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Eurolanguage Consultants uses over twenty-five years of knowledge and experience in the fields of education, marketing and business to offer first class language solutions to a rapidly growing range of companies, groups and individuals in Madrid, throughout Spain and abroad.

We specialise in both Business and General English, offering extensive and intensive courses, one day seminars and academy classes for children and young people. We are also pioneers in offering telephone, conference call and internet classes, with our own well-developed courses. We understand that the secret to our continued success is the hard work and professionalism of our teachers and motivated staff who in return are well-paid, offered excellent development programs and resources and always receive a welcome atmosphere when they come to the office.

Job Offer:

Mar. 22 update:
Eurolanguage is looking for an In-company teacher:
Location: Majadahonda (Carretera de Pozuelo)
Thursday 9:00-10:00
C1 level student
Autónomo’s 20€/hour

Job / Employment title: Business and General English teachers.
Academy: Eurolanguage Consultants.
Location: Our offices are in the north of the city, easily accessible via metro, bus or train, and we teach a number of classes on site. We also teach a wide range of classes throughout the city centre, with some good blocks of classes on offer out of Madrid city.
Need the teacher by: We have a number of teaching positions opening throughout the year
Minimum experience required: We would prefer teachers with experience, but enthusiportant too. We are proud of the support and resources that teachers are offered here.
Description of the academy: Eurolanguage Consultants is a well-established (but still rapidly expanding) company offering a wide range of linguistic services to clients in Madrid, the rest of Spain and Europe. We teach classes on our own premises and in-house. We offer our clients a variety of options – extensive classes, intensives, seminars, telephone classes, translation services, residential courses. In addition, we run group and one-to-one classes for children and young people in our Centre in Urbanización EuroNorte, close to Urbanización Mirasierra, Hospital Ramón y Cajal, La Vaguada and in the surrounding neighbourhood. We offer teachers as much support as they need and have an excellent resource library, as well as regular staff development workshops for teachers who are keen to develop their skills.
Conditions of employment: Full and part-time positions are now available to teachers with a TEFL certificate or equivalent.
Salary: We offer very competitive salaries to teachers in contract as well as ‘autonomos.’
Contact information:

  • Person: Christine Lizarralde.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 91 740 5911.

  • General Information:

    Eurolanguage Consultants


    April 3, 2008.

    When did academy open?

    September 1998.

    Contact person and title:
    Christine Lizarralde.

    Contact phone:
    91 740 5911.


    Our address is C/ Alfredo Marquerie, 5, bajo, 28004, Madrid.
    The nearest metro station is on line 9, Herrera Oria, and the nearest Cercanias train station is Ramon y Cajal – both of which are under a five-minute walk. There are also regular buses from Plaza Castilla (67 and 178) and Moncloa (83) to just outside the building.

    Facilities and classrooms:
    We have a variety of classrooms and seminar rooms on site to host our afternoon and evening academy classes and our intensive courses. We also have extensive office space for our marketing department, phone class call centres, teacher training facilities and the administration of the company.

    Have good materials support, photocopier?
    We are proud of the resources that we offer our teachers. Everyone is given access to our computer network and the internet to help prepare for their classes. We have several printers and photocopiers for teachers to use, and a very wide range of books, CD players, televisions, VCRs and DVD players. Teachers are offered the full range of materials for a series (e.g. course book, work book, teacher’s book, extra resource book, CDs, DVDs etc). If a teacher wants to use a resource that we don’t have then we’ll order it in for them. We don’t believe that teachers should have to pay for their own resources and equipment.

    Have "Director of Studies" (DOS) support?
    The company director is supported by three directors of studies, one for business classes, one for academy classes and one for telephone and internet classes.

    Qualification requirements for employment?
    We welcome all teachers who have a TEFL certificate or an English teaching university qualification. In some exceptional cases a teacher’s experience and enthusiasm will suffice. We can offer extra training to help teachers.

    Experience requirements for employment?
    Experience is not essential, but preferable. Being keen to teach can be more attractive to us and our clients than experience. In short, being a very qualified and experienced teacher means nothing unless you have the enthusiasm, professionalism and social skills needed to communicate and teach.

    Employment Information:

    Hire at a distance?
    No. We’d like to meet you to find out more about you and your character and thus match you to a suitable client.

    Hire Americans and do their papers?
    We don’t organise work papers for our teachers.

    Preference for British or Americans? Why?
    We welcome accents from all English-speaking countries, and bilingual teachers from the European Union, as long as the teacher has the skills for the job.

    Estimated teachers hired yearly:
    We have about seventy teachers working for us at the moment, eight of which are full time teachers who we have taken on this academic year. However, we are always looking for new part-time teachers to fill up the hours that arise as we take on more classes throughout the year.

    Teachers at Eurolanguage Consultants for over 4 years?
    Over half of our teaching staff has worked with us for more than four years.

    Best part about working at Eurolanguage Consultants:
    We are genuine people. If you want help we offer it, but we don’t interfere. If you want extra training we’ll provide it for you, but we won’t force everyone to come. If you need more resources we’ll get them, without charging you. Many language centres are just faceless businesses; we are nice professionals who enjoy good working relations.

    Offer teacher training or development along with job (other benefit)?
    Well, along with offering a wide range of courses to our students, we also offer a wide range of choices to our teachers. We are extremely flexible to the needs of our teachers. The teacher can chose how many hours s/he wants to do, many of our staff prefer to just work part-time, others want to have as many classes as possible. Lots of our teachers work with us because we offer them the possibility of combining their work with their personal situation, whether it be their young families, their studies, their other jobs. We even have some telephone teachers who work with us in different parts of Spain and Europe!

    Offer teacher training or development along with job?
    We offer very productive teacher training workshops every Friday morning to all teachers who want to attend. We also organise extra teacher training sessions if the need is present. Our teachers are welcome to attend external training days and courses. Staff development is very important to us and we have self-study resources on offer to teachers as well as an open-door policy with our DOSs. Any teacher with a doubt or concern is very welcome to talk to any of the DOSs for extra guidance and training.

    Starters' average salary?
    The starting salary depends on whether the teacher wants to work under contract or be employed as a freelance teacher and pay their own social security. We’ll go with whatever the teacher is more comfortable doing. Obviously the salary will also depend on the number of hours that that the teacher does, we don’t force people to work full timetables, and how far the teacher has to travel to get to the classes. It’s therefore not possible to give the average starter’s salary, it’s better to negotiate the salary at interview.

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