Vocabulary Activities

Upper-intermediate Vocabulary 9A - Crossword

  Activity by Steven Starry - Profesor en Alcorcón

Listen to the vocabulary, pronounce the words, memorize the list. Then, complete the crossword. (Note that there are no spaces between the words in the crossword below.) Then press "Check" to check your answers.
(Find a test of this vocabulary by clicking on the word "cloze" above.)

suspicious - (sospechoso, desconfiado) making you feel that something illegal is happening or that something is wrong. Americans are suspicious people, and a fat lot of good (no ha servido para nada) that it's done them. They were tricked into electing an obvious tyrant.
hurt - (ofendido, herido, apenado) upset or feeling emotional pain. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm sorry.
stubborn - (testarudo, tozudo, obstinado) a person who is determined to do what he wants and refuses to do anything else. Stubborn people get themselves into a lot of trouble, but they also get things done. Anna Paquin
satisfied - (satisfecho, contento, complacido) pleased because you have got what you wanted, or because something has happened in the way that you wanted. Another business guru says that if you pretend to feel satisfied all the time, you will trick (engañar) your brain into believing it.
hopeful - (lleno de esperanza) have a good reason to think that something good will be true or will happen. People seem very hopeful about the news of water in Mars. But I take it with a grain of salt (no lo tomo en serio). Upjoke.
lonely - (solitario) unhappy because you are not with other people. She felt terribly lonely after her divorce.
depressed - (deprimido, decaído, desanimado) unhappy and without hope. He became increasingly depressed because of the rat race (competencia feroz) of the big city.
enraged - (enfurecido, furioso, encolerizado) very angry. Brad Pitt says he gets enraged when people tell others how to live their lives.
optimistic - (optimista) the quality of being full of hope and emphasizing the good parts of a situation, or a belief that something good will happen. Dear Optimistic and pessimistic persons, while you were arguing whether the glass was half full or half empty, I drank it. Yours truly: The Opportunist. (Upjoke)
exhausted - (agotado, exhausto) extremely tired. Typically, when you have a depressed individual, they feel hopeless (sin esperanza). They feel miserable. Their mind is racing (acelerado), their heart is pounding (palpitando). They feel anxious (ansioso). They feel exhausted yet (pero) they can't sleep. Dale Archer
spaced out - (atontado, ido) not completely conscious of what is happening, often because of taking drugs or needing to sleep. I had had insomnia the night before and was feeling rather spaced out.
hungover - (sintiendo resaca) feeling ill with a bad pain in the head and often wanting to vomit after having drunk too much alcohol. I drank far too much wine last night and I'm hungover this morning.
jealous - (celoso, envidioso) upset and angry because someone that you love seems interested in another person. Her son was insanely (increíblemente, locamente) jealous of the attention that she paid to her niece.
ecstatic - (extático, exultante) extremely happy. Neil Armstrong said that he was elated, ecstatic and extremely surprised that they were successful in landing on the moon.
alienated - (enajenado, marginado) a feeling of being unsupported and disagreed with. If you feel alienated from people around you, it's because no one tries to understand you. Robert Smith
sympathetic - (comprensivo, compansivo) used to describe someone who shows, especially by what they say, that they understand and care about someone else's suffering. The policemen were sympathetic about the break-in (allanamiento) and warned me not to leave my house unlocked (no cerrado con llave) in the future.
turned on - (encendido, excitado) feeling sexually aroused. I'm still horrified (horrorizado) by what turned Bill Cosby on, rape (violación).
disappointed - (decepcionado, desilusionado, desencantado) unhappy because someone or something was not as good as you had hoped or expected, or because something did not happen. If you have low expectations (expectativas) of others, you will rarely be disappointed.
anxious - (ansioso, preocupado) worried and nervous. The approaching storm made him anxious to get back to the car.
loved - (querido, amado) to feel the center of attention, in a positive way. People want to be loved and happy and are usually envious of others who are if they themselves aren't.
thoughtful - (reflexivo, pensativo, considerado) carefully considering things; quiet because you are thinking about something. An article in a business magazine says that thoughtful leaders are naturally empathetic (empático) and have a love of humankind (humanidad).
ashamed - (avergonzado) feeling guilty or deeply embarrassed about something you have done or about a quality in your character. We should all feel ashamed by how little we are doing to stop climate change.
disgusted - (asqueado, repugnado) feeling extreme dislike or disapproval of something. A: Why was the king so disgusted by the peasants (campesinos)? B: They were revolting (repugnante, sublevandose). Upjoke.
overwhelmed - (abrumado, aturdido, agobiado) feeling emotion that is too strong. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of grief (duelo, tristeza) at the news of the death of her father in a car accident.
shocked - (escandalizado, conmocionado) feeling very upset or surprised. It's discouraging (desalentador) to think how many people are shocked by honesty (honestidad) and how few by deceit (engaño, falsedad). Noel Coward
loving - (amoroso, cariñoso) showing a lot of love towards someone. Mom is the most loving and generous person that I know.
joyful - (alegre, feliz) very happy. Honestly, I don't know how you rich folk can be so ridiculously joyful all the time given all the suffering in the world that needs alleviating (aliviando), not to mention global warming.
exasperated - (exasperado, desesperado) annoyed, especially because you can do nothing to solve a problem. He was exasperated; He wasn't able to upload (subir, cargar) his homework because the internet connection kept dying.

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