"Victor" - Practice these tenses.

by John Bennett - An English teacher in Tres Cantos, Madrid.

To do this activity first you have to choose the correct verb in brackets at the end of the sentence. Then use the correct tense to complete the gap. Clicking on [?] will show you the base of the correct verb. Each time you click [?] you will lose points.

Para hacer esta actividad, primero elige el verbo correcto entre comillas al final de la frase. Luego utiliza el tiempo verbal correcto para rellenar el espacio. También puedes clikear el botón de "[?]" para obtener una pista. Perderás puntos con las pistas.

Gramática para españoles: Presente Simple - Continuo


Jane sometimes TV. in the evenings. (watch, look, see) (note: Use "watch" for activities. Use "look" for "observe an object".)

She usually to music at the weekend. (hear, listen)

Janet: Can I speak to Peter?
John: No, he lunch right now. (take, have)

I tennis this Saturday if it is sunny. (play, look) (note: planned future)

Mary mathematics to her class at the moment. (learn, teach, show)

He never to Madrid on Sunday. (go, visit)

To learn English, you study. (like, must)

Can you that terrible noise? (listen, hear)

Janet: When you to the dentist John? (come, go)
John: I'm him on Wednesday. (see, go)

It’s very dark, I not see. (do, can)

He can’t study English, he a lot of work. (travel, have)

One day I am to China, but I haven’t got any money now. (go, come)

He can’t study English next month, he’s a lot. (travel, stay)

Can you me, please? (help, learn)