Ships and Boats Pictures List

Here is a list of ship and boats pictures to help you with this vocabulary.

Aquí tienes un listado de imágenes de barcos para ayudarte con este vocabulario.

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  Ships and boats:

Vocabulary list of the words above:

· airboat - flat-bottomed boat motored by an airplane propeller used in swamps and shallow waters (aerobote)
· aircraft carrier - warship with a large and flat deck for carrying aircraft  (portaaviones)
· barge - flat-bottomed freight boat (barcaza)
· barque - large old sailing ship with at least three masts (corbeta)
· battleship - Any one of a class of warships of the largest size, carrying the greatest number of weapons and clad with the heaviest armor.  (acorazado)
· brigantine - ship with two masts (bergantín)
· cable ferry - a means of water transportation by which a ferry or other boat is guided and in many cases propelled across a river or other larger body of water by means of cables or chains connected to both shores. (transbordador de cable)
· canoe - light narrow boat propelled by paddles (canoa)
· caravel, carvel - light sailing ship (carabela)
· car ferry (car carrying ferryboat)  - boat which transports automobiles across a body of water (transbordador para coches)
· catamaran - boat with twin hulls placed one beside the other (catamarán)
· coast guard cutter - a Coast Guard Cutter is a vessel  used for protecting United States coasts (nave guardacostas)
· container cargo ship - ship which transports cargo, freighter ship (portacontenedores, barco de mercancías)
· cruiser - a warship larger than a destroyer but smaller than a battleship. (crucero, buque de guerra)
· cruise ship - passenger ship used for pleasure cruises and visits at one or more different ports (barco de crucero)
· destroyer - small warship larger than a frigate, but smaller than a cruiser (destructor)
· dinghy - a small 2-6 meter long utility boat usually carried by a larger vessel (bote)
· dugout canoe - a boat which is basically a hollowed or emptied out tree trunk. (piragüa)
· galleon - a large, multi-decked sailing ship used primarily by the nations of Europe from the 16th to 18th centuries (galeón)
· ferry - boat for crossing a body of water, shuttle (transbordador)
· fireboat - boat equipped to fight fires (barco equipado para combatir incendios)
· fishing trawler - a fishing vessel designed for the purpose of operating a trawl (barco de pesca de arrastre)
· frigate - a small warship smaller than a destroyer (fragata)
· galley - an ancient ship which can be propelled entirely by human oarsmen using oars (galera)
· hospital ship – a ship designated for primary function as a medical treatment facility or hospital (barco hospital)
· houseboat - boat on which people live (casa flotante)
· hovercraft - vehicle which is propelled over land or water by means of powerful fans which blow downward from the vehicle (aerodeslizador)
· hydrofoil - boat equipped with a structure that serves to increase speed by lifting the hull above the water (hidrodeslizador)
· hydroplane racing boat - light motorboat designed to skim above the water at high speeds with only the rear part of its hull touching the water (lancha de carreras)
· icebreaker - boat used to make a passage through ice (rompehielos)
· jet ski - a small self-propelled vehicle for one person resembling a scooter, which skims across water on a flat keel, and is steered by means of handlebars (moto acuática)
· junk - flat-bottomed Chinese sailing ship with square sails (junco, velero chino)
· life raft – a boat designed to save the lives of people in an emergency at sea. (bote salvavidas)
· motor yachts – comfortable boats with motors owned by the rich used for leisure purposes (yate con motor)
· motor boat – boat that runs by an engine and motor (bote a motor)
· paddle boat, pedal boat - a type of boat powered through the use of feet (bote de pedales)
· inflatable raft (whitewater rafting) – a floating structure for travel over water, often made of rubber (bote inchable)
· riverboat - boat used for travelling on rivers (embarcación de río)
· row boat – a small boat propelled using the motion of oars in the water. (bote de remos)
· sailing boat - boat that is propelled by means of a sail or sails (bote de vela)
· sailing yacht - comfortable boats with sails owned by the rich used for leisure purposes (yate de vela)
· schooner - large sailing ship with two or more masts and fore-and-aft sails on each mast (goleta)
· ship of the line – an extremely large type of naval warship with a lot of cannons and broadside gun ports constructed from the 17th century through the mid-19th century (buque de guerra)
· shipwreck - remains of a destroyed ship (naufragio, hundimiento)
· submarine - ship that travels under water (submarino)
· supertanker - very large tanker ship which usually carries fuel, petroleum, etc. (superpetrolero)
· trireme - ancient warship with three rows of oars on each side (trirreme)
· tugboat - small strong boat which tows ships (remolcador)
· viking longship - ships primarily used by the Scandinavian Vikings and the Saxons to raid coastal and inland settlements during the European Middle Ages. (draka, dragón vikingo)
· windsurfer - a board equipped with a sail (tabla de windsurf)

aft – toward the back of a ship (a popa)
aircraft – (any machine capable of flying, such as a glider or aeroplane) aeronave, avión, máquina de volar
anchor (5) - A heavy object attached to a vessel by a cable or rope and cast overboard to keep the vessel in place (ancla)
bridge - an area or room from which the ship can be commanded. (puente de mando)
boat - A relatively small, usually open craft of a size that might be carried aboard a ship. (bote)
bow (7) – forward part of a ship (proa)
bulbous bow (6) - a feature of many modern ship hulls, is a protruding bulb at the bow (or front) below the waterline. (bulbo de proa)
chimney (1) - chimenea
craft - a boat, ship, aircraft, or spacecraft (nave, embarcación)
deck (8) - a floor or level of a ship (cubierta) note: the section of the deck in the picture above is also known as the forecastle
fore-and-aft - parallel with the keel of a ship along the length of a ship from stem to stern (de proa a popa)
freighter - cargo ship, ship which transports cargo (carguero, barco de mercancías)
hull – body of a ship; shell, outer covering (casco del barco)
keel - single beam of wood or steel that runs the length of a boat's bottom (quilla)
leisure - time free from work or other demands and duties, free time (ocio)
mast - long pole above the hull of a ship which supports the rigging and sails (mástil)
oar – see paddle (synonym)
outboard motor - internal-combustion engine that mounts at stern of small boat (motor fuera de borda)
paddle, oar - usually a wooden implement having a blade at one end or sometimes at both ends, used without an oarlock to propel a canoe or small boat (remo)
port (portside) (4) and starboard – left and right side of a ship respectively (a babor y estribor)
propeller (3) - hélice
raft  - any flat floating structure for travel over water  (balsa)
sail - any type of surface intended to generate thrust by being placed in a wind   (vela)
ship - A vessel of considerable size for deep-water navigation. (barco)
spacecraft - a craft capable of traveling in outer space (nave espacial, astronave, vehículo espacial)
stern (2) – rear part of a ship (popa)
superstructure (9) - superestructra
trawl - a type of fishing net that is dragged along the bottom of the sea (or sometimes above the bottom at a specified depth) (red de arrastre)
vessel – any large craft made for navigation on water such as a boat or ship (navío)
watercraft - collective term for vessels and boats; art of sailing, art of boating (barco, embarcación)


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