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Cambridge House is a British run academy run by former teachers, which should give teachers a feeling of confidence. They are not just filling a teacher position kind of school. High performance is expected from each teacher. Cambridge House truly cares that the students learn, improve, and meet their language learning goals.

Updated Jan. 13, 2020.

Job / Employment title: Qualified EFL teacher with highly competent level of English for academy classes.
Academy: Cambridge House.
Locations: The main centre where recruitment takes place (first of 6): C/ Lopez de Hoyos, 95, 1A (Metro Prosperidad) Check profile page for other centres.
Need the teacher for: Oct 1st - 30th June.
Minimum experience required: Degree/minimum 1 year teaching experience/CELTA certificate.
Description of the academy: Cambridge House is a British-run English academy with over 30 years’ experience in Madrid. We pride ourselves on a high quality of education for our students and an excellent working environment for our teachers. We hold face to face interviews for posts during the academic year and will also be interviewing for the coming course: 2020/21 from May 2020. If you would like to apply, please send me your CV and your availability for interview and we will get back to you to organise an interview. Teaching contracts are from October to June for block-hour timetables from 4-10 pm Monday to Thursday and 4:30-7:30 pm on Fridays. (No Saturday work required!) We teach all ages and levels, both general English and training for the Cambridge exams and use the most popular textbooks. If you think this sounds like what you're looking for and would like to come and work with us, please get in touch with Penny Rollinson at I look forward to hearing from you!
Conditions of employment: Hours: 4-10 pm Mon-Thurs (Fri: 4:30-7:30).
Contact information:

  • Person: Penny Rollinson
  • Email:

  • Profile:

    General Information:

    I took a look at the webpage as always. It is a nicely created containing the methodology, types of courses, locations, etc. A link is available on the opening page for teachers.

    The classes are developed so that the students have respect for the teachers. The emphasis is on speaking, listening, and communication. Most students have a level between intermediate and first certificate. Cambridge teaches all levels of all ages.

    An entrance test is given to all students. For young students, the motto is firm, but friendly. As a general rule, there are few discipline problems.

    An on-site teacher can expect a core schedule very similar to the one listed below. This is for a nine month period ranging from October 1 to June 30. Teachers receive their own classes and their own classrooms. It gives teachers and students the opportunity to get to know one another while allowing the teachers to watch the students improve over the year.

    A book is chosen at the beginning of the year based on a 100 hour full-year curriculum. Each class has a syllabus, but teachers have flexibility to use supplemental materials. The usual percentage is 60% book usage and 40% supplemental materials.

    Monday – Thursday:
    4:00 pm – 5:30 pm: teenagers
    5:30 pm – 7:00 pm: ages seven to fifteen
    7:00 pm – 10:00 pm: university students / working professionals

    Friday: 5:30 - 7:30 and all ages.

    Pizarras de Cambridge

    Cambridge House

    Facebook: CambridgeHouse.InglesMadrid

    Apr. 2016.

    When did academy open?

    Contact person and title:
    Penny Rollinson, Head Director of Studies.

    Contact phone:
    +34 681 346 677 (Iphone with What's App)
    This is Penny’s mobile phone. I really liked that she gave me this number. You can talk directly to the person in charge of hiring.



    Escuela de Atocha.
    Pº de las Delicias, 30 - 1º Planta
    28045 Madrid
    915 281 335

    Escuela de López de Hoyos
    López de Hoyos 95 - 1º A
    28002 Madrid
    915 194 603
    *This is the academy in which Penny is located, and in which all teacher recruiting takes place.

    Escuela de calle Alcalá
    Hermanos de Pablo, 10. Local.
    28027 Madrid
    913 771 179

    Escuela de La Vaguada
    Santiago de Compostela 62
    28034 Madrid
    917 313 695

    Escuela de intensivos Nuevos Ministerios
    C/Orense, 16 1º dch
    91 770 8706

    Escuela de intensivos Gta. De Atocha
    Méndez Alvaro 8. Local.
    915 281 085

    Jovenes de Cambridge

    Facilities and classrooms:
    The main office is located Lopez de Hoyos. The facility is small, but not claustrophobic by any means. The walls are clean and yellow. It gave a feeling of brightness. The students are greeted by the receptionist. To the left is a long hallway with all the classrooms sitting off this hall. The classes seat approximately ten students in round-table format with the standard wipe board. There are approximately seven to eight classrooms in each facility. Eight teachers are on-site. A teacher can expect the other facilities to be similar to this one.

    Have good materials support, photocopier?
    To assist with class preparation, a photocopier is on-site for teachers to use along with books, magazines, portable television/DVD players, and games. A refrigerator and microwave are also available for teachers. A library is offered for students containing books, videos, and magazines. Computers / internet are not a daily source used for class preparation.

    Employment Information:

    Have "Director of Studies" (DOS) support?
    At the Lopez de Hoyos location, Penny Rollinson is overall director of studies and each of the five other centres has its own DOS as well.

    Profesores de Cambridge

    Qualification requirements for employment?
    The initial qualifications are that the applicant should be a native English speaker. Each applicant should hold a university degree and a teaching certification (ex. – CELTA, TEFL). Next is the interview. Not enough can be said about a person’s personality. It is extremely important.

    Experience requirements for employment?
    Three months of teaching experience is the normal minimum. Exceptions have been made in the past depending on how the applicant interviews.

    Niños de Cambridge

    Hire at a distance?
    No hiring at a distance. An in-person interview is required after the initial qualification review.

    Hire Americans and do their papers?
    Cambridge House does not normally hire Americans because of doing their working papers. They do not assist in doing a teacher’s papers.

    Preference for British or Americans? Why?
    British and Irish teachers are normally hired because they have their papers. This year two Australians were employed that have British passports.

    Estimated teachers hired yearly:
    Forty teachers is the average number combined at all six locations. Each year an average of 15 new teachers are hired.

    Teachers at Cambridge House for over 4 years?
    Four to five teachers have been working for Cambridge House for over four years. Three of the current teachers have over five years experience.

    Best part about working at Cambridge House:
    Teachers have confidence because teachers are working for teachers. The teachers have the backup that they need. Penny simply said, “We do what we say.” For my personal experience of being a teacher, this is very important. While discussing the information for the article with Penny, I got the impression that this is very true.

    Other Benefits?
    Pay is on time. No weekend work. Flexible Fridays are given within reason. Personally, I really like the guaranteed block schedule.

    Offer teacher training or development along with job?
    One or two scheduled workshops are held every trimester. Since the academies are so small, ongoing teacher training occurs constantly.

    Can teachers take language classes for free or for a discount?
    No. Only English is offered.

    Adultos de Cambridge

    Starters' average salary?
    Salaries can be flexible, but the average amount of teaching hours is twenty-four hours per week with a guaranteed net monthly income. Two weeks of paid vacation are given at Christmas along with one week paid at Easter. Madrid holidays are also paid vacation. A bonus is given both at Christmas and Easter plus an end of the year payment. This is something required by law. I have not heard of this previously for English teachers!

    Article by Trent Brock

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