Oxbridge TEFL - Learn to teach with Oxbridge TEFL and work as an English teacher in Madrid. We offer internationally recognized TEFL training courses from 499€ with guaranteed job placements in Madrid and worldwide.

  Course Details:

OxbridgeTEFL is a community of teachers seeking the best way to approach teaching; evaluating global teaching methodologies using real teaching experience. We are looking for people that will think outside the box and help us evolve teaching further.

To be accepted on our course, you must first go through an interview process.

You can book an interview through our website:
For more information, please give us a call on +34 93 532 75 65 or drop us an e-mail at You can also call us on Skype, our username is ‘oxbridgetefl.’

  • 120 hour TEFL training course.
  • 20 hours of observed and evaluated Teaching Practice.
  • Job guaranteed for our best graduates with associate schools.
  • TEFL community worldwide.
  • Groups of up to 5 candidates.
  • 699€ sponsored price for the best interviewee for in-person courses and 499€ for online courses.
  • We offer each student enough background and experience to formulate their own ideas on teaching and then join our TEFL community upon graduation.

    We need the best teachers and we prepare them.

    Oxbridge TEFL Class 1

    Further Information:

    Why teach English?

    English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world and there are a huge number of people that want to learn English. There is also therefore a large number of people that need help with teaching English in an interesting, dynamic style that is useful in the modern world whether it is for work, social or other purposes.

    Do I really need a TEFL?

    Of course there are many people that teach English without any training or qualifications, however, at Oxbridge TEFL, we noticed that one of the problems with English teaching in the modern world was that there were lots of people that didn't know how to teach beginners without translating between the mother tongue and English. There were also people trying to teach that had very little knowledge of English grammar and even more people that were lacking any practical experience of teaching 'real' students. Many people that teach English have resorted to only teaching from a textbook and therefore aren't able to create engaging and original learning material or adapt materials to suit different learners. We also recognised that some of the other training courses to help people learn how to teach English were prohibitively expensive and not affordable for everyone, for example people that were already living abroad or didn't have a large amount of savings.

    What is the Oxbridge TEFL?

    The approach Oxbridge TEFL has taken to this has been to create a specific four-week, intensive TEFL training course that deals specifically with these problems. By reducing the group size on the training course it is possible to get a much better TEFL trainer to trainee ratio of around 1:5, which means that there is more time to develop the specific needs of each student and all course attendees are able to take part equally in the debates during the course. Oxbridge TEFL has also decided that the emphasis should be placed on 'real' teaching practice, not just practising on volunteers or other TEFL students. There really is no better preparation than having to teach some real language learners. Oxbridge TEFL believe that lesson planning must also be a vital part of any training course for English teaching. TEFL courses should be practical and take a workshop approach so that graduates are able to not just teach from a textbook but also actually be able to demonstrate that they can create exciting, dynamic learning material from scratch. The graduates should also be able to demonstrate that they have practiced teaching this material on students.

    What is different about the Oxbridge TEFL course?

    An important part of any course should be the ability to share others experience and knowledge. At Oxbridge TEFL students learn not only from the experienced TEFL trainers but also from the whole team of senior teachers and discussing openly how to teach English with their TEFL student colleagues. Upon graduation students are able to take advantage of being part of a strong teaching community with Continuous Teacher Development (CTD) sessions, career advice and teaching resources available to graduates whether they are working with the Oxbridge English Teaching System, teaching private classes or working anywhere around the world. The Oxbridge TEFL doesn't focus on telling you how you should teach but instead shows you all the options and enables you to question how English should be taught. The focus is on developing the skills that you will need to be able to give engaging English classes to eager students from all over the world.

    What is the structure of the Oxbridge TEFL course?

    Oxbridge TEFL has worked with a team of experienced philologists and ELT experts to develop the specific intensive TEFL training course to address all the main concerns. The Oxbridge TEFL course is innovative in that it is a modular course and can be studied in four consecutive weeks or can be broken down into modules that can be studied over a longer period, which is a rarity within the English teacher-training world.

