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hospital ship by Afrank99 on wikipedia
houseboat by Waqcku on wikipedia

hospital ship



hydrofoil by SoHome Jacaranda on wikipedia
hydroplane racing boat
icebreaker by Ranveig on wikipedia


hydroplane racing boat


jet ski
modern junk
life raft by Val Gempis on wikipedia

jet ski

modern junk

life raft

Motor Yachts by Andrew (Tawker) on wikipedia
motor boat by Mwanner on wikipedia
paddle boat (or pedal boat) by toby thurston on wikipedia

motor yachts

motor boat

paddle boat

riverboat by Bailey Visual Life on wikipedia
row boat

raft (whitewater rafting)


row boat

sailing boats
sailing yacht by Raysonho on wikipedia
schooner by Kevin Murray on wikipedia

sailing boats

sailing yacht


ship of the line by SpookyMulder on wikipedia
shipwreck by Wollex on wikipedia

ship of the line



supertanker by Kneiphof on wikipedia
trireme 2 by Rama on wikipedia
tugboat by Voith AG on wikipedia




viking longship by archiwum wlasne wikingow Jarmeryk on wikipedia
windsurfer by Merryfrankster in wikipedia

viking longship


hospital ship –  a ship designated for primary function as a medical treatment facility or hospital (barco hospital)
houseboat - boat on which people live (casa flotante)
hovercraft  - vehicle which is propelled over land or water by means of powerful fans which blow downward from the vehicle (aerodeslizador)
hydrofoil - boat equipped with a structure that serves to increase speed by lifting the hull above the water  (hidrodeslizador)
hydroplane racing boat - light motorboat designed to skim above the water at high speeds with only the rear part of its hull touching the water (lancha de carreras)
icebreaker - boat used to make a passage through ice (rompehielos)
jet ski - a small self-propelled vehicle for one person resembling a scooter, which skims across water on a flat keel, and is steered by means of handlebars (moto acuática)
junk - flat-bottomed Chinese sailing ship with square sails  (junco, velero chino)
life raft – a boat designed to save the lives of people in an emergency at sea.  (bote salvavidas)
motor yachts – comfortable boats with motors owned by the rich used for leisure purposes (yate con motor)  
motor boat – boat that runs by an engine and motor  (bote a motor)
paddle boat , pedal boat - a type of boat powered through the use of feet (bote de pedales)
inflatable raft (whitewater rafting) – a floating structure for travel over water, often made of rubber  (bote inchable)
riverboat - boat used for travelling on rivers (embarcación de río)
row boat – a small boat  propelled using the motion of oars in the water.  (bote de remos)
sailing boat - boat that is propelled by means of a sail or sails (bote de vela)
sailing yacht - comfortable boats with sails owned by the rich used for leisure purposes (yate de vela)  
schooner - large sailing ship with two or more masts and fore-and-aft sails on each mast (goleta)
ship of the line – an extremely large type of naval warship with a lot of cannons and broadside gun ports constructed from the 17th century through the mid-19th century  (buque de guerra)
shipwreck - remains of a destroyed ship (naufragio, hundimiento)
submarine - ship that travels under water (submarino)
supertanker - very large tanker ship which usually carries fuel, petroleum, etc. (superpetrolero)
trireme - ancient warship with three rows of oars on each side (trirreme)
tugboat - small strong boat which tows ships (remolcador)
viking longship - ships primarily used by the Scandinavian Vikings and the Saxons to raid coastal and inland settlements during the European Middle Ages. (draka, dragón vikingo)
windsurfer - a board equipped with a sail (tabla de windsurf)

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