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air boat on wikipedia
aircraft carrier by Jay C. Pugh on Wikipedia


aircraft carrier


barque by Durin on wikipedia
battleship by Jeff Hilton on Wikipedia
brigantine by Engelberger on Wikipedia




caravel - caravel Espirito Santo Brazil by Brazillian Navy on Wikipedia
car carrying ferryboat



car ferryboat

coast guard cutter
container cargo ship by Aynali on wikipedia


Coast Guard cutter

container cargo ship

cruiser by MITSUO SHIBATA on wikipedia
cruise ship by Wadeste16 on wikipedia
destroyer by Grant P. Ammon on wikipedia


cruise ship


Dinghy by RanchoRosco on wikipedia
dugout canoe by Andreas Mensert on wikipedia
English Galleon Model by Tvbanfield on wikipedia


dugout canoe


ferry by mailer diablo on wikipedia
fireboat by Sherurcij on wikipedia
fishing trawler by skagman on wikipedia



fishing trawler

cable ferry by Jose Reynaldo da Fonseca on wikipedia
Frigate by rama on wikipedia
Greek Galleys by Tungsten on wikipedia

cable ferry



airboat - flat-bottomed boat motored by an airplane propeller used in swamps and shallow waters (aerobote)
aircraft carrier – warship with a large and flat deck for carrying aircraft  (portaaviones)
barge - flat-bottomed freight boat (barcaza)
barque  - large sailing ship with at least three masts (corbeta)
battleship - Any one of a class of warships of the largest size, carrying the greatest number of weapons and clad with the heaviest armor.  (acorazado)
brigantine - ship with two masts (bergantín)
canoe - light narrow boat propelled by paddles (canoa)
caravel , carvel - light sailing ship (carabela)
car ferry (car carrying ferryboat)  - boat which transports automobiles across a body of water (transbordador para coches)
catamaran - boat with twin hulls placed one beside the other (catamarán)
coast guard cutter – a Coast Guard Cutter is a vessel  used for protecting United States coasts (nave guardacostas)
container cargo ship - ship which transports cargo, freighter ship (portacontenedores, barco de mercancías)
cruiser -  a warship larger than a destroyer but smaller than a battleship. (crucero, buque de guerra)
cruise ship - passenger ship used for pleasure cruises and visits at one or more different ports (barco de crucero)
destroyer - small warship larger than a frigate, but smaller than a cruiser (destructor)
dinghy – a small 2-6 meter utility boat usually carried by a larger vessel (bote)
dugout canoe - a boat which is basically a hollowed or emptied out tree trunk. (piragüa)
galleon - a large, multi-decked sailing ship used primarily by the nations of Europe from the 16th to 18th centuries (galeón)
ferry  - boat for crossing a body of water, shuttle (transbordador)
fireboat - boat equipped to fight fires (barco equipado para combatir incendios)
fishing trawler – a fishing vessel designed for the purpose of operating a trawl (barco de pesca de arrastre)
cable ferry - a means of water transportation by which a ferry or other boat is guided and in many cases propelled across a river or other larger body of water by means of cables or chains connected to both shores. (transbordador de cable)
frigate – a small warship smaller than a destroyer (fragata)
galley  - an ancient ship which can be propelled entirely by human oarsmen using oars (galera)

aft – toward the back of a ship (a popa)
aircraft – (any machine capable of flying, such as a glider or aeroplane) aeronave, avión, máquina de volar
anchor (5) - ancla
bridge - an area or room from which the ship can be commanded. (puente de mando)
boat - A relatively small, usually open craft of a size that might be carried aboard a ship. (bote)
bow (7) – forward part of a ship (proa)
bulbous bow (6) - bulbo de proa
chimney (1) - chimenea
craft - a boat, ship, aircraft, or spacecraft (nave, embarcación)
deck (8) - a floor or level of a ship (cubierta) note: the section of the deck in the picture above is also known as the forecastle
fore-and-aft - parallel with the keel of a ship along the length of a ship from stem to stern (de proa a popa)
freighter - container cargo ship, ship which transports cargo (carguero, barco de mercancías)
hull – body of a ship; shell, outer covering (casco del barco)
keel - single beam of wood or steel that runs the length of a boat's bottom (quilla)
leisure - time free from work or other demands and duties, free time (ocio)
mast - long pole above the hull of a ship which supports the rigging and sails (mástil)
oar – see paddle (synonym)
outboard motor - internal-combustion engine that mounts at stern of small boat (motor fuera de borda)
paddle, oar - A usually wooden implement having a blade at one end or sometimes at both ends, used without an oarlock to propel a canoe or small boat(remo)
port (portside) (4) and starboard – left and right side of a ship respectively (a babor y estribor)
propeller (3) - hélice
raft  - any flat floating structure for travel over water  (balsa)
sail - any type of surface intended to generate thrust by being placed in a wind   (vela)
ship - A vessel of considerable size for deep-water navigation. (barco)
spacecraft - a craft capable of traveling in outer space (nave espacial, astronave, vehículo espacial)
superstructure (9) - superestructra
stern (2) – rear part of a ship (popa)
trawl - a type of fishing net that is dragged along the bottom of the sea (or sometimes above the bottom at a specified depth) (red de arrastre)
vessel – any large craft made for navigation on water such as a boat or ship (navío)
watercraft - collective term for vessels and boats; art of sailing, art of boating (barco, embarcación)

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