    The focus of the Oxbridge TEFL course is on Language Analysis, TEFL Fundamentals, Lesson Planning, Teaching Skills and most importantly teaching practice with real students. There is also help for students through the sponsorship of the TEFL course by Oxbridge, where is candidates successfully pass the interview process they will be able to be offered one of the limited sponsored places on the course for 699€. This subsidy is offered because Oxbridge offer the best graduates work with them following the course if people want it and are good enough but having said that it's also possible to go straight off and teach anywhere around the world.

    How do I join the course?

    You can sign up today for an interview for the sponsored Oxbridge TEFL training course by visiting and completing the Interview Booking Form.

    Oxbridge TEFL Class 1

    Explanation of Oxbridge English Teaching System:

    The Oxbridge English Teaching System was founded in 2002 by sharing many teachers' experiences. Ever since we started working together, we decided to put our expertise together in order to achieve a better vision to English teaching. Every week the teachers' team gathers together and discuss the best approaches to teaching, the most effective teaching techniques and the best approach to creating interesting class material.

    This sum of experiences is what defines Oxbridge as a system and the teachers in it. All of them contribute to make the system grow and all of them share the lesson plans that they prepare achieving to reduce dramatically the preparation time by being given every week ready-to-go lesson plans containing interesting, motivating and communicative activities.

    Preparation, which is the key to a successful English class, is therefore something that our teachers always grant to their students but with little effort and time investment. Our students proudly state that they have the "best teachers in the world". This is the legacy that all our team passes on new teachers that join Oxbridge both in the TEFL course and as part of the team.

    Oxbridge TEFL Class 1

    General Information, Course dates & Sponsorship:

    We have TEFL courses starting in Madrid once a month and in Barcelona every two weeks.

    The course is flexible because it can be studied in modules, meaning it's possible to study one or two modules at once and then to continue at a later date. The normal process is to sign up for the full, four-module course and complete it within four consecutive weeks. However, please feel free to contact us to discuss your personal situation and we will be happy to discuss other options. It's also very useful for existing teachers to consider one or a few of the TEFL modules. For example, if you feel you would benefit from a refresh of your grammar knowledge or some new ideas about preparing engaging lesson plans then you can study just one module. Again, it's best to give us a call to discuss this.

    Please call us on +34 902 500 100 to discuss the best starting date. You can also register for an interview to find out more information by visiting:

    The course is sponsored by the Oxbridge English Teaching System which is why you need to pass the interview before being offered the 699€ subsidised course cost.

    Oxbridge TEFL Class 1

    Steps to follow:


    Enter your details and select an interview slot.

    Have a chat with us about the details of the course.

    Get offered a sponsored place on the course.

    Pay the course deposit to secure your place.

    Start the four-week, intensive TEFL course.

    Prepare for an exiting new career as an English teacher!

    Contact Details:


    Skype: oxbridgetefl.


    Barcelona: +34935327565

    Madrid: +34915234243

    UK: +442081330043


    Oxbridge TEFL:


    Job Offer:

    Job / Employment title: We're looking for teachers for 2014: Start your TEFL training now and get a job in Madrid.
    Academy: Oxbridge TEFL.
    Location: Central Madrid.
    Need the teacher by: Courses start once a month in Madrid.
    Minimum experience required: N/A.
    Description of the academy: Are you looking for an interesting job using your fluent English whilst living in Madrid? Our sponsored TEFL training courses can get you work as an English teacher or help to improve your teaching skills. We are expanding our business in Madrid so are very keen to offer work contracts to the best candidates. We can also offer placements in associated schools. Many other academies will be looking for vacancies to be filled for their English classes starting in the new year, so there's no time like the present to complete your TEFL training course. You can quite often charge more for private lessons if you have completed a TEFL course. For the existing teachers it's also possible to just study one module of the course. For example, if you need to refresh your grammar knowledge or learn some interesting techniques for lesson planning. Just give us a call or visit our website to find out about the modular TEFL course.
    Conditions of employment: We are keen to employ more teachers in Madrid and will be looking to contract graduates from the Oxbridge training course in 2013.
    Salary: The average salary for an Oxbridge teacher working 16-18 hours per week is around 1,100-1,200€ per month.
    Contact information:

    Person: Emi Gates.
    Telephone: Madrid: 91 523 4243.
    National: +34 902 500 100.
    Skype: oxbridgetefl.

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