, Madonna made wearing underwear on the outside fashionable just like Superman in the 1950s.
belong - (pertenecer) to be in the right place or with the right person. These English textbooks belong to me.
not mind doing something - (no tener objeción a hacer algo) to ask for permission or give it. Do you mind if I open the window? No, I don't mind. Go right ahead!
go wrong - (salir mal) of a situation that becomes an unpleasant failure. Ever since he became President, everything has been going wrong.
get on with people - (llevarse bien con) to have a good relationship with a situation or person. Bruce didn't get on with his father, who kicked him out of the house.
certainly - (ciertamente, sin duda) used to emphasize that there is no doubt about something. We certainly need to spend more money on education.
wonder - (preguntarse, pensar) used to ask yourself questions. I wonder if there are any technologically advanced aliens in this galaxy.
all the time - (continuamente) continuously. You're playing videogames all the time. You have to study more.
behave - (comportarse) to act in a particular way. Big brother is watching, so it's important to behave properly.
bad-tempered - (malhumorado) of a person who becomes angry easily. Trump is bad tempered so often that it can't be healthy.
fill in - (rellenar) to complete a document with spaces for name, date, etc. One must spend a lot of time in life filling in forms for various bureaucracies.
venue - (lugar de celebración) the place where a public meeting happens. The venue for the conference is in the Palace Hotel.
be on the move - (en marcha, en movimiento) to be physically active. He's on the move all day every day. He never stops.
look round - (echar un vistazo) to visit a place and see the things in it. One detective looked around the room while the other one interrogated the witness.
nearly - (casi) almost or not completely. I haven't had a haircut in nearly a month.
get in someone's way / get in the way - (meterse en medio de algo) to be an obstruction to someone or something. I was stuck in traffic because the garbage truck got in my way.
nowadays - (hoy en día) at the present time. Who remembers Robert Redford and Alan Arkin nowadays?
turn up - (aparecer, subir) an unexpected situation or opportunity happens. If you keep working at it, something will turn up. You'll see!
straight away - (de inmediato) immediately. Go down to the corner and turn right. You'll see the cinema straight away on your right.
autumn - (otoño) the season between summer and winter, which is also known as fall. Teachers can't usually travel in the autumn as school is in session.
make mistakes - (cometer errores) make errors. Even if you don't even get out of bed in life, you will certainly make mistakes.
mend - (reparar) to repair or fix something. I have several holes in this t-shirt that need mending.
complain - (quejarse, protestar) to say that something is not satisfactory. Everything in my hotel room was wrong and I called the receptionist to complain.
spend time - (pasar tiempo) to use time in a particular way. If you want to write a book, you'll have to spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

   all the time      autumn      bad tempered      be on the move      behave      belong      certainly      complain      fashionable      fill in      get in the way      get on with      go wrong      jeans      look round      make mistakes      mend      mind      nearly      nowadays      spend time      straight away      turn up      venue      wonder   
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           5      6      
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  10       11              
      12              13   
17               18        

Answers to crossword in PDF linked below.