Print Affirmatives Colors and Things Pictures List

a black camera
a black cat
a black crow
a black mask

It's a black camera.

It's a black cat.

It's a black crow.

It's a black mask.

a black sheep
a black tea kettle
black coffee
blue bottles

It's a black sheep.

It's a black tea kettle.

It's black coffee.

They're blue bottles.

blue fireworks
blue berries
a blue butterfly
a blue planet

They're blue fireworks.

They're blue berries.

It's a blue butterfly

It's a blue planet, Earth.

a blue lake
a blue bird
blue feathers
blue glass

It's a blue lake.

It's a blue bird.

They're blue feathers.

It's blue glass.

a blue push pin
a blue scale
blue sunglasses
a blue jet

It's a blue push pin.

It's a blue scale.

They're blue sunglasses.

It's a blue jet.

a blue telephone
a light blue telephone
a light blue car
a brown paper bag

It's a blue telephone.

It's a light blue telephone.

It's a light blue car.

It's a brown paper bag.

brown wood
brown leaves
brown chocolate
brown sugar

It's brown wood.

They're brown leaves.

It's brown chocolate.

It's brown sugar.

brown twine
gold coins
a gold ring
a gold temple

It's brown twine.

They're gold coins.

It's a gold ring.

It's a gold temple.

a gold fish
a gold nugget
a gray whale
gray ash

It's a gold fish.

It's a gold nugget.

It's a gray whale.

It's gray ash.

a gray day
a green candle
green beer
a green frog

It's a gray day.

It's a green candle.

It's green beer.

It's a green frog.

green northern lights
a green iguana
a green gem
green beans

They're green northern lights.

It's a green iguana.

It's a green gem.

They're green beans.

green peppers
green grass
a green hat
a green backpack

They're green peppers.

It's green grass.

It's a green hat.

It's a green backpack.

a green dollar bill
a green leaf
a green ornament

It's a green dollar bill.

It's a green leaf.

It's a green ornament.

It's Greenpeace.

an orange
an orange flower
orange fire
orange pumpkins

It's an orange.

It's an orange flower.

It's orange fire.

They're orange pumpkins.

an orange sunset
an orange tree
orange jars
orange pencils
It's an orange sunset.

It's an orange tree.

They're orange jars.

They're orange pencils.

a pink car
a pink balloon
a pink flamingo
a pink piggy bank

It's a pink car.

It's a pink balloon.

It's a pink flamingo.

It's a pink piggy bank.

a pink pistachio (nut)
pink lipstick
Pink Floyd - a rock and roll band (TM)
the Pink Panther - a famous cartoon character (TM)

It's a pink pistachio.

It's pink lipstick.

It's Pink Floyd, a rock and roll band.

It's the Pink Panther, a famous cartoon character.

pink yarn
pink rubber bands
a pink airplane (TM)
a purple stapler

It's pink yarn.

They're pink rubber bands.

It's a pink airplane.

It's a purple stapler.

a purple house
a red convertible
a red bridge
a ticket to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert (TM)

It's a purple house.

It's a red convertible.

It's a red bridge.

It's a ticket to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.

the red planet, Mars
a red traffic light
a red apple
a red rose

It's the red planet, Mars.

It's a red traffic light.

It's a red apple.

It's a red rose.

a glass of red wine
a red card
silver coins
a white tent

It's a glass of red wine.

It's a red card.

They're silver coins.

It's a white tent.

white winter snow
a white ice skate
a white mouse
a white swan

It's white winter snow.

It's a white ice skate.

It's a white mouse.

It's a white swan.

white lace
white hats
a white keyboard
a white wedding dress

It's white lace.

They're white hats.

It's a white keyboard.

It's a white wedding dress.

a yellow tractor
a yellow wasp
a yellow taxi
a yellow school bus

It's a yellow tractor.

It's a yellow wasp.

It's a yellow taxi.

It's a yellow school bus.

a yellow lemons
a yellow card
Yellow Submarine - a famous song by the Beatles (TM)
yellow bananas

They're yellow lemons.

It's a yellow card.

It's Yellow Submarine, a famous song by the Beatles.

They're yellow bananas.

black and white chess pieces
a red and white hat
a pink and white car
red, yellow and green plastic forks and knives

They're black and white chess pieces.

It's a red and white hat.

It's a pink and white car.

They're red, yellow and green plastic forks and knives.

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