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Bray's English is an English Language School with more than 25 years experience in helping Spanish students to improve their English and achieve their language goals. In 2012, we opened a new subsidiary in Getafe specializing in adult training, in-company lessons and young learners. As a small company, our main aim is to offer high-quality training thanks to our team of professional and enthusiastic teachers.

Job Offer:

Bray's English

Job / Employment title: Professional and enthusiastic English Teachers for adults, kids and in-company lessons
Academy: Bray's English.
Location: C/ Felipe Estevez 15, 28901- Getafe.

Jan. 15 update:
Please find below our updated list of lessons we are looking to fill:

1. Lesson type: In-company groups and 1to1
Weekly hours: 6.5 (groups can be taken as single standing or combined)
Location: Parque Empresarial las Mercedes, Avenida de Aragón 334, Barajas
Need: General improvement with a strong focus on fluency for situations a work
Duration: until end of June
B1 level group – 1.5 h / week - Monday or Tuesday 13:30 to 15:00
B2 level group – 1.5 h / week - Tuesday or Wednesday 13:30 to 15:00
C1 level group – 1.5 h / week - Wednesday or Thursday 13:30 to 15:00
B2 level 1to1 – 2 h / week Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu 12:30 to 13:30

2. Lesson type: In-company group
Number of students: Up to 15
Level: B1 - B2
Schedule: 1 evening a week (to be defined by the teacher) 17:00 to 19:00
Weekly hours: 2
Location: Calle Miguel Faraday, P.I. La Carpetania, 28906 Getafe, Madrid (bus available from Getafe Central and Getafe Industrial train station)
Need: General improvement with a strong focus on fluency for situations a work
Duration: until end of June and perhaps July

3. Lesson type: 1to1 teen - Raquel
Level: B2
Schedule: Wednesday 18:00 to 20:00
Weekly hours: 2
Location: Ensanche de Vallecas / Villaverde
Need: General improvement + exam prep.
Location: San Fermín Madrid (next to Caja Mágica)

Included benefits and support:
- Possibility of choosing hour-based freelance work or a fixed wage with paid prep.-time, holidays and full-social security coverage etc. on a contract.
- Extensive support with materials (most on our online database).
- Regular appraisals to foster teacher development.
- A friendly, professional and creative working environment.

Need the teacher by: Immediate vacancies available but we also recruit continuously throughout the year
Minimum experience required: 2 years, TEFL or CELTA qualified.
Description of the academy: A small specialized language school offering high-quality English training services to adults, kids and companies in Getafe and Madrid. We pride ourselves of working in a friendly and supportive environment where development is promoted through teacher collaboration.
Conditions of employment: Jobs offered to native English speakers with language teaching credentials and experience. Non-EU teachers must have a legal work status.
Salary: Experience and location dependent, competitive rates for both teachers on a contract and freelance teachers (autónomos).
Contact information:

  • Person: Sarah Bray.
  • Email:,
  • Telephone: 91 682 3977, 620 892 576.

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    We show commitment to our teachers by offering:

    • Competitive rates.
    • A wealth of materials to make lessons dynamic and interesting.
    • A collaborative environment where we promote sharing ideas and teacher development both through meetings and file-sharing
    • Planning guidance.
    • Planning time and transport supplements included in contract.
    • No cancellations for most of our lessons or, at least, a 24hour minimum limit, to guarantee a steady income

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    Information on agency:

    Bray's English


    Updated article:
    Jan. 10, 2019.

    When did academy open?

    1987 (Getafe office in October 2012).

    Bray's Classroom 3

    Contact person and title:
    Sarah Bray, founder.

    Contact phone:
    Land line: 91 682 3977.
    Mobile: 620 892 576.

    Once you send your CV, we contact you to set up an interview. We add the profile of qualified teachers to our database and send out the new class postings by email. We hire qualified teachers on contract or on a freelance basis.

    Social networks:
    Google Plus In Twitter Youtube

    C/ Felipe Estevez 15, 28901- Getafe.

    Facilities and classrooms:
    We have 5 group classrooms, an office and teacher’s room available within the premises. Some of the classes take place at the students’ place of work or home. A wealth of materials is available as well as a printer/scanner/photocopier and kitchen.

    Have "Director of Studies" (DOS) support?
    Yes, Sarah Bray.

    Employment Information:

    Qualification requirements for employment?

    Candidates with TEFL, CELTA, or TESOL certificates.

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    Experience requirements for employment?
    A minimum of 2 years English teaching experience in schools/ academies and companies is preferred. Where experience is not a candidate’s strong point, lesson planning is essential and more guidance will be provided.

    Hire at a distance?
    Yes, Skype interviews are our initial stage but we prefer to meet candidates in person after that.

    Bray's Classroom 4

    Hire Americans and do their papers?
    Yes, we hire American teachers on a student visa.

    Preference for British or Americans? Why?
    None, other native nationalities are also welcome.

    Estimated teachers hired yearly:
    12-15 in Getafe and Madrid

    Bray's Classroom 5

    Teachers at Bray's English for over 4 years?
    1 for our Getafe office and 3 in Santander

    Best part about working at Bray's English:
    Working in an environment which fosters a collaborative team spirit. We also strive to show we value good teachers by offering competitive rates and including prep. time and transport within the contracts, as well as having a professional development plan.

    Offer teacher training or development along with job?:
    Yes, we have meetings to share teaching ideas and offer development materials and guidance. In-house and external training opportunities are also provided throughout the year.

    Starters' average salary?
    It depends on the number of daily hours, experience, and class location. Hourly rates can vary between 20,00€ /hour and 26,00€/hour for freelance teachers and between 15,00 €/hour and 20,00 €/hour for teachers on contract.

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