Estudiar y Aprender Inglés

Spinal Tap - Verbs Cloze

Activity set by Zac Tobias

First, do these activities: verbs and other. Listen to the MP3 recording if necessary: MP3 Verbs. Fill in all the gaps with the missing words, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Click the this button again for another letter. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints! Then, do the Cloze. Finally, do the Quiz.

Primero, haz las actividades de vocabulario. Luego escucha la grabación si es necesario. Rellena los espacios en blanco con las palabras que faltan. Haz click en "Check" para comprobar tus aciertos. Si te resulta difícil la respuesta utiliza el botón "Hint" y te revelará una letra de la casilla en la que te encuentres, puedes clickear varias veces en "Hint" y te dará cada vez una letra más de la palabra. Para obtener ayuda también puedes clickear en el botón "[?]" y te dará una pista. Perderás puntos con las pistas. Luego haz el Cloze y el Quiz.

Listen (after you do the activity):
   assemble      audition      choke      claimed      confirm      deliver      hail      launch      look      perform      portray      raised      rehab      release      split      tour   
to - to play the part of a character in a play or film. (representar)
to - to make an album, book, film etc. available for purchase or consumption. (sacar, estrenar)
to from ... - to have one's origins in a particular place. (venir de un sitio)
to be (in a place) - to have grown up or been brought up in a place. (haber crecido en un sitio)
to one's time between... - to spend some time in one place and some time in another. (repartir su tiempo entre un sitio y otro)
to - when a band travels from place to place to perform. (ir de gira)
to - to do an artistic activity in front of an audience. (actuar)
to - to bring together. (recoger, recopilar)
to - to have the passage of air to one's lungs blocked. (ahogarse, atragantarse)
it is that - some people say that. (se dice que...)
to - to show one's skills with the hope of being chosen for an artistic role or position. (hacer una audición)
to – to bring something to a specific place. (entregar)
to a web site – to set up a new page on the Internet. (lanzar una página web)
to after - to take care of, to care for, to keep track of. (cuidar)
to be in – to be recovering, often from addiction. (estar en rehabilitación, normalemente por alcohol o drogas)
to self- - to clarify one's intended participation in something. (confirmar uno mismo)