Vocabulary Activities

Upper-intermediate Vocabulary 7 - Crossword

  Activity by Steven Starry - Profesor en Alcorcón

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, complete the crossword. (Note that there are no spaces between the words in the crossword below.) Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

youthful - (joven) young; having the qualities that are typical of young people. Are youthful presidents more inexperienced?
unhelpful - (poco servicial, inútil) not wanting to help someone, in a way that seems unfriendly. His advice was unhelpful and we didn't know what to do.
inaction - (inacción) failure to do anything that might provide a solution to a problem. Years of inaction are making the problems worse.
truthful - (veraz, honesto) honest and not containing or telling any lies. It would be nice to get truthful answers from politicians from time to time.
unhappy - (infeliz, descontento, triste) sad or not satisfied. The unhappy man was arrested by the Happiness Patrol (patrulla de felicidad) and forced to take his Soma.
hopeless - (sin esperanza, inútil) without hope; completely without skill. He was hopeless at sports and came in last place (llegó en último lugar) in every race.
renewable - (renovable) of forms of energy which can be produced as quickly as they are used. Solar and wind are examples of renewable energy sources (fuentes).
accessible - (accesibles, de fácil acceso) able to be reached or easily got. Why not just legalize Marijuana? Apparently it's easily accessible anyway.
dishonest - (deshonesto, falso) not truthful; full of lies. The dishonest officials (funcionarios) embezzled (malversaron) millions of euros.
dissatisfied - (insatisfecho) not satisfied with something; feeling that something is unsatisfactory; disgruntled. Mick Jagger was dissatisfied, which led him to (condució a) the composition of a historic iconic song.
disable - (desactivar) to stop something such as part of a machine, system, or weapon from working. James had to disable the bomb before the Prime Minister arrived at 14.00 and he was running out of time.
redo - (rehacer) to do again. If at first you don't succeed, redo it.
inexpensive - (económico, barato, asequible) not costing a lot of money. We didn't have the budget (presupuesto) for such an investment (inversión), so we had to research (investigar) an inexpensive alternative.
endless - (interminable) never finishing, or seeming never to finish. The endless stream of climate refugees (refugiados) from the tropics (regiones tropicales) will probably become a river and then a flood as climate change gets worse. That is probably what really motivated denialist (negacionista) Trump to build a bigger wall.
unable - (incapaz) to not be able to do something. So far we've been unable to slow down (relantizar) climate change and the rate (ritmo) has doubled in the last 3 or 4 decades (decadas).
unknown - (desconocido) not known or familiar. A lot is unknown to individuals because "ignorance is bliss" (la ignorancia es una bendición). Knowledge (conocimiento) is often too painful (doloroso).
occasional - (ocasional, puntual, esporádico) not happening or done often or regularly. I like having the occasional shot (chupito, trago) of the "Spirit of Russia", Vodka. (spirit = alcohol y espíritu)
unpopular - (impopular) not liked by many people. Steve Jobs was unpopular in high school and often got bullied (fue intimidado, tiranizado).
owlish - (de búho, solemne e inteligente y con gafas) looking serious and intelligent and usually wearing glasses. Harry Potter looked owlish and even had his mail delivered by an owl.
untested - (sin ensayar) (of an idea, product, or person) not subjected to examination, experiment, or experience; unproven. Thankfully, the efficacy (eficacia) of most nuclear missiles has gone untested.
hopeful - (esperanzador, ilusionado) having hope. I'm hopeful that governments will start to act rationally and scientifically rather than pander to (complacer a) ignorant radicals.
dysfunctional - (disfuncional) not behaving or working normally. It's normal for dysfunctional families to raise (criar) children with problems.
reheat - (recalentar) to heat again. She arrived late for lunch and her husband reheated the meal for her.
unclear - (poco claro) not obvious or easy to see or know. It's unclear what will have to be done about the problem.
unsuccessful - (infructuoso, sin éxito) not achieving the hoped for result; not successful. If you are unsuccessful in the USA, people call you a loser.
unsolved - (sin resolver) that has not been solved. The mystery of who really murdered JFK is still unsolved.
uneducated - (inculto) having received little or no education. In the future, uneducated people may have more and more difficulties finding good jobs.
unskilled - (no cualificado) not having the abilities needed to do an activity or job well. Unskilled jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate (ritmo alarmante).
unstable - (inestable) not solid and firm and therefore not strong, safe, or likely to last. The government is unstable because there is so much disagreement (desacuerdo) in society (sociedad).
unintelligent - (no inteligente) not smart or clever. The tabloid press (prensa sensacionalista) is strictly (exclusivamente) for the unintelligent.
unattractive - (poco atractivo) unpleasant to look at. Danny DeVito is short, unattractive and worth $80 million.
unacceptable - (inaceptable) too bad to be accepted, approved of, or allowed to continue. The established parties (partidos establecidos) not only offer no solutions for global warming, they refuse (se niegan a) to admit (admitir, reconocer) that the problem even exists. This is unnaceptable!
illegal - (ilegal) not allowed by law. Obstruction of Justice (obstrucción a la justicia) is illegal, but did that stop Trump from obstructing?
inexact - (inexacto) not exact or not known in detail. Bertrand Russell said that "all exact science is dominated by the idea of approximation" so when climate change deniers (negadores, negacionistas) deny the science, they sometimes say they do so because it's "inexact".
unproductive - (improductivo) not producing very much. The otherwise (de otra manera) unproductive desert of Almeria, Spain, has 260 square kilometers of greenhouses (invernaderos).
impatient - (impaciente) wanting something to happen as soon as possible; lacking patience. Some people are becoming impatient with the slow speed of change, while others see no reason whatsoever (de ningún modo) to change.
untie - (desatar) to unfasten (desabrochar) a knot (nudo). He ties and unties his own shoe laces (cordones) by himself, and he's only 3 years old.

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