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Possessive Adjectives his, her, its and their

Activity by Silvia Folch

Possessive Adjectives for Spanish speakers of English by Silvia Folch.

Write the correct word in each gap/blank.
Escribe la palabra correcta en cada espacio.

   her      his      its     their  
Peter is my friend he lives in Canada. job is professor at the University. house is in Canada and he has a very nice family. wife's name is Lily. She has a shop. shop is near the University. Peter and Lily have a very nice cat. name is Felix. It is black and eyes are green. city is Ottawa. It is a small city. population is about five to six hundred thousand people but people are happy about size.
Peter and Lily have three children, two boys and a girl. boys’ names are Kevin and Steven. hobby is to play golf but handicap is not very good. The girl’s name is Leslie. She plays golf too. handicap is okay. Peter and Lily are happy because all children play golf.