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At Idiomas Seif we specialise in intensive general English courses. Indeed most students attend class two hours a day Monday to Friday. With a maximum of 8 students to a class a strong emphasis is placed on conversation skills and oral language production.

We also run courses for specific purposes, above all for Cambridge exams and the TOEFL.

All of our classes are in-house at our school on Gran Vía.

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General Information:

Academy: Idiomas Seif.

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When did academy open? 1993.

Contact person and title: Nicholas Beeson (Director of Studies).

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Contact phone: 00 34 915 487 592.


Address: C/ Gran Vía 50 1.ºIZQDA 28013 Madrid. Metro: Callao/Santa Domingo

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Facilities and classrooms: All of our classes take place in-house at our Gran Vía address, where we have 8 classrooms available. In the reception area you will also find two offices and our teacher’s room.

Idiomas SEIF teachers room

Have good materials support, photocopier? Our teacher’s room is well stocked with many of the latest textbooks and other resources. We have books for general English, exam preparation, business English, conversational English and many more. We also have a collection of materials produced by the school at our disposal.

All classrooms are equipped with computers, which allow teachers to use any personal or online material as well as print through the school photocopier. Teaching resources are also available on all computers, most notably mp3s for most of our textbooks.

Through our website, you will have access to a database with a record of all previous classes with information concerning topics covered, attendance and resources used (this information can also be accessed via a student’s web portal).

In many classes students are provided with textbooks or other materials at no additional charge.

We’re always looking to expand our library and teacher input is welcome!

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Have "Director of Studies" (DOS) support?
Yes, you’ll find both a Director of Studies and School co-ordinator to help teachers settle in and provide them with any necessary support.

Employment Information:

Qualification requirements for employment?
We expect teachers to have a recognised TEFL certificate and to be university graduates.

Experience requirements for employment? While we do accept CVs from teachers with only a year’s experience, we prefer candidates with at least two years’ experience.

Callao from Starbucks
Callao from Starbucks in Winter
- just 100m up the street.

Hire at a distance?
Currently, we require candidates to attend a face-to-face interview.

Hire Americans and do their papers? For legal reasons we can only employ teachers who have their papers (i.e. NIE and social security number) in order.

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Preference for British or Americans?
We employ teachers from across the English-speaking world. Our only requirements are that teachers be fully native and legal residents.

Estimated teachers hired yearly: We have hired 6 new teachers over the last year for a total teaching staff of 19.

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Teachers at Idiomas SEIF for over 4 years?

Number of students: 450.

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Best part about working at Idiomas SEIF:
Based in Gran Vía, Idiomas Seif is ideally located and easily accessible from all parts of the city. Plus, with all our classes taught on site there’ll be no additional travel time. We are also open all year round so teachers won’t have to look for summer work (we close only for a two-week period over Christmas).

All students at Seif are adult, and generally speaking, come to classes of their own volition. Accordingly students come willing to learn but also to have a good time doing so. This is reflected in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in the school, whether in the classes or among the teachers themselves. At Seif, teachers can expect a lot of support from the administration and each other. We are given the opportunity to observe one another’s classes to share ideas and provide constructive criticism.

We also organise a number of social events throughout the year for both teachers and students!

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What we look for in a teacher
We are always on the lookout for dynamic teachers who can create a vibrant and communicative learning environment as well as being qualified and experienced. Furthermore candidates are expected to demonstrate a high level of language awareness. While we hire native teachers exclusively we expect them to have a passion for teaching and the language itself.

Finally we’re also looking for teachers who are in it for the long run: We provide year-long permanent contracts so as to encourage long-term commitment to the school.

Callao in Winter

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Photo of classroom:

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Job Offer:

Job / Employment title: Native English Teacher.
Academy: Idiomas Seif.
Location: C/Gran Vía 50 1 izq 28013.
Need the teacher by: Hiring throughout the year.
Minimum experience required: TEFL certificate / University graduate / minimum one year’s teaching experience. Must be legal resident in Spain.
Description of the academy: At Idiomas Seif we primarily offer intensive courses with an emphasis on conversational skills. While we mostly provide general English classes we also organise exam groups, preparing students for Cambridge exams as well as the TOEFL. Our students are adult and all our teaching is in-house. We aim to provide a fun, dynamic environment, in small groups (maximum 8 students per class) where students are encouraged to actively participate.
We are looking for teachers who combine good language awareness and teaching skills with the ability to develop good rapport with their students and make their learning experience an enjoyable one.
Conditions of employment: 25/30-hour a week, permanent contract with one month’s paid holiday (part-time work also available)
Salary: Competitive rates, depending on contracts (full time, part time etc.)
Contact information:

  • Person: Nicholas Beeson.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 91 548 7592.

  • Photo of front door on Gran Vía:

    Idiomas Seif front door

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