Gap fill exercise

by John Bennett - An English teacher in Tres Cantos, Madrid

Jack's Week.

This is a little exercise to test your knowledge of the Present Perfect Simple and the Past simple. When you click on a question mark, the infinitive of the verb appears in Spanish.

e.g. Jack _______ [?] a terrible week.

The infinitive "have" will be displayed. Sometimes entering "has" or "had" and then clicking on check will help you do the exercise. Don't worry about the points, practising your verbs is the important thing.
If you prefer, listen to the text before (or after) you read the text: Jacks Week (Right click on the mp3 file, save it to your computer, then listen to it.)

Esto es una pequeña prueba sobre tu conocimiento del Present Perfect Simple y el Past Simple. Cuando clikeas en la interrogación, el infinitive del verbo parece en español.

e.g. Jack _______ [?] a terrible week.

El infinitive "have" será mostrado. A vezes, poner "has" o "had" y luego clikear sobre "check" ayudará a hacer el ejercicio. No te preocupes sobre los puntos. Practicar los verbos es lo más importante.

Si prefieres, escucha al texto antes (o despues) de leer el texto: Jacks Week (Clikea sobre el botón derecho del ratón, guarda el fichero mp3 a tu ordenador, luego escuchalo.)

Jack a terrible week. He the doctor, been to the dentist and he very well. On Monday he to work as normal but he to feel ill so he the doctor, who him he was to rest. He the dentist because he felt too ill.

It was a sunny day, so he to the train station and he the first train home. He to walk home from the station. On his way home, he his neighbour and "Hi Steve, I you for weeks, How are things?", Steve "ok". They walked through the park stopping for an ice-cream. " the news?" Steve asked "what news?" "The latest news, Mr. Jones ill recently and on Sunday an ambulance and him to the hospital. I don't think he will survive."

Changing the subject, Jack asked Steve about his holiday, "Where did you go, Steve?". "I to Canada for two weeks, we around the beautiful country. And you? Where did you go?" Jack that he hadn't had a holiday because he a new job. "When did you start?" "I two months ago, it's a good company to work for." They arrived to their homes and "good bye."

Jack his house and straight to bed, he in bed for three days. On Sunday morning he to feel better, he about going for a run, but he thought again and decided he his energy for the coming week.

On Monday morning, Jack arrived to his office as normal, and his boss him "Are you ok? You look like you need a holiday!" Jack and said he was feeling a little better.