"As," "While", "Just As" and Past Continuous - Websequitur

A video activity by Hot English Magazine and Steven Starry

Listen to the text and try to put the phrases in the correct order as they come up in the activity below. To repeat the activity, click on the button "Restart" at the bottom of the activity or on the "Repeat Activity" button both bottom and top of the page. (You can also reload the page pressing CTRL + r.)
Para hacer esta actividad escucha al texto e intenta poner las frases que irán apareciendo en el orden correcto. Para repetir la actividad pulsa en el botón "Restart" que aparece abajo, o bien en el botón "Repeat Activity" que aparece tanto en la parte superior como inferior de la página (o bien recarga la página pulsando CTRL + r).

For more grammar help with the past continuous (for Spanish speakers of English), see: Pasado Continuo

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