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First Aid Kit

Here is a list of pictures related to first aid items to help you with your medical vocabulary.
Aquí tienes un listado de fotos de objetos relacionados con un botiquin de primeros auxilios para ayudarte con tu vocabulario de medicina.

William Christison
William Christison
Nov. 23: Disponible para clases particulares en Madrid.
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William Christison
William Christison.

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Click on link to see more information on person saying the first aid vocabulary.
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Activity and sounds by Steven Starry - Profesor en Alcorcón
Images are mostly modified "copyleft" or "creative commons" images from Wikipedia.

Note: I am NOT a doctor or other medical professional. I am an English teacher and this is an activity for English students. What do you think of my first-aid kit?

If you pause with the mouse icon over the image and wait for a moment, you will see a text box with the vocabulary word.
Si detienes el ratón sobre cada imagen y esperas un momento te saldrá un recuadro de texto que te indicará la palabra a que hace referencia la imagen.
Double click on each button under each image to hear the sound.
Haz doble click en el botón que hay bajo cada imagen para escuchar su sonido.

On your keyboard in all "Hotpotatoes" activities: click on the keys "CTRL" and "+" or "-" at the same time to change the size of the activity on your screen.
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First-aid kit:

first aid kit
adhesive plasters for blisters

latex glove
elastic bandage (compression bandage)
saline solution

surgical tape
sterile gauze pads

space blanket
safety pin

sewing needle

hydrocortisone cream
plastic ziplock bags (baggies)
hydrogen peroxide


Print them (imprimelos): Print First Aid Kit Pictures List Without Words, Print First Aid Kit Pictures List With Words.


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Youtube Video:

My First Aid Kit - part 1 of 2 - I talk about my first aid kit in this Youtube video.

More (Possible) First Aid Vocabulary: (From other first aid kits. I think that the use of some of these items require more specialized training. Some items may be absurd. Other items are possibly non-essential.)

butterfly closure strips
hot and cold packs
triangular bandage

sterile eye pad
irrigation syringe
epinephrine auto injector

cpr mask
smelling salts

medication (your own prescription medication)
flashlight (U.S.), torch (U.K.)
automated external defibrillator  (AED)

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William Christison
William Christison
Nov. 23: Disponible para clases particulares en Madrid.

